Mary Kaye’s Baby


A pregnant woman and a suitcase full of stolen money spells nothing but trouble for the Dukes. When Bo and Luke pick up Mary Kaye Porter on a back country road they figure to no more than give her a little bit of money and see her on her way to Florida. But when they try to sneak it into her suitcase they find the money and eventually learn of Mary Kaye’s boyfriend’s ties and trouble. Things come to a head when Mary Kaye goes into labor just as Atlanta gangster Quint McQuade arrives at the Duke farm to get his money back.


Sheesh! No General Lee and no matter how many times I’ve seen the episode I can’t figure out WHY there’s no General! Nor can I figure out why Rosco’s chasing the boys at the beginning of the episode and how he knew it was them. Even the uncut Columbia House tape doesn’t give an explanation. It’s assumed that the boys borrowed the car from Cooter…which one can only guess that Cooter was working on the General for some reason.

The first five episodes each had a moment where Rosco the bitter law man came face to face with the consequences of his decision. In this episode, Jesse takes Rosco to point on his “type of law.” Although the scene is comical, it showed that the show had a depth to the characters.

 Whatever happened to your sense of justice?

You have to enjoy Boss’s economic lesson. “I hate to see money leave Hazzard County. Bad for the economy. Mine!

And his criminal lesson. “I say who steals what from whom and when.”


Here we first hear the Sheriff yell “Hot Pursuit!”

Rosco shows some semblance of a competent law man in this episode. When Rosco and Enos show up at the Duke farm, McQuade’s hired help takes a couple of pot shots at them, taking out the window of Enos’s patrol car. The crook runs, but Rosco shoots him in the foot, making the mobster one of only two people ever shot on the show (Boss Hogg was the other one in the last episode, “Opening Night at the Boar’s Nest.”) James Best, however, had a hard time with Rosco having shot someone and then bragging about it. (“Ha! You think I’m just a hick Sheriff huh? I can part yer hair anytime!”) and Rosco’s ability with a hand gun did seem to get worse after this episode.


The actress that plays Mary Kaye (Jeannie Wilson) would be seen again in another episode (second season’s “Treasure of Hazzard”) only as a brunette.

The Dukes replacement vehicle is a 1975 blue Plymouth Fury.

We know what it looks like Cooter we’ve been chasin’ the ding dang thing all mornin’!

–synopsis by MaryAnne (with info from The Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial Companion). Vidcaps by Hoss.

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