Will “Enos” Series Be Next for DVD?

You can’t say we haven’t been patient. The Enos series first aired on November 12, 1980. It lasted 18 episodes, ending on May 20, 1981.  Despite guest appearances by several Dukes of Hazzard cast members,  Enos didn’t place high enough in the ratings to please CBS. The short-lived spinoff was canceled and never seen again.

Many long-time Dukes of Hazzard fans have asked about the Enos series. When Warner Bros. released The Dukes of Hazzard on DVD, there was hope that Enos would follow. It didn’t. But in 2010, WB unexpectedly released The Dukes animated series via DVD-on-demand.  Happy as we are to have The Dukes available, we’re still looking for Enos.

Recently, we reached out to Warner Bros. and asked them if Enos would be available in the  future. WB would only say this:  “While we can’t comment on release plans for specific titles, we can tell you that each month, more and more films and TV series will be made available.”

Possum on a gumbush!  No promises, but there’s hope. We’d love to see WB offer a DVD-on-demand release for Enos that would include Sonny Shroyer’s autograph.  The first 500 copies of The Dukes animated series featured an autograph by James Best, and this allotment sold out quickly. (You can still order The Dukes, without the autograph.)  A similar marketing promotion for Enos would make sense.

We’ll keep our ears on for Enos news. Meanwhile, console yourself by meeting Sonny Shroyer in person at the Johnny Lightning Fest in Dyersville, Iowa!  He’s scheduled to appear July 16 only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The event is free, but autographs usually run five or ten bucks depending on the item.  Remember to watch our Forums and homepage for more cast news and upcoming events. You can also catch us sleeping on Facebook and one of these days we’ll make real use of Twitter, ya never know!

Being a Dukes of Hazzard Fan

This gem from YouTube shows the passion and dedication of Dukes of Hazzard fans who gathered in Hazard, Kentucky, in 1981. Some folks call this the first, true Dukes fan event and they may be correct.

Much has changed since 1981. Sorrell “Boss Hogg” Booke is no longer with us. Nor is the terminally ill child in this video, who referred to herself as “JoJo P. Coltrane.”

What remains, is the passion and dedication of Dukes of Hazzard fans around the world, of all ages, of all walks of life. We are fortunate that we have many cast members still with us, who are willing to meet and greet fans at appearances and events. People like Ben Jones, James Best, Rick Hurst, Catherine Bach, Sonny Shroyer, John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Who would have thought, that 32 years after The Dukes of Hazzard hit the air, people would still be talking about Cooter, Rosco, Cletus, Daisy, Enos, Bo and Luke? Or lining up to meet them whenever the opportunity arose?

In the upcoming days we will be posting more news and info about upcoming cast appearances. For now, enjoy this look back in time. This is what it was like – and is like – to be a Dukes of Hazzard fan.

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