Remember Me With Laughter


Remember Me With Laughter
a poem by James Best

When the autumn leaves are falling.
To cover the earth with gold.
As time runs out for the aged.
So little time left for the old.

Just to see one more Spring
Or to live for just one more fall
Would be a blessing.
That’s all this old man’s asking.
Just a few more months. That’s all.

A few more moments with loved ones.
To say how much I cared.
And talk of the fun and laughter
That we have always shared.

We’ll speak of all the loving times.
As we look back in the past.
But now must face the painful truth
That good times never last.

For soon now I must leave you
But my memory will not die.
For I shall always be, with you
If within your heart you’ll try
To just remember me with laughter,
That way you’ll never cry.

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