Lulu Hogg

Boss Hogg’s wife, Rosco’s sister and apparently the holder of all the Coltrane wealth. In an unfortunate instence for Boss (when he got a shot of truth serum) he admitted his true meaning behind marrying her was to get her money. “It was the only way to get it.” Which promptly got him thrown out of the house!

Played by Peggy Rea, Lulu was seen sporadically in the first few seasons and then more often near the end of the run of the show. Often her disappearances were explained that she was away at the “fat farm.” Like her husband she had a weakness for food, chocolate bon-bons mostly and her cooking went from being bad to good in the seven year run of the show. Her presense in Hazzard was defined by more than her physical size. With Daisy, Lulu started the Hazzard Equal Rights Society (HERS) and was active in several community clubs and organizations. Unlike Rosco and Boss, Lulu liked the Duke family, and she often took sides against her brother and husband when it came to the Dukes. Lulu wasn’t afraid to stand up to Boss…truth was, he was afraid to stand up to her!

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