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January is the time of the year that most folks dream of Waikiki Beach but the first Fan Of The Month of 2011 dreams of the beach all year long. If you haven’t already guessed, the latest fan of the month is waikiki23.

Even though waikiki dreams of Hawaii, her roots are practically in Hazzard County considering she was born and grew up an hour from Atlanta. Hmmm, makes ya wonder if she ever ran into any Dukes while she was young.

Waikiki now lives in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia where she lives in a town very similar to Hazzard. She is relatively new to the HazzardNet, having joined in early October, but she has made a big impact here with all of her great posts, already totalling nearly 600.

Her favorite character is Luke. Don’t tell anybody but Luke was her first crush. She loves his intelligence, level headedness and willingness to fight for his family.

Her favorite episode is the Ghost of the General Lee and her favorite season is four. She has been a fan for six years and loves the Dukes of Hazzard for many reasons, the biggest being (yep, you guessed it) Luke. She also loves the show for the lessons it teaches, especially those bits of wisdom provided by Uncle Jesse. The action and car chases are another reason waikiki is such a big fan.

Her favorite thing about the HazzardNet is the good folks here. I bet they remind her of many of the characters. She loves all the threads but her favorites are trivia and the one word song title.

Her top three goals in life are to get married someday, own a home and learn to play the piano. Her favorite country singers are Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins and Rascal Flatts. She loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, West Virginia Mountaineers, making jewlery, scrapbooking, making quilts and cooking. She loves to write and is a huge fan of the old television show “Emergency”. The show inspired her to go into nursing for awhile but her real dream is to be a firefighter….another noble profession depicted in that old TV classic.

She loves to write and has written numerous fanfics centered around “Emergency” and is just now starting to write Dukes fanfics.

She also has a very interesting hobby that might not surprise you considering her name and love of the warm beach. She collects bottles of sand from famous beaches around the world and has quite an impressive collection.

Speaking of warm and impressive, we’re very impressed with waikiki23 and we sure hope her great posts continue here on the best website on the internet. Warm, thoughtful caring folks like her are what makes this place so awesome!

Congratulations waikiki23 from all of us at HNet!

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