Lost in the Back Roads of Hazzard

By: Snaplesugar


Lesslie was driving on her motorcycle through a back road in some part of Georgia. She kept thinking to herself "Man oh man I am so lost. I have no idea what state I m even in." She was panicking because it was getting dark, she was low on gas, and she was lost. She kept on driving down the little road hoping to at least see a sign. She didn't see the sharp curve up ahead and suddenly with a scream when crashing over the rail. Her bike lay in a heap on the road while she was tumbling down the steep hill for twenty feet before a tree snagged her. She felt a searing pain in her left leg. Her face was cut up and bleeding. She tried not to pace out but after twelve minutes she couldn't help it and closed her eyes.

Bo and Luke were driving as usual down their favorite route to the Boar's Nest for a couple of beers. It was now really dark and they were driving just a little more careful than usual. Just as they came up to the curve they noticed a unattended bike laying near the rail. Bo was the first to speak. "Hey Luke you see that?" "I sure do. Why would someone leave a bike as nice as that lying around?" "I don't know Luke. Let's pull over and find out." "Alright." Isn't that something. The Duke boys are in the right place at the right time because Lessile is bleeding to death through a gash in her hip. The boys pulled over and walked over to the bike. I was kind of hard to see with nothing but the General's headlights. Bo was the first yet again to notice something. There was a little bit of blood on the rail on top of it being a little smashed. Luke looked over the edge and thought he saw someone. "Hey Bo I think there's someone down there." The both became quite pale. Bo shouted down to Lesslie, "Hey are you alright."

Lesslie thought she heard someone calling her and she slowly opened her eyes. She turned her head as best as she could and saw that there were two people looking down at her. Though she couldn't see their faces she decided that they were her best chance. "I'm down here. Help me please." She called up in a hurt, weak voice. Before she knew what was happening she felt herself being moved and carried. She cried out in pain. It became so painful that she passed out.

Bo and Luke were having one heck of a time trying to carry the girl up the hill. They finally managed to get her up the hill into the General. Luke noticed that his hands were covered in blood. "Bo she's bleeding bad." They were worried. Bo stayed in the back with her. He had taken his shirt off and tied it around the open gash as best as he could to slow the bleeding. Luke was driving faster than a barefooted jackrabbit on a hot greesygrittle to get her to the hospital. After only twenty minutes the pulled into the hospital and carried the girl in. After that the doctors took her. They waited and waited to get some news. In all that waiting the radio Uncle Jesse to tell him where they were.

After what seemed forever the boys heard, "Bo and Luke Duke?" They looked up and saw a doctor with a pure white coat and gray hair before them. "Yes." The boys said together and the doctor came to give them the news. "Well the young women who you brought here is awake. She has a broken leg that has been put in a cast and the bleeding has stopped due to giving her stitches. If you boys had been just ten minutes late she probably wouldn't have stood a chance. She wants to meet the men who saved her life so fallow me." The boys fallowed the doctor down the light blue hallway into a small room at the end. A girl with bandages over face and her leg in cast was there to greet them. She smiled softly at them. "Hello." She extended a hand. Each took it in turn. She was really cute. She had bright green eyes and very short black hair. Fair skin and full lips. From what the could tell she had to be six ft at least. She had a nice bust and good curves. She also had some nice muscle on her. Yes she sure was cute.

Lesslie took each boys hands in turn. On was a really cute blond with very pretty blue eyes. The other wasn't as cute but he had a pleasant look about him. She was very grateful to these two boys who saved her life. She was really happy. She introduced herself. "Hi my name is Lesslie Spans. I come from New York and I'm Just really grateful to you guys for helping me out." She learned the name of the boys. Bo was the really cute blond and Luke was the not so cute cousin of Bo's. They both were Dukes and both were really nice.

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