Daisy Duke

Ah yes, the lovely Miss Daisy Duke. Got into her fair share of trouble and helped figure how to get out of a fair share of trouble too! Sometimes found herself along for the ride when the boys were in trouble. She worked as a waitress at the Boar’s Nest (owned by Boss Hogg) but aspired to better things. One of which was a music career but later became an ecologist. She was probably best described by the Balladeer himself: “She could drive like Richard Petty, shoot like Annie Oakley and knows all the words to Dolly Parton songs.” Seemed to be the only character who had a change of clothes, but the outfits usually consisted of either short-shorts and tank top, jeans and a flannel shirt or a dress. Had two vehicles during the course of the series. First was a yellow and black 1971 Plymouth RoadRunner (which metamorphed into a Plymouth Satellite in some episodes!) and then after the car was driven off a cliff by Bo and Luke, she received a white 1980 Jeep CJ7 with the Golden Eagle emblem on the hood and “Dixie” on the side of the hood and doors. Also went through a change in CB handles too: Country Cousin, Pretty Maiden, Bo Peep.

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