Stories From 2001

A Hazzardous Leap — by Keith “GoodOl’boy” (Dukes of Hazzard/Quantum Leap crossover) Tonight, on…..Quantum Leap! Sam leaps into Luke Duke and must prevent Bo from making a decision that could get him killed and ruin the lifes of the rest of the Duke family forever.

The Greatest Hazzardian Hero — by Keith “GoodOl’boy” (Dukes of Hazzard/Greatest American Hero crossover) Tonight, on the Dukes… General Lee ain’t the only thing flying in Hazzard when Ralph Hinkley and FBI agent Bill Maxwell arrive to investigate illegal moonshining….and Boss Hogg’s own sweet deal may end up being blown sky high…

New Wheels for the Dukes — by Keith “GoodOl’boy” Tonight, on the Dukes… Bo and Luke aquire a new set of wheels…and we ain’t talkin’ a car neither!

Grey Seal — by “Dixie.”  Rosco’s attempt to infiltrate a gang of moonshiners goes awry when he’s discovered by the gang and nearly killed. Bo and Luke help Enos try to finish the investigation and they’re assisted by a young female State Police officer, who’s reasons behind helping out are personal and unknown.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

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