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Bo and Luke take a job driving an 18 wheeler for a couple of days so they can come up with $180 to pay Cooter for repairs to the General Lee. The 18 wheeler turns out to be a rolling casino headed by Helen Hogan, who previous pulled scams in Hazzard County (without Boss’s permission). When a friend of the Duke family is bilked out of $1200 from the rigged games of the casino, the Dukes come up with a plan to win back the money and shut down the casino. Boss wants to shut down the casino too…but only to take the equipment and start his own.


This episode follows as other early episodes with the formula of the Dukes and Boss n’ Rosco being invovled in the same thing but no necessarily because of each other at first. Bo and Luke are only looking to drive the truck to make some money. Boss just wants to know what Helen’s up to and put a stop to it. Things become complicated by the involvement of Dewey, the fact that it’s a rigged illegal casino and then Boss’s greed at wanting to get the equipment and all of Helen’s illegally made money. In the end the Dukes help their friend, spoil Boss’s plans and put the casino out of business.

The General leaves the ground only once, and that’s during the opening moments when Cooter’s test driving the car. Daisy doesn’t wear her shorts, but the red dress does enough damage as it is. Even Jesse seems a little embarrassed by her flirty attitude. LOL.

All in all, like the rest of the first season, this episode shows that car jumps weren’t the big deal.


Interesting that it’s Luke that drives the truck during the “interview” but it’s Bo that drives the truck during the rest of the episode.

As the unoffical companion states, the hands that show the card tricks of Jesse’s are not Denver Pyle’s, but John Schneider’s. This makes sense considering in the episode that followed this one, Double Sting, we see Bo showing Rosco and Enos several card tricks.

Boss ends up with nothing. No money and no gambling equipment. He does end up with the credit of catching Helen Hogan and shutting down the illegal casino. “Credit?! What good is that kind of credit?! You can’t eat it! You can’t drink it!” And Rosco adds, “You can’t even split it! –Well, I oughta get something for all my trouble.” What he gets is a little Duke appreciation.


Seeing Denver Pyle at a poker table is nothing new. He would be seen again in 1994’s Maverick as one of the river boat gamblers (who’s caught cheating and forced off the boat!)

Jo Ann Pflug’s first major role was as Lt. “Dish” in the 1970 movie M*A*S*H. She went on to co-star on several other shows including BJ and the Bear and The Fall Guy.

Synopsisi and vidcaps by MaryAnne

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