A Christmas Tribute to Our Troops

A Special Christmas Tribute To Our Troops!

Derek and Courtney Whitis of SouthWood, Florida are the winners of the 2011 “My Lights Are Better Than Your Lights” contest on Good Morning America. Their patriotism runs deep, each of them having family members who have served, and are actively serving, our country.

What do military personnel and veterans have to do with Christmas? Well…everything! If not for their protection of our nation and our freedoms, our right to practice the faith of our choice could be lost. There are still countries today that do not have the most basic religious freedoms that we take for granted.

Imagine, being unable to celebrate Christmas. Or being unable to attend the church of your choice. Or being forced to live by the conventions of a religion that you didn’t choose, because defying it could cost your life.

It’s only right that we thank those who gave up their own family time, their own holidays, to serve our country. And that we remember, with honor, those who fell in active duty.

We should also reach out to the veterans who returned home from active duty with life-changing injuries. In this season of giving and hope, please consider the Semper Fi Fund.


HazzardNet salutes Derek and Courtney Whitis for their incredible Christmas light display, which is helping to bring awareness to the needs of our wounded veterans. We’re sharing their video in honor of all those who have chosen to serve our country.  Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

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