Stories from 2004

Million Dollar Rose for Bo by: Debbie (Ldydebpv31) — Caitlin Rose arrives in Hazzard County in typical Hazzard fashion. Her fast car and good looks immediately get the attention of Bo and Luke and her large cash purchase of a piece of property immediately gets Boss’s attention. The transaction wouldn’t be so unusual…if not for the fact that she’s paid Boss an additional $100,000 to make sure that her new location is never disclosed to anybody… July 2004

A Cousin’s Betrayal by: “Kim Kimmer” — An enemy from Luke’s parents past wants revenage on the Duke family. Something terrible happens to one of the family members and causes Luke to believe it was his fault. How will the family survive this terrible event and Luke is blamed for the crime. *Note: This story is still in progress* July 2004

Jessica Lynn by: Wendy — A year and a half ago, Daisy Duke left Hazzard County. But things aren’t the same in Greenville and Daisy makes the decision to come home…and bring her baby girl with her. July 2004

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