High Octane


Uncle Jesse decides to help the country out by making some shine to be a substitute for fossil fuels when the Federal Energy Commission holds a contest where 1st prize is $20,000. He and the boys also meet Roxanne Huntley (since she replaced Agent Andy Roach who moved to Atlanta) during one of their qaurterly check ins with the ATF. After talking to Boss, who thinks he’s got Jesse as a partner for the contest, the Dukes head up to one of their old still sites with Cooter. Roxanne catches them there after posing in disguise as a fishing woman. Jesse and Cooter dump the shine and the Dukes make a deal with her, telling her she can stay with them at the farm all the while she attempts to catch them with the whiskey.


Despite Roxanne being an ATF agent, Luke must trust her. He takes her gun and puts it in his belt but after she wakes up he hands it back. Oddly enough this would be a trait that would get Luke into more trouble later in the series.

Brody, the Duke’s African American friend first seen in One Armed Bandits, is in this episode, but yet we never see him again. Such was the way with them folks in Hazzard sometimes…

What was up with Enos?!?!?! We never saw him so woman hungry before…or since!!

This was the last episode to be filmed in Georgia. Here we get one last scenic view at the town of Covington and the roads around it and a lot more “southern feeling” from this episode and the previous 4 than the next 140 that were filmed in California. It’s also the last time for Rosco’s fully staffed Sheriff’s department.


As with the previous four episodes, we have more classic sayin’s in this one…

Rosco explains to Roxanne that he doesn’t trust the Dukes. “Oh Rosco, they’re just country folks. Andy felt he could trust them.” Rosco replies, “Well, I’m a down home country person as much as a bowl of grits and I can’t be trusted!”

Bo demonstrates “mouth to mouth recreation.” Luke attempts to correct him, saying “I think you mean, mouth to mouth resessitation.” “Maybe,” Bo replies, “but I bet I’m closer to the truth.”

Jesse shows some sass himself when Roxanne corrects him by saying “Miss Huntley.” “Oh I believe that…”

“This barn shot worked in ’33 let’s hope it works now!” Jesse exclaims as he and the boys are heading towards an old abandonded barn to shake Roxanne off their tail. And in 1979…it worked. =)


Uncle Jesse’s moonshine car is called Sweet Tillie in this one but in the 2nd season opener Days of Shine and Roses the car is referred to as Black Tillie. The car here is a 1971 Ford Custom 500.

Boss and Rosco appear in camouflage in a scene. This would mark the first, but not the last time we would see them in some kind of disguise.

Roxanne Huntley was played by Carlene Watkins who also made appearances on BJ and the Bear, Magnum PI, Taxi and Home Improvement.

–synopsis by Tara (with info from The Dukes of Hazzard Unofficial Companion). Vidcaps by Hoss

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