Hazzard Homecoming Made Fans Happy

The dour economy and an iffy weather forecast couldn’t keep Dukes of Hazzard fans away from Sperryville, Virginia.  Thousands of fans traveled from around the country and the globe to be a part of Hazzard Homecoming this last weekend.  Cast members who attended the event included promoter and organizer Ben Jones, along with James Best, Cathy Bach, John Schneider, Rick Hurst, and Sonny Shroyer.  There were also plenty of General Lee’s to admire.

If you didn’t get to go to Hazzard Homecoming, you can get a feel for the event by watching this newscast by WYMT-TV.  Reporter Steve Hensley interviewed a few cast members and talked to some fans at the event.  One of the fans looks suspiciously like Paul Harrington of the Canadian Dukes.  We’re pointing this out just to see if he’s paying attention. 

Back to the reporter – Steve is the same reporter who shared the original WYMT video of the Dukes of Hazzard cast appearances in Hazard Kentucky in 1981.  We featured this video in our June 5th article.  This reporter has been very kind to Dukes fans, so we figure it’s only fair to give him a big salute here on HazzardNet.  Steve, you might just be our Fan of the Month for September, at this rate!

At the end of the Hazzard Homecoming newscast, there’s a hint of “more to come” from Dukes cast members during the next Black Gold Festival in Hazard, Kentucky.  We don’t  know if that means they’re just going to recap the 1981 highlights, or if there’s direct cast involvement in this year’s event.  We’ll try to find out!

Dukes Fans Heading to Hazzard Homecoming!

If you don’t have tickets to Hazzard Homecoming, no worries! You can buy them this weekend at the event in Sperryville, Virginia on Route 522. Call around, and you might find a hotel room in the towns of Front Royal, Luray, or Culpeper. Sperryville itself is a sleepy town of 350 souls, so be prepared to drive a little for your bed.

Tips for first-timers: Pack a cooler with plenty of bottled water and snacks. Bring hand sanitizer, bug repellent, and sunscreen. Don’t forget the camera! Bring something to carry around all your Dukes goodies in.  

Plan for hot weather and pack some just-in-case rain ponchos. There are no refunds on account of weather conditions.

Admission is $15 for 1 day, $20 for the weekend. Kids 10 and under free, adults over 65 free, active military members with ID, free.

Autograph fees vary by cast member, ranging from $5.00 on up, for stuff you bring.  If you buy an item from a cast member, the autograph is usually included. Note, autographs cannot always be personalized and each cast member has their own policy.  

A good autograph strategy is to purchase a photo that has more than one cast member on it. For example, Cathy and Sonny will both be there. Sonny usually has a good Enos/Daisy photo. If you buy it from him, he’ll sign it, then you can have Cathy sign it too. Cathy might charge a few bucks for her part, but you’ve got the idea.

Autograph lines for John, Cathy and Jimmy tend to be long.  John is only there Sunday, and because of that, his line is probably going to have an extra wait.  So plan your Saturday autographs around who you really want to see the most; get in that line first; then get in line for the next person, ect.  Cast members do their very best to try and meet everyone. As long as you get there early, and you’re patient, odds are you’ll get to see most everything and everybody. Gates open at 9 am Saturday and 9:30 am Sunday.

Travel safe, and enjoy yourself at Hazzard Homecoming!  Share your experiences with us in our Forums or on Facebook!

Enos Attracts Pretty Girls!

Daisy Duke has competition! This pretty gal in the photo is Alyssa, the 2011 Rock Island County Fair Queen. Unable to resist a man in Hazzard County uniform, she’s seen here with Sonny Shroyer, otherwise known as Deputy Enos Strate, during his appearance in East Moline, Illinois on July 19.  Sonny was accompanied by a General Lee and a Hazzard County patrol car. It was all part of “Dukes of Hazzard Night”  at the Quad City Speedway.

Sonny’s a genuine good ol’ boy, and his charm lights up a room wherever he goes. If you didn’t get a chance to meet him yet, you’ll have another opportunity at Hazzard Homecoming on August 13 & 14 in Sperryville, Virgina. More on that soon!

Speed Into Summer with The Dukes of Hazzard!

Officially, summer just started, but it already feels like it’s flying by! One thing you don’t want to skip this summer is the good ol’ fashioned family road trip, especially when you can meet some of the original cast members of The Dukes of Hazzard! Here’s a quick list of what’s going on and who’s gonna be there:

July 01 – Rick Hurst, otherwise known as Deputy Cletus Hogg, will be at Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg TN!

July 02 – Catherine Bach, Daisy Duke herself, will be at Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg TN!

July 04 – Ben “Cooter” Jones will be at…no, not Cooter’s Place! Fooled ya. He’ll be at the community 4th of July shindig in Sperryville VA!

July 08-10 – John Schneider, known around here as Bo Duke, will be at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA!

July 16 – Sonny Shroyer, a/k/a Deputy Enos Strate, will be at the Johnny Lightning collectibles shindig in Dyersville, IA!

July 30-31 – John Schneider will be at the Marilla Car, Truck & Cycle Show in Marilla, NY!

Aug 13-14 – James Best, ol’ Rosco P.Coltrane, makes his only summer appearance scheduled thus far, at the Hazzard Homecoming in Sperryville, VA! Hazzard Homecoming is the big Dukes shindig of the summer, organized by Ben Jones and the lovely Miss Alma. Catherine Bach, Sonny Shroyer, and Rick Hurst will also be joining Ben Jones at this event. This is the place to see a General Lee, and to enjoy bluegrass music, all surrounded in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

*UPDATE*  John Schneider will also be at Hazzard Homecoming but *ONLY* on Sunday, August 14th!

What about Tom Wopat, of Luke Duke fame? He’s given his regards – and time – to Broadway! You can see him in the Tony-award winning musical, “Catch Me if You Can.”

Note, many of the above events, such as Hazzard Homecoming, and the car shows, require an admission fee. We will be adding more event details and links to our Forums section for each cast member. Also, please be aware that cast members generally do not give “free” autographs. An autograph may be included if you make a merchandise purchase from them, but if you bring an item of your own to have signed, be prepared to pay. Cast members each have their own rules n’ deals on these matters, and generally reserve the right to restrict their autographs to approved merchandise.

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