2012 HazzardNet Christmas Party

Calling all Dukes of Hazzard fans! We’re finalizing the details for our HazzardNet Christmas party this year. We need your input! Swing by this thread in our forums and let us know what dates and times are best for your schedule. The party will take place in our chat room. You will need to be registered in our forums and logged in to participate. It’ll be BYOB, bring your own buttermilk. We’ll see you there!

HazzardNet Christmas Party: Night Two

The second and final night of the HazzardNet Christmas Party was a blast. We had another round of Guess the Christmas Carol. DaisyMaeDuke blew away the competition yet again, with BoJamesDuke coming in a close second. Santa swung by and brought some small gifts for all the participants. There was also a visit from Nasty the 9th Reindeer, played by one Brian Coltrane. Since we strive to be a family site, we won’t go into details. Suffice it to say, a fun time was had by all, despite the barroom brawl that briefly broke out.  Next time, a little more egg and a lot less nog. 🙂

Merry Christmas, y’all!

HazzardNet Christmas Party: Night One

Well, we had a good turn out for the first night of our online Christmas party and we had a blast! We had a rousing round of “Guess the Christmas Carol”, which Lukas_KD and DaisyMaeDuke won in a tie for a pair of Amazon gift certificates. We also posted some of HazzardNet’s Christmas Critters in the gallery. Swing by and check them out or post some critters of your own! We’ll be back in the chat room for party number two tomorrow night (Monday, December 21st) at 8pm Eastern for more fun and games! Thanks to everybody who showed up.

Dates for the HazzardNet Christmas Parties

Well, according to our poll, the most popular dates for a Christmas party are Sunday, December 21st and Monday, December 22nd. Since some folks are only available on weekends, we’ve decided to hold 2 parties, one on the weekend and one on a week day. The parties will start at 8pm eastern (that’s 5pm pacific) and will go until everyone leaves! LOL. There will be fun n’ games n’ prizes, so come join us in the chatroom Sunday and Monday evening.

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