Dukes of Hazzard Fans Rally to the Cause

In the TV-Vote: Best TV Shows of All Time! poll, in 7 short days the Dukes of Hazzard went from a paultry 7 votes to well over 190. I’m not sure the final total, but I’m willing to bet we hit 200 votes.
After five years of open nominations, the TV-Vote site has implimented a plan B….and they’ve suspended voting for the time being to reorganize and place the top 40 shows up for voting. I’m not sure if Dukes of Hazzard made it to the top 40, we’ll find out when they resume voting again. Let’s hope Dukes made it!
If not, Dukes fans did a great job rallying ’round the ol’ rebel flag and casting their votes. At very least we’ll know that Dukes wasn’t left in the dust with just 17 votes. =)
— MaryAnne

Vote For The Dukes of Hazzard

17 votes?! That’s all?! GAAAHHH!!!!!!
A member of our forums discovered this website TV-Vote: Best TV Shows of All Time! and saw that the Dukes of Hazzard is lagging waaaaaaaayyy down in the listing with a paultry 17 votes. Apparently this site has been around since 2001. 17 votes?! We wanna recount!!!
What we’d like to see is Dukes of Hazzard fans from all over go stuff the ballot box!!! Heck, the site encourages multiple voting, ballot box stuffing (they have it clear as day on their main page) and all the election fraud you can muster. No purple stained fingers here! There’s just one catch tho’….you gotta wait 60 minutes before submitting another vote.
So! Git yer posteriors on over to the site, vote for The Dukes of Hazzard and then go back in an hour and vote again. Make sure it’s an hour or the second vote won’t count.
Let’s turn that 17 votes….in 1700!!!

NYPD Adds Charger to Fleet

The Dukes of Hazzard Join NYPD (or…NY Cops Don’t Want To End up Like Rosco….) ROFL. The NYPD has added the Dodge Charger to their fleet. James Best has commented to us that he wishes Rosco had a cop car like that!

Season 6 DVD Release Date

Season 06 in ’06! Yeehaw!!

Well folks the ol’ HNet Mail bin has been flooded with news about the release of the 6th season of the Dukes of Hazzard, scheduled for May 30th! Bonus materials are unknown, but as soon as we know we’ll pass the info on to y’all. (And thanks to y’all who slapped us upside the head. Khee!)


 Also wanted to share this link to a recent Tom Wopat interview… 


Nothing earth shattering here but a good interview nonetheless. (Thanks JC, for the link!)


— MaryAnne

They Killed John!

Okay, I know this isn’t SmallvilleNet.com but I have to comment…. 


I haven’t even seen the Tom Wopat episode, and tonight while cruisin’ the boards here at HNet I read the devastating spoiler. And John Schneider fans are just a wee bit ticked off. And I don’t blame ’em! Tho’ it does fit the backstory of all that is Superman but still…

Good thing main characters on the Dukes of Hazzard weren’t killed off eh? Cripes.

I had started watching Smallville occasionally because of John (who, let’s be honest, looks as damn good now as he ever did!). I wasn’t regularly watching the show. And now hearing this….well…what the heck do I watch it for now?

– MaryAnne

Dukes of Hazzard cast member John Schneider

Thank god for Dukes of Hazzard reruns, right?

— MaryAnne (no this is not an illusion. It’s really me. =)

DukesFest Tickets Go On Sale

CMT DukesFest Tickets On Sale 01/23/06 !
Get ready to go whole Hogg this June with the cast of the Dukes of Hazzard!  Plan a road trip for Nashville, TN, on June 3rd and 4th, where the Music City Motorplex will become Hazzard County for thousands of Dukes fans just like YOU! 
This is the one you can’t afford to miss! As of current info, Tom, John, Cathy, Ben, Jimmie, Rick, Sonny, and the stunt crew are scheduled to be there! That’s the entire living cast! Last year’s shindig drew in around 40,000 people from all over the world, so we recommend you get your tickets EARLY and make hotel reservations ASAP. We ain’t just whistlin’ dixie!!
For official information visit cootersplace.com !

Cooter at World of Wheels

The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard
No doubt about it, the General Lee remains a top attraction at car shows everywhere!  Just a quick reminder, you can see Ben “Cooter” Jones at upcoming car shows. The next show appearance is in Cincinnati OH, Jan 27th through 29th.
Also, don’t forget, ol’ Rosco P. Coltrane has a couple of towns to shake down too! James Best will appear in Louisville KY on Feb 25th, and South Bend, IN, on March 25th and 26th. 
Car shows are a great way to meet these legendary Dukes of Hazzard personalities. Be sure to pay attention to the appearance schedules and get there early! 
Dukes of Hazzard cast member Ben Jones

Cast Appearances

2006 is going to be another great year for Dukes of Hazzard fans! Startin’ things off, there’s cast appearances at the World of Wheels Auto Shows going on! 
Ben Jones (Cooter himself!) will be in Milwaukee for the World of Wheels show this weekend, Jan 13 through Jan 15, at the Wisconsin Expo Center! 
Meanwhile, ol’ Rosco (James Best!) will be at the World of Wheels show at the Grand Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Jan 14! 
These shows are making the rounds to several cites over the next few weeks.  Appearances and schedules vary by show, so plan ahead by visiting http://www.autorama.com/ for the details! 
More news soon! And maybe a Newsletter! And maybe we’ll take down our Christmas stuff, but heck, it’s kinda purty. Meantime, visit our Forums page for fast-breaking news, rumors, weirdness, and the usual shenanigans. Yeehaaaa!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Y’all take it easy partying tonight, k? For all of you making New Year’s Resolutions, tell us all about ’em in the New Year’s Resolution topic in the General Discussion forum.

Also, for those of you who missed the Dukes of Hazzard Reunion movies the first time they aired, CMT is running them this weekend. Saturday at 2pm and 8pm is the 1997 Reunion movie and Sunday at 2pm and 7pm is Hazzard in Hollywood. Thanks to Vernon for alerting us!

Merry Christmas!

May everything be merry and bright!

The HazzardNet Staff wishes you a wonderful Christmas!


Peace on Earth, goodwill to men. 

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