Fan O’ the Month!

July is here and it sure is hot. Speaking of hot, nobody heats up a computer’s keyboard like Lizzy Jackson-Davenport and that’s one of many reasons she’s been selected as HazzardNet’s fan of the month for July 2010.

Lizzy’s computer must be smoking hot from overwork considering it’s sent out over 13,500 posts. But, being fan of the month is more than just about how much you can type…’s about the type of fan you are….and Lizzy is an exceptional one.

Lizzy doesn’t focus on simply one place to contribute to the greatest website on the internet. Her posts can be found just about everywhere. Some of her favorites include Honest Wildman Jack’s Slightly Used Cars, God is Great Beer is Good People Are Crazy, Dupe or Duke, the Trivia Thread and the Official Photo Caption Thread.

Like many of us, she considers folks here on the HazzardNet to be her second family. Family is a pretty big deal to Lizzy. Her’s is her number one priority. The family ties that are so strong on the Dukes of Hazzard is one of the reasons she loves the show so much. Combine those ties with the fact that the Dukes has something for everybody and Lizzy will tell you, she’s hooked for life.

Lizzy’s favorite character is Bo but Cooter is so close behind it’s almost a tie (Hmmm, sounds like a back road Hazzard County race). Her favorite episodes are The Rustlers and Cooter’s Girl.

Her favorite country singers are Reba, Garth, Josh Turner and George Strate. She’s also an Elvis fan. Her favorite movies are the 3 Mighty Ducks movies and Top Gun, where they feel the need for speed just like they do in Hazzard County.

She loves the Atlanta Braves, high school football and all animals, especially her 8 year old beagle named Shiloh. (Everybody say awwww, “Awwwwww”) Her favorite books are The Outsider and the Harry Potter series.

Lizzy also loves to read and write fanfics. Her character Lizzy Jackson-Davenport has been pretty busy around here for nearly 2 and a half years and, if we’re lucky, she’s just getting started. Hopefully she won’t burn her computer up ’cause this place wouldn’t be the same without her.

Thanks for all your contributions Lizzy and happy birthday later this month on July 24.

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