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“Tonight, on the Dukes…”

Sheriff Rosco working undercover for the State Police? Bo and Luke now married with kids? Long lost siblings? Second cousins? It must be fanfic!!

So what the show ended in 1985? The lives of the folks in Hazzard County live on in several fanfics! The finest fanfic cyberHazzard has to offer can be found here!

Would you like to submit a story to our archive? Email us! Please put “Hazzardnet Fanfic Submission” in your email subject heading. Please submit your story in HTML format. Please also include the title, a spoiler and an email address so folks can send you feedback. HNet staff reserves the right to reject stories based on objectionable content, corrupted files or incompleteness (unless you’ve stated otherwise that subsequent chapters will be forthcoming.) Thank you. =)

We will also archvive fics produced in the Round Robin writings on the HazzardNet Forums. =) Provided folks send them in. ROFL.

–June 12, 2010–

As always make sure y’all to check out the archive here as well, as there are stories that were posted here and can be found nowhere else. Just click on the Past Featured Fics link above to see a listing of fics for previous years.

If anyone out there is lookin’ for a proof reader (spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, ect) for their fics you can contact Jenn and she’d be happy to do that for you!

— MaryAnne =)

This Month’s Featured Fic(s)

One History to Confuse by PJ York

Tonight, on the Dukes: There’s trouble brewin’ when a scientist uses a time machine to bring the Dukes, Boss, Rosco, and Enos into another series, an’ they go back in time with people from two other universes. As they move forward, Boss tries to swindle an’ gain control in different historical periods, an’ the laughs an’ action flow like crazy. Crazier even than normal for Hazzard.

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