Stories from 2002

Unspoken Words Essy Jane — The Dukes face an old enemy, back in Hazzard with a sinister plot to get revenge. Part of this story was featured in the forums. The completed story is now here. =) *January 2002*

When the Sun Runs Away is an RR fic from Essy and Kristy that was produced in the forums. While out to discover her own identity Daisy decides to run away. Her disappearance isn’t all that secretive for Bo is on her trail. Together they go through struggles and life. Follow this tale of curiosity as you turn through a small corner stone of her life. *May 2002*

We also have two short pieces from Bobbi Raye Duke. Luke has a thought about Grape Nuts. Bo tells us about bein’ A Redneck… *May 2002*

“Maybe” Lindsay Hadfield — A young woman takes a collosal wrong turn and ends up in Hazzard County. Who are these strange people, and how is it they speak the same language as her? *June 2002*

The Return of Mason Dixon’s Girls Daney Duke — They’re baaaaaack… and before they leave Hazzard, they acquire a new recruit. =) *June 2002*

To Have a Strate by Your Side by Val Strate —
Tonight on the Dukes, old rivals come to town. Rouge race car driver Trisha Hawkins comes to Hazzard to challenge the Dukes to a race and takes Enos hostage. Val finds out and rushes to get her brother back but, is there more to Trisha kidnapping Enos? Val ends up in a race for brother and best friend’s lives, Daney Duke (special appearance). Will she get them back, and why is Trisha Hawkins doing this? Tune in to find out… *June 2002*

Goodbye, Hazzard by: Daney Duke —
The times they are a changin’…Daisy’s married, the boys are off probation and Enos makes the decision to return to LA. So what’s left for Sheriff Rosco to do? Pleanty when Jason Steele shows up!! *July 2002*

Prelude to Mass Confusion by: Various Authors (Role Play format) — The RP ‘advertisement’ done on the Yahoo boards (Hazzard Crossroads) prior to the first installment of the Kin Series being posted (March through June of 2000). Friends and neighbors…y’all better not go to the refrigerator now. Khee! (Thanks Daney for helpin’ edit this together. =) *July 2002*

The Legacy by: Daney and Kristy Duke — “This one’s dedicated to Sarah S. ” =) *August 2002*

Flight of Fury by: MaryAnne and Brian Coltrane — Rosco gets a new patrol car and while testing it out, nearly loses his life… *Part of the Kin Series* *August 2002*

To Chase a Friend By: Valerie Strate and Kristy Duke — It’s tough being Enos Strate….sworn to uphold Hazzard law and still be a friend of the Dukes. *October 2002*

A Run for the Money By: Crazy C and Jax — Bo makes a personal decision regarding Jesse’s last expenses and keeps it from the rest of the family….until he gets caught breaking the law. *October 2002*

Ames Train By: MaryAnne — Tonight, on the Dukes…It’s the week of Halloween and when a 140 year old barn is about to be demolished, a long missing law man is determined to have the story of his death unearthed, and for some reason Rosco and MaryAnne are the only two who can see him… *October 2002*

Friend in Blue by Daney Duke — Four distinct moments in time of the life of Daney Duke. *November 2002*

The Winds of November by MaryAnne — November 1963… On the edge of history, Rosco must keep his family together or risk losing his Uncle Eli to a prison term and his little cousin MaryAnne to an orphanage. *November 2002*

A Knight in Hazzard by CuzBonita — Tonight, on the Dukes…Michael Knight and KITT arrive in Hazzard County in time to prevent sure disaster, when a renegade group of State Police officers and merciless bounty hunters set out to take over the county, by wiping out the Hazzard County Sheriff and pinning the crime on Bo and Luke. *November 2002*

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