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The Dukes ofHazzard premiered on January 26, 1979 and concluded it’s run in February of 1985.  146 one hour episodes were produced (with three, two part episodes). We had two sets of Duke cousins, two different regular deputies (and various fill-ins) and four different sheriffs. 300 General Lees (and Lord knows HOW MANY patrol cars!) were wrecked. The Boar’s Nest was destroyed in several fist fights and by an Armored Personnel Carrier. Eleven country stars were caught in Boss’s Celebrity Speed Trap (the Oak Ridge Boys were caught twice!). And too many to count bad guys were caught by the Dukes.

We need help with this section! If you’d like to write up a review of your favorite episode and send it in, we’d greatly appreciate it! If two or more people do a review of the same episode, we’ll edit the info together from the write ups and credit all contributors. Don’t forget to mention highlights, trivia and even bloopers. Yeeehaaawww!

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