The Demise of Daisy’s RoadRunner

Howdy folks, MaryAnne here with what may become the beginnings of the Nitpicker’s Guide to the Dukes of Hazzard. LOL.

Actually, I’ve become intrigued by something. Daisy’s yellow RoadRunner, in my opinion one of the more underrated vehicles of the Dukes of Hazzard, met it’s firey demise in the second season episode “The Runaway.” Once upon a time, we here at HNet, received an email from a sharp eyed Dukes fan who noticed that it appeared that somebody “popped up” in the back seat of the car just as Bo and Luke jump out.

My explanation back was that perhaps it was a camera set up or something, seeing as during the destruction sequence we see a view from inside the car as it’s going over the cliff (and the hood pops open).

Well, I went back and viewed that part of the episode again and lemme tell ya. I’m sufficiently creeped because, friends and neighbors….it really does look like somebody in the back seat!!

I’m certain that there’s no way somebody would have been in that car once it went over the cliff. That’s just ridiculous. So I’m thinking that the footage of the car with Bo and Luke jumping out and the footage of it going over the cliff were not shot at the same time. In other words, after the boys jumped, somebody or something stopped that car. Maybe this is what that third person was doing? They jumped in the drivers seat and stopped?

Granted this is all speculative but…..interesting nonetheless. Anyway, here’s some screen shots I took during the final moments of Daisy’s RoadRunner….and the phantom head that pops up in the back seat. ROFL

daisy duke's roadrunner

Bo and Luke jump from the car…..

daisy duke's yellow roadrunner

And run away…..

daisy duke's first car

But wait a minute, what’s that popping up in the back seat?

daisy duke's roadrunner

See it in the middle there?

The car starts to hang over the edge….



View from inside the car, going over the cliff. Note there’s a couple of cars parked on the other side of the lil’ creek there….

Again. Note the two vehicles at the left…

There goes the hood….


Crash, burn when will I learn? LOL

So, there you have it! Of course, if anyone has any theories or explanations about the phatom head in the back seat…email us!! Also, if you’ve seen anything weird or odd during the Dukes, tell us about that too!

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