Deputy Dukes


Rocky Marlowe, public enemy 1 through 10 has won himself a change of venue from Springville County to Hazzard. Boss sees a money making opportunity with a high profile case such as Marlowe’s being held in Hazzard. He does not, however, agree to let Rosco go and pick up the prisoner, citing that he promised Lulu that he would keep Rosco “from getting your fool head shot off.”

Not wanting to risk Rosco, or Enos for that matter, Boss decides to send Bo and Luke (who are cooling their heals in jail from an unrelated incident) to fetch Marlowe, in exchange for not selling off the General Lee. The boys agree and head off to Springville, but not before being spotted in deputies uniforms by Daisy and Cooter.


Once in Springville, Chief Lacy sends along one of his officers to accompany the boys back to Hazzard. Officer Price, however, is not who she claims to be but the boys, nor Rocky Marlowe know this. Added to the equation is a couple of Rocky’s “business associates” who are looking to spring their boss before he gets to Hazzard.


Bo and Luke become the first members of the Duke family to wear a badge temporarily. Considering their clothes (and money) were stolen by two pretty ladies, I suppose they were lucky to have the uniforms to wear during this episode!


Rosco could have stood up to Boss more with Jesse when he got the word from Chief Lacy that the boys had possibly been hijacked by the impersonator lady cop. At first he points to Boss but then Daisy points out that the boys told her, that Rosco said he would sell the General Lee if the boys didn’t do what he wanted them to do. Unable to shift the blame totally to Boss, who deserved it, Rosco took the brunt of it and agreed to go with Jesse, Cooter and Daisy to find the boys.


In a scene that was cut by TNN, when Jesse, Rosco and Enos are driving in Rosco’s patrol car (that has no driver door) Rosco’s sputtering is classic Coltrane. “You want air conditioning?! You got it! Freeze my inards….probably git pneumonia…” At one point, Rosco turns to swat Enos (who’s in the back seat) with his hat and Jesse calmly grabs the steering wheel with one hand. The scene was NOT filmed on a sound stage.

Dig the white patent leather shoes the bad guys are wearing. Totally 70’s baby! =)

The boys get a taste of poetic justice, when after they ditch the ambulance they bartered, they find the red Ford LTD convertible of the two ladies that robbed them. Off with the car they go…only to run out of gas in a near ghost town that has one person who occupies the front porch of a decrepit gas station reading a dog-eared copy of Playboy!


Rocky Marlowe is played by veteren bad guy/mobster actor Leo Gordon.

MaryBeth is played by Stella Parton, Dolly Parton’s younger sister who also is a recording artist.

The Unofficial Companion states that the blue car the business associates are driving is the same make/model Charger as what the Dukes drive. Wrong. It’s the same make and model that Starsky and Hutch drove, a Ford Torino. The only person to ever come to Hazzard driving the same make and model Charger as the Dukes was Cale Yarborough.

The town of Springville is actually a mud covered Hazzard Square.

The red pickup truck driven by the farmer was seen previously in Swamp Molly.

 Synopsis by MaryAnne. Vidcaps by Hoss

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