Special Dukes of Hazzard DVD Deals!

There’s good news, good news! Warner Bros has DVD collections of “The Dukes of Hazzard” on sale! And we’re not just talkin’ a little-bitty sale. We’re takin’ DVD sets brand new for up to 58% off! You can get Season One for the crazy cheap price of $14.00! It’s a price even Boss Hogg could stand. They also have downloadable episodes for a pocket-friendly $1.95.

Here’s the bad news…the sale is only on through Friday, 11/25/11! So you’ll wannna get a move on.

Now, since we’re honest folks, we’ll also tell ya that Amazon.com has Dukes of Hazzard DVD’s for cheap too! Who’s the cheapest depends on exactly what you’re buying. Prices vary on Amazon according to the Dukes season that you’re looking for. Prices also vary depending on the third-party sellers involved.

WB throws in free shipping for orders $50 and above, otherwise it’s $2.50 per order during the sale. Amazon has free shipping for orders over $25.  If you’re spending less, that’s where the rubber meets the road on shipping costs.

In a quick comparison, buying the 1st season Dukes of Hazzard DVD set by itself would be cheaper, including shipping, through WB. While the sale is on, anyhow.

There’s nothing like knowing the Dukes of Hazzard will be yours forever. Now’s the time to start, or complete, your DVD collection! If you already bought ’em years ago,  now’s a good time to replace any scratched-up DVD’s that have seen a lot of action. These prices are the cheapest we’ve seen this year!

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