Luke’s Love Story


The Annual Hazzard County Obstacle Derby is an illegal road course race in which the particpants have to try to finish first, any way you can and without getting killed. This time around the participants are in for a surprise. Three of the top four drivers on the dirt track circuit in the state come from Hazzard County, Cooter, the Duke boys and Enos. The fourth, Amy Creevy, comes from Placid County and the “powder puff” division.

Amy becomes the first woman to enter the Hazzard Derby. After introductions at the Boar’s Nest, and subseuquent fistacuff between Luke and Amy’s ex-boyfriend and mechanic, Turk, a romance starts to blossom between Luke and Amy. Bo must make do with Amy’s lady mechanic, Francis Lee Olmstead. Frankie for short.

While Luke tries to sort out his feelings for Amy, Bo bets the pink slip of the General Lee against Amy’s car, Lucifer. He eventually regrets the bet and tries to get out of it but has no luck. He can’t even bring himself to tell Luke.

Meanwhile, Boss Hogg wants Enos to win the race and not for the five hundred dollar prize. Boss wants to make sure he keeps the trophy cup permanently….because his momma’s ashes are in it!

Amy’s ex is hell bent on either getting Amy back, or ruining the rest of her driving career. He sabatoges her race car and then sneaks into the race using Cooter’s car. The race to the finish ends up between Luke, Amy and Turk and Amy has no idea that Turk has taken Cooter’s place.


Most, if not all, Luke Duke fans cite this episode as “Luke the Jerk” for his attitude toward Amy about her being exclusive to him, while he chases after other girls. Jesse puts it best: “You’re about as sensitive as a porcupine.”

Two of the best scenes in the episode are when the boys, indivdually, have a talk with Jesse about whatever it is that’s bugging them. The first is Bo, admitting to Jesse about the bet and knowing it was a bad idea. Jesse’s advice is sound, that Bo should swallow his pride and get out of the bet. But Bo realizes later that swallowing that pride is very hard to do. The other scene is when Luke talks to Jesse about Amy and Jesse’s line above. He called it like he saw it.

Although the scene with Luke and Jesse was shown on TNN, the scene between Bo and Jesse was cut. It seems a lot of the really good scenes were cut to make room for more commercials.


Crazy Cooter truly lives up to his name in this one, crashing through the Boar’s Nest on a “borrowed” motorcycle and then sending the same bike back out through the other door—after he slips off it!

Y’all note the gas price at Cooters? That’s a mere 65 cents y’all!

Probably one of the best comeback lines from Daisy is her answer to Moss’s question of what the bucket is for. “It’s to put out smoldering butts. Care to sit on it?”


Amy Creevy is played by Roz Kelly, who played a similar role on Happy Days as Pinky Tuscadero.

 Synopsis and vidcaps by MaryAnne

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