Double Sting


Bo and Luke get into a tangle with a stranger on the road and later at the Boar’s Nest, which promptly lands everyone in jail. Only in Hazzard County, tho’, could poison ivy be mistaken for a plague. Doc Pettichord takes no chances and declares the Sheriff’s Department is under quarantine…

…which means Jesse, Bo, Luke, Rosco, Boss and Enos are stuck there with the sick fella while two other dudes dressed as Laurel and Hardy rob the bank.

Matters are complicated by Daisy being inside the bank at the time and deciding to hop on top of the robbers’ escape vehicle which is a Winnebago.


This was the last one of the first season. In just 13 episodes, the show had won over many fans in spite of what the critics had declared. This is one of the more comedic of the entire series.

“…add a stranger or two who look like they’re up to no good, a lot of spice, mix in a little sugar, and watch out!”

“This is where they used to put the guy just before they hang him!”


The General Lee being stolen by Tom Colt, only to find out that is what Bo and Luke wanted him to do.

Daisy being a bit sassy with the bad guys.

This is the only episode where Jesse was seen wearing glasses.

The last few minutes when Bo pushes the fishing cabin in the water while Luke is letting dynamite arrows go.

“Imbeciles! It was a very simple plan…”

 “Hot persuit, Sheriff. Look it up…”


Burton Gilliam ‘Tom Colt’ appeared in another Dukes episode “The Sound of Music – Hazzard Style” as a fella named ‘Heep’. He was also on such shows as The Waltons, Alice, its spin off Flo and Mama’s Family. He also played in Blazing Saddles, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and Gator and Back to the Future Part III where he was a salesman for Colt guns. He was a fireman before he became an actor. He has also been a boxing referee and judge in the state of California, and a Golden Gloves boxing champion in Texas.

Avery Schreiber ‘Wendel’ was a comedy veteran and spokesman for Doritos chips. He also was the tax accessor in the Mel Brook’s movie “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” and had roles in various TV series in the 70’s and 80’s in cluding The Rockford Files, the Love Boat, and Chico and the Man. He passed away in January of 2002.

Arte Johnson ‘Irving’ has ties to other casts members. He was in Cannonball Run 2 which Catherine Bach was in, and he was a voice for the cartoon movie Scooby Doo and the Boo Brothers, which Sorrell Booke did. He was also a veteran comedian and is probably best remember for his various roles on the late 60’s comedy/variety show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In.” (“Veerrrrrry interessssting….but schtoopid!”)

Miriam Byrd Nethery, who played bank teller Rose Ellen, is married to actor Clu Gulager who was in the 1978 mini series “Black Beauty” and in Kenny Rogers’s “The Gambler” in 1980. Miriam returned to Dukes as Holly, head of the Comfurt family, in Southern Comfurts at the end of season 2.

Synopsis by Tara. Vidcaps by Hoss

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