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Dukes of Hazzard Taking Over Knight Rider Festival

Move over, KITT. The General Lee is taking center stage in Las Vegas on May 18 & 19, 2012, during the Las Vegas Star Cars and Knight Rider 30th Anniversary Convention! Once separate events, these shindigs have been combined by powerhouse Vegas promoter Paul Casey.

The vehicles in attendance will include various incarnations of KITT and probably a dozen or more General Lees. In addition to the iconic cars from Knight Rider and The Dukes of Hazzard, you’ll find famous vehicles from Smokey & The Bandit, The A-Team, The Green Hornet, American Graffiti, Ghostbusters, and anything else that shows up.

The event is FREE to the public, but star car owners are asked to pony up for the Children’s Miracle Network. Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider, co-founder of the charity, is participating in the event and will be signing autographs. “Bo Duke” will be joined by Dukes of Hazzard alumni Byron Cherry, (Coy Duke) and Don Pedro Colley (Sheriff Little.) Catherine Bach has also been invited, but as of HazzardNet press time, her participation is unconfirmed.

Some Knight Rider stars will be there too, but hey, this is a Dukes website and we’re just a little selfish. Go to the official Las Vegas Star Cars website for more details about all the celebrities and cars!

We’re willing to bet that Dukes of Hazzard fans and General Lees take the event over by sheer numbers . It would serve Knight Rider just desserts for picking on The Dukes of Hazzard during the 80’s.  Odds are, a lot of Dixie horns will be heard in Las Vegas!

Warner Bros. Includes Dukes of Hazzard in Unique TV Exhibit!

A new exhibit at the Paley Center in Los Angeles called “Television: Out of the Box” features 60 years of iconic TV history! This interactive, multimedia Warner Bros exhibit includes props, collectibles, photos, set pieces, video clips, and more from decades of memorable television.

The Dukes of Hazzard is recognized in this exhibit, with a pair of “Daisy Dukes” among the TV treasures. We’re excited to see The Dukes of Hazzard included in this ode to television, and we encourage you to pay it a visit! You can learn more about the exhibit at the Paley Center website. Our sincere thanks go to Warner Bros for including the The Dukes of Hazzard in this popular exhibit! We also extend our gratitude to Warner Bros. Television Marketing for providing HazzardNet with this information.

Dukes of Hazzard Bucket o’ News!

Has being on the lam kept you out of the loop? We got ya covered! Here’s all the latest Dukes of Hazzard news, in no particular order, because we’re lazy like that. Here we go!

Tickets for the Tom Wopat and John Schneider concert at the Fallsview Casino Resort go on sale January 13!  The casino doesn’t have it listed yet but Tom himself released this information. The shows are April 12 & 13 in Ontario, Canada, just on the other side of Niagra Falls. You’ll need a passport, but you got plenty of time to get that together. Your local post office can give you the passport application and explain what’s required.

Next, if you’ve got a million dollars in your pocket, why not blow it on LEE 1? Yes, the most famous, and also infamous, first General Lee is up for a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, starting January 15. The car is famous for being the very first jumped General Lee in the first Dukes of Hazzard episode, “One-Armed Bandits.”  It later appeared in the episode “Repo Men” , repainted green, posing as a wrecked stock car.

When Dukes production left Georgia, LEE1 was left behind in a junkyard. It was eventually discovered in the late 90’s  and purchased  for an alleged $400 bucks.  The new owner, after much ballyhoo, turned around and auctioned the thing for some 24 grand or so, as-is, wrecked and rusted. How many times LEE1 changed hands after that, we don’t know, but it was eventually restored to be drivable and show-worthy.  In Duke circles, arguments abound about whether or not there’s enough original parts on the car to qualify it as “original”, as this was more like building the Bionic General than a normal restoration.  Yet somebody will pay a terrific price for LEE1  just for the bragging rights, if past history is any indication.

In other news, the lovely Catherine Bach has joined the cast of “The Young and the Restless”, a long-running daytime soap opera.  She will join the set Jan 10, with her first episode appearance expected around Feb 7. She will play a scheming, conniving mother of a scheming, conniving daughter, heck-bent on ruining marriages and fostering mistrust among friends. Sounds like fun!

One more quick thing, tickets for the 2012 Hazzard Homecoming are already on sale. We don’t know who’s gonna be there or what’s happening yet, but hey, it’s on! You’ll get a discount if you buy an e-ticket by March.  Swing over to Cooter’s Place for details.

That’s a wrap for now! Stay tuned to HazzardNet, we’ll have more for you soon!

Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Christmas?

No worries! If you didn’t get the “01” thing you wanted under the tree this year, you can still find a great selection of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise right here at HazzardNet!

Being lifelong Dukes fans ourselves, we can’t get enough of Dukes of Hazzard collectibles, toys, DVD’s and t-shirts and we figure you can’t either. So, no need to pout or wait ’till next year, go ahead and find yourself the perfect gift. You’ll thank yourself later.

Virtual View of Hazzard Square!

Credit goes to Hoss C. for finding this Warner Bros. website with a virtual tour of Hazzard Square! The name of the studio lot is Midwest Street, also known as “Any Town USA.”  We recognize it for its use in “The Dukes of Hazzard”, but it was also used in several other productions, including Gilmore Girls and East of Eden. 

Another one of our members, Mark B., discovered this 1986 pop-rock video by Peter Wolf which was filmed on the same studio lot. The names of the stores changed, but sharp-eyed Dukes fans will recognize the Highway 36 sign, the bank, and the prominent gazebo.

If you haven’t visited our Forums lately, you’re missing out on some great stuff.  From Dukes triva by Roger Duke, to Mark B’s Cooter’s Garage scale model for 1/64 diecast cars, to Monster01’s HO scale model of Hazzard Square with railroad.  

Check out Hoss’s amazing research on Dukes of Hazzard filming locations in California. We also have new fanfic writers on the scene, so there’s something for everybody!

Now, we didn’t get around to naming a Fan of the Month for November. And we owe apologies to our Fan of the Month for October, i1976, as the homepage didn’t get updated with the announcement. In fact, with so many new members, we’ve been kinda busy around here!  But we want all of you to know you’re appreciated.  Whether you’ve been with HazzardNet for years, or you’ve just found us, we’re glad you’re here.  Sal-ute!

Writer’s Block Party

Do you read or write? Either way, you might be interested in the next HazzardNet community chat for writers, happening this Saturday, September 24 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. While this is primarily about fanfiction as it appears on HazzardNet, it’s an open, casual chat and anything about writing or enjoying stories is likely to come up.

Over the years, some of HNet’s fanfic writers have gone on to win writing awards and have work published. Writing Dukes of Hazzard stories may not be a road to riches, but many of our members have honed their skills by posting fanfiction here. The feedback and encouragement that comes from having a good writing community can make a difference for aspiring authors.

Be a part of that community and hang out with us this Saturday! Use your HazzardNet Forums login and password to enter the chat. See you there!

Got Something to Chew Over?

Do you have thoughts about HazzardNet? Got ideas, suggestions, or simply too much time on your hands? Then why not join a couple of our staff members in a Town Hall Chat? 

We’re having a town hall meeting on Saturday Sept 10th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. This is a very informal meeting of the minds (or mindless) where we will discuss current HazzardNet projects, items from the suggestion box, and whatever else is on our bucket list.

We’ll be in the flash chatroom, “Boar’s Nest”.  Anybody interested is welcome to attend. It’s your chance to see HazzardNet administration behind the scenes. You can weigh in on the topics at hand, offer your insights, or merely watch us bicker over petty details.  Sign in using your usual HazzardNet Forums ID and password.  See ya there!

Congrats to our Fan of the Month!

Our Fan of the Month for September 2011 is a real woman of mystery, as you can tell by her photo with Catherine Bach!  “Redneck girl 01”  joined us in March of 2008.  While she’s outgoing and friendly with everyone on HazzardNet, she’s a little shy about sharing her face with the world! 

Redneck girl 01 is a long-time participant on our Forums and her recognition as Fan of the Month is overdue.  She clinched the title after supplying us a personal account of Hazzard Homecoming in our Forums.  For those of you who did not get to attend Hazzard Homecoming, Redneck girl 01’s reporting will give you an honest overview of what it was like. 

She also included a link to her Facebook (faceless-book?) page which includes some great photos of the event, such as the one below:

This General Lee had a plush “Flash” upon the roof.  The stuffed animal has been autographed by many cast members of The Dukes of Hazzard. Redneck girl 01 has many more photos of John, Cathy, Jimmie, Rick, Sonny, and Ben, and several photos of the Hazzard Homecoming grounds and atmosphere. 

By immersing herself in the event and taking the time to provide us with all the details, she’s proven herself to be a dedicated Dukes of Hazzard fan.  We appreciate the time she spent to share her experience with all of us, and we look forward to more of Redneck girl 01’s adventures in the future.  Join us in congratulating her!

HazzardNet Holiday Hullabaloo!

As has become tradition around here, HazzardNet will be hosting an online Christmas party chat again this year! Only this time, we’re doubling our pleasure and doubling our fun with two parties (hey, give the people what they want, right? Right!)

Our first party will be held tomorrow in the Boar’s Nest chat room starting at 3pm EST and going until midnight. Yes, that seems early, but we’re considering our international audience and the different time zones everyone’s in. Which means there should be plenty of variety in the comings and goings of HNet regulars through the evening.

For those who can’t make the party tomorrow, our second shindig will be held on Saturday, December 18th at the same time (3pm EST to midnight).

Be aware y’all that we have a new chat application to use, called Flash Chat, which is accessible via the Forums (the link is at the top of the page). Your login for the chat is your forums login. Remember to click on “Flash Chat” and not the plain “chat” link.  If you go to the plain chat link you’ll either not be able to get in (as has been the case with some users) or you’re gonna find a dark and quiet room. And you don’t wanna be in a dark and quiet room, you wanna be where the fun is!

You can check out more about the 2010 Christmas Party and other holiday hubbub in our forums!

See ya there!

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