The Balladeer

To help keep things straight, the viewer was assisted by country music legend Waylon Jennings. Jennings also wrote the shows theme song “Good Ol’ Boys” which went to #1 on the country charts and in the top 20 on the pop charts. The implied story line was that Waylon was a friend of Jesse’s and that Waylon was forever in debt to the stranger who gave him enough money to buy another guitar after his had been stolen before his first professional gig. Although Jennings feelings towards his six years spent as the Dukes balladeer appear clouded, fans agree he is the only one they prefer as balladeer. Some of the shows most classic lines come from the Balladeer himself. “Y’all better not go to the refrigerator now.” and, “Aren’t you glad they’re the one’s driving it, and we just have to watch it?”

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