Repo Men


Ace Parker is the number two used car dealer in Hazzard. Twern’t no others. But ol’ Ace just couldn’t be first at anything.

Except maybe being unreliable. Boss wanted to get his wife Lulu the Rolls Royce that Ace had. He sold it to a group of folks who turned out to be counterfeiters. Boss tells him to get the car back and when Bo and Luke spot a wrecked car that Richard Petty used to film a commercial, Ace sees his opportunity.

Nobody welshes on my word to Lulu…except me

Where did Ace get that?…

He tells the boys he’ll let them have the car for $200 if they’ll repossess the Rolls for him. Easier said than done when the boys are nearly killed trying to take the car back and then get tangled up in trumped up charges from Rosco. So with the help of Uncle Jesse, the boys manage to outwit Boss, Rosco, the counterfeiters and Ace.

 Tomorrow…price is a thousand dollars…


Just goes to show ya that you can have Daisy wear pants and have the General never leave the ground and you can get a good story. This episode also offers us some insight into Rosco’s decision to go crooked, as he explains to Enos. In his explanation tho’, it seems Rosco doesn’t like the path he’s chosen to take.

Another slice of Rosco as a competent law man comes at the very end of the episode, when everybody sees the crushed cars inside Ace’s garage. The counterfeiters see what was the Rolls Royce and Rosco spots the counterfeit plate that had been crushed with the car. He eyes them suspiciously and says, “Now I’m just a country Sheriff, and I got problems of my own. But I could swear that was a counterfeit plate. Only who would make a plate yay long and yay narrow and if you’re not outta my county in thirty minutes, I’m calling the FBI.” Well, they leave and Enos gives his superior officer a grin.

The Dukes demonstrate their philosphy of retaliating against property, not people with using Cooter’s tow truck and plow teeth to pull the contefeiters car apart.

They demonstrate it again when they crush all of Ace’s used cars, including the Rolls. As Jesse calls it, “dirty pool.”


The chase scene between Bo in Cooter’s altered pick up truck and the counterfeiter’s car’s is classic Dukes. What fun to watch a car be pulled apart at 45 miles an hour!

Cooter and Luke’s ride in the Rolls gives us some classic dialogue. “Hey, Luke?” Cooter asks, “I wonder what ol’ Burt Reynolds would do in a situation like this?” “I don’t know,” Luke replies, “But he’d probably be doing it with somebody a lot prettier than you.”


The Richard Petty car is actually LEE 1, the General that makes the jump in the opening credits. After the jump it was stripped of anything useful before being repainted and put on Ace’s lot. Years later the wreck was found in a junkyard in Georgia. It was subsequently restored and changed hands a few times before being bought by pro golfer Bubba Watson in 2012.

Cooter had just about every make and model of tow truck known to man. This episode is a brown Chevy. He would also drive Fords and GMC’s.

Ace Parker is played by Jerry Rushing, who’s experience in moonshining were the basis of the 1975 movie Moonrunners and later The Dukes of Hazzard.

One of the counterfeiters…if not two of them, are part of the Dukes production crew. Manny is played by Rod Amateau who I’ve been unable to determine if that’s the turtle neck dude or the bald headed dude. LOL.

–synopsis by MaryAnne (with info from The Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial Companion). Vidcaps by Hoss.

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