Stories from 2005

From November, 2005

Just A Country Galby Nerca Beyul. We all knew that Bo Duke was a ladychaser, but what happens when the lady he’s chasing doesn’t want to be his next catch? He’s found the most spitfire little lady in all of the South in this whirlwind romance, and she’s got a few surprises in store for him.

(HNet Editor’s Note: This story is in three parts and are hosted at, so you’ll end up there. Make sure you click your browser’s back button to return to HNet!)

Just a Spitfire Country Gal

Just a Singing Country Gal

Just a Rambling Country Gal

From October, 2005

Hurricane Fundraiser, Hazzard Style — by Justin Gausman . Tonight…on the Dukes…Daisy’s framed for stealing money raised for Hurricane Katrina victims and has to hide out with Cooter from Enos and Rosco, who are on bicycles. Meanwhile Bo and Luke discover the real criminals, out of towners by the names of Joe and Paulina, but Paulina’s got the upper hand. Can Bo and Luke save the day and clear Daisy’s name?”

Note: Yes, I did rip off the Fortune Tellers episode, as well as parts of the movie, but when you’ve got limited time and budget, you gotta comprimise some originality. The fanfilm should be done by the end of September to early October.

(HNet Editor’s Note: This is written in script format. An actual fanfilm is going to be made from this script.)

How it All Began — by Craig Beaty . The title says it all. A story of how it all began in Hazzard County. (HNet Editor’s Note: This is written in screen play format, is a first draft and author admits to any spelling erros. LOL)

From September, 2005

The Haunted Mansion by Scott. The Hazzard regulars find themselves trapped in a haunted mansion.

From August, 2005

Trouble Finds a Way by Cori-Anne Bowhay.  The Dukes meet an old friend, who ends up gettin’ them in a whole lotta trouble. The Dukes are once again put to the task of saving the Hazzard County Orphanage from the likes of Boss Hogg, and other more dangerous criminals!

From July, 2005

Lost in the Back Roads of Hazzardby SnapleSugar. A young woman loses her way on the backroads of Hazzard County….but not for long.

From March, 2005

Line of Duty by Doug Fowler. Tonight on the Dukes…Boss Hogg’s in the hospital, and Roscoe’s Acting Commissioner.  Can the Dukes help him during the state of emergency as they hunt two armed and dangerous fugitives?

The Hazzard Sparkplugs by Doug Fowler. Tonight on the Dukes…Boss Hogg’s bought a ballclub.  But can general manager Hogg avoid the temptation to use it to gamble, which is against baseball rules?  And what about the shady folks he’s got playin’?  And can the Dukes keep a young pitcher from goin’ over to their side?

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