Virtual View of Hazzard Square!

Credit goes to Hoss C. for finding this Warner Bros. website with a virtual tour of Hazzard Square! The name of the studio lot is Midwest Street, also known as “Any Town USA.”  We recognize it for its use in “The Dukes of Hazzard”, but it was also used in several other productions, including Gilmore Girls and East of Eden. 

Another one of our members, Mark B., discovered this 1986 pop-rock video by Peter Wolf which was filmed on the same studio lot. The names of the stores changed, but sharp-eyed Dukes fans will recognize the Highway 36 sign, the bank, and the prominent gazebo.

If you haven’t visited our Forums lately, you’re missing out on some great stuff.  From Dukes triva by Roger Duke, to Mark B’s Cooter’s Garage scale model for 1/64 diecast cars, to Monster01’s HO scale model of Hazzard Square with railroad.  

Check out Hoss’s amazing research on Dukes of Hazzard filming locations in California. We also have new fanfic writers on the scene, so there’s something for everybody!

Now, we didn’t get around to naming a Fan of the Month for November. And we owe apologies to our Fan of the Month for October, i1976, as the homepage didn’t get updated with the announcement. In fact, with so many new members, we’ve been kinda busy around here!  But we want all of you to know you’re appreciated.  Whether you’ve been with HazzardNet for years, or you’ve just found us, we’re glad you’re here.  Sal-ute!

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