Congrats to our Fan of the Month!

 Every Dukes of Hazzard fan has a story. CDoherty95  joined us in February 2011, and in his own words, he’s been a Dukes fan “as long as he can remember.” His pride and joy was a customized General Lee bicycle that he built himself last summer. Several months later, the bike was stolen while parked at school.

Seeing your hard work and money disappear would be discouraging to anyone. But CDoherty95 didn’t let the loss keep him down. He bought a used bike, stripped it down, and built another General Lee bike, refurbishing, painting, and building it all over again. This shows his great dedication to “The Dukes of Hazzard” as well as his strong personal character in not giving up.

CDoherty95 is also an active participant in our Forums and he’s made good contributions to our community. We’re pleased to recognize him as the August 2011 Fan of the Month! His perseverance in the face of adversity sets a fine example for Dukes fans everywhere. Visit our Forums to congratulate him yourself!

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