Enos Strate

The most honest law man in Hazzard County. Had a heart of gold and a special place in his heart for Daisy Duke. He was apparently the oldest virgin in the county. Came close to marrying Daisy (twice!). Wrecked his fair share of patrol cars, usually by rear ending Rosco. Was called everything from ‘dipstick’ to ‘lugnut’ to ‘cowchip’ by either Rosco or Boss. Favorite expression: “Possum on a gum bush!” 99.9% of the time was seen wearing his deputy’s uniform. Also had a black jacket in the early seasons. Seen driving the various different makes and models of police cars until the Plymouth Fury’s became the mainstay. Apparently owned his own car (a dumpy station wagon which ended up being blown up). Didn’t have a CB handle that I’m aware of, although I suppose Dipstick came close.

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