Limo One is Missing


President Jimmy Carter sends his car, “Limo One” on ahead down to Georgia before he visits the state. The Secret Service men and the two state police motorcycle cops stop at the Boar’s Nest for a fill up and some coffee, where Cooter and the boys are just leaving. The boys spot the car, admire it for a bit and then Bo and Luke leave, leaving Cooter to oogle over the car some more. In fact, Cooter becomes so entranced by the limo…..he steals it for a joyride.



Meanwhile, Boss Hogg has a first class chop shop operation going, and Sheriff Rosco knows nothing about it. When the limo turns up missing, Rosco assumes that the same car thieves who had been working the county for the past month are the ones who stole it. Boss figures he’s got a sure disaster on his hands if it turns out that his chop shop boys took the car and have cut it to pieces, until Rosco wonders how much of a reward he’ll get for bringing that “important car” back. Boss checks in with his operation to warn them about the limo, but two of the members are already out on a run.

The Dukes meanwhile, are trying to figure a way to unload the limo without getting caught and getting into trouble. Jesse calls the FBI and the boys plan to drop the car off for the FBI to pick it up. On the way, the boys and Cooter are hijacked by Boss’s car thieves.



The boys try to follow the limo on foot and meet up with Daisy. Daisy didn’t see the limo pass her and they come to conclusion of where the car could have gone. As they track the limo, Boss shows up in time to spot the limo before the blow torch is put to it. “Little Nell saved by Simon Legree,” Bo says.


With the car safe, the Dukes pull together a plan to spring the limo before Boss can return it to the FBI and State Police. They highjack the limo from the chop shop, drive it to the Boar’s Nest where Boss is waiting, expecting his chop shop boys to deliver it to him. Bo drives the limo through a puddle and turns Boss’s white suit to muck.


With the limo safely back in the hands of the US Government, President Carter telephones Jesse personally to thank him and the boys and Daisy for finding the car and returning it. Jesse’s invited to go to dinner with the President but graciously declines.


A fun episode but obviously it stretches the truth. A lot. The real Presidential limousine would have been more heavily armored, would have sported the presidential seal on the doors and the flag on the driver’s side of the car would have been the flag of the President. They did get the license plate right.

Another one of the few episodes to make specific references to the time period, this one has President Jimmy Carter (former peanut farmer and former Governor of Georgia) all over it. The two Secret Service agents lament that they’ll be pickin’ peanuts for the rest of their lives if they don’t get the car back and Luke says to Enos, “Ain’t seen Jimmy all morning. What makes you think his car is here?” There’s also yet another reference to the “lust in the heart” comment (previously used in Luke’s Love Story by Rosco to Enos.) The “lust in the heart” bit comes from a comment Carter made in an interview with Playboy magazine. His complete quote was this: I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something that God recognizes I will do—and I have done it—and God forgives me for it.

Ironically enough, as most Dukes fans know Ben Jones was elected to Congress from Georgia….and yes he often got kidded about this episode!


Interesting point with Boss not telling Rosco about the chop shop…and thus not having to share the cut. This would be one of a very few times where Boss would have a scheme going and wouldn’t cut Rosco in on it.


The shot of the General jumping in this episode was later incorporated into a commercial segue used by CBS. The shot also was used later in the opening credits following the second season.


The blue Ford Torino driven by the Secret Service guys is the same make/model/color as the car driven by Rocky Marlowe’s business associates in “Deputy Dukes” the episode that followed this one.

Synopsis and vidcaps by MaryAnne

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