Stories from 2006

From November 2006

Hazzard Book of World Records By Doug Fowler On the Dukes… Boss Hogg tries to claim an old man is 161 to explain some missing federal funds; and also tries to claim the General is a plane and the Duke boys have been flying without a pilot’s license. Also, the General has his 10,000th jump. Crossover with “Full House.”

From October, 2006

Forgiveness by Marty Chrisman — One Duke boy blames himself for an accident that almost kills the other one. Will he ever be able to forgive himself and make things right again?
From June, 2006

Loving On Borrowed Time by Marty Chrisman 17 year old Luke Duke is in love for the first time in his life but will Kelly’s violent abusive father destroy their happiness and Luke’s sanity? (2nd in a series with To Go Home Again)

Critical Decisions by Marty Chrisman Everybody makes critical decisions throughout their life. Follow the continuing story of Luke and Kelly as they make some life altering decisions. Tissue warning on this one. (3rd in a series)

Lost on the Mountain by Marty Chrisman Luke Duke is seriously injured while on a camping trip in the mountains. Will someone find him in time before he dies, scared and alone? (4th in a series)

The Man He Used to Be by Marty Chrisman Still recovering from the death of his wife, everyone wonders if Luke will ever be the man he used to be. (last in a series)

Dukes vs. Mr. Tby Robert Broadhurst Boss Hogg has a problem. No one else can help. And if he can find him….he’s hiring Mr T!

From May, 2006

To Go Home Againby Marty Chrisman.  Kelly Dalton left Hazzard County over ten years ago. Now she was coming back, but could she deal with the demons from her past or would the past continue to haunt her?

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