They Killed John!

Okay, I know this isn’t but I have to comment…. 


I haven’t even seen the Tom Wopat episode, and tonight while cruisin’ the boards here at HNet I read the devastating spoiler. And John Schneider fans are just a wee bit ticked off. And I don’t blame ’em! Tho’ it does fit the backstory of all that is Superman but still…

Good thing main characters on the Dukes of Hazzard weren’t killed off eh? Cripes.

I had started watching Smallville occasionally because of John (who, let’s be honest, looks as damn good now as he ever did!). I wasn’t regularly watching the show. And now hearing this….well…what the heck do I watch it for now?

– MaryAnne

Dukes of Hazzard cast member John Schneider

Thank god for Dukes of Hazzard reruns, right?

— MaryAnne (no this is not an illusion. It’s really me. =)

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