Voting Update

Quick update. The Dukes of Hazzard is now #31 in the TeaVee vote. Keep voting positive for The Dukes of Hazzard, folks!

Vote For The Dukes Again!

Yes, folks somebody found another one of them votin’ sites again and we’re on the rally! The Dukes is currently ranked #39 (at the time I’m writing this. Last I looked we were 80something votes away from 38).
Here’s how it works. You can vote once every five minutes but pay attention to the vote buttons!!! There’s two, one for positive, one for negative. To prevent automated scripts from hitting the same button, after you vote the buttons switch places. So remember to click on the positive vote only!!!
The Dukes sustained a good rally in the last three days of April to go from a ranking of 123 to 56. Now, the challenge is to land the Dukes into the top ten and leave TV execs scratching their heads wondering how a 25 year old show is beating up….er beating out on the new stuff. KHEEHAAAAA!!!
SO! Git yer posterior over to and look for “Dukes of Hazzard” (There is a “The Dukes of Hazzard” but it’s way down at #223. Why quibble over one word? ROFL) AND VOTE!!!  We have until June 1st to land the Dukes into the top ten or better yet the coveted number one slot! Wouldn’t that just stir up the tv industry?

John in Australia and Our Fans of the Month

John in Australia and our Fan of the Month!

As you all know, last week John Schneider appeared at the Brisbane (Australia) Comic Book Convention. In attendence were Aussie Duke fans Bernadette and Paul, showing that DOH fever is as strong down under as it is ’round these here parts! So, we’re proud to name Bernadette and Paul as HazzardNet’s Fans of the Month for April/May! (We’re so late on April we might as well call it May! LOL)

Here’s their story on meeting John at the convention, along with pics!

On April 22nd 2006, Bernadette and Paul, from Toowoomba in Queensland Australia, made the two hour trip to Brisbane, with their brand new General Lee Buggy, to meet John Schneidder. We arrived at about 9:30 am , met Daniel, the organizer and parked The General. Paul blew the Dixie Horn (yes, it has one!) infront of the waiting crowds and they all cheered, which got Paul going! I’m sure John heard it too, he would’ve been there by then and EVERYWHERE you went, you could hear it! Most of the day was spent hanging around, we answered some enquiries about The General and took some photos for people.

At about 2:30 pm, John did a seminar, in which he answered the audiences’ questions for an entire hour (I will write a separate report!). He mentioned our buggy in that seminar, even though we didn’t mention it, so that was pretty cool! He also asked me (Bernadette) at one point, if I was going to do a Luke Duke and fly across THAT bonnet (it’s nearly as tall as me!) This, mind you, was infront of the whole room of about 200 people, so shocked as I was, I shook my head with a funny smile! He replied: “I didn’t think so!”. Not sure whether that was embarassing or funny! Straight after the seminar, we headed for Johns’ signing table and organised with Daniel, to meet him. John came downstairs not five minutes later and it was on! He seemed to be standing around waiting for someone to do something so I (Bernadette) made the first move and went up to John and shook his hand and said “Hi, how r u, it’s nice 2 meet u”. John replied with the same answer and one big smile! After that, it was pretty quick and I can’t remember much of what was said, but he signed the buggy and my season one dukes dvd cover where his picture is (you all know the pic I mean!). The last thing he said to us was: “Make sure you get some dirt on that thing guys! And some scratches too!”. We said “We will!” and I (Bernadette) said “Thankyou and have a safe trip home”. I’m not sure if he heard me as he was being swamped with people, but I hope he did!

For those who have been to our website and read the captions on the pics: John suggested we wipe the dust off the bonnet (don’t know how that got there!) cause he had his own cast members sign his General over dust before and the dust rubbed it off over time! Paul didn’t have anything on him to wipe it off with, so he used his shirt and that’s when they broke into laughter (re: the photos). We want to say a HUGE thankyou to Daniel, the show organizer, whom without none of this would’ve happened and to John Schneider:

Thank you and YEE HAA!!!!!!!
We’ve also updated our Fanfiction page! (I’m a couple of days early. LOL)

Heads up, Dukes Fans in Australia

John Schneider will be conducting “meet and greet” sessions at the Brisbane Comic Book Convention, April 21st, 22nd, 23. For more detailed info go to:
April Fan of the Month?
Well folks we’re still waiting on entries for the Fan of the Month (see the news item for April 9th).  But I do have to report that if you haven’t joined up with our forums, you’re really missing out. Every day folks are making new friends from across the country here at our humble little abode and I even got a note recently that cupid’s arrow done shot through the hearts of two HNet forums members. eat your heart out! KHEE!
**Begin HNet Public Service Announcement**
Despite the the good connections that folks make through HNet with their similar interests of the Dukes of Hazzard, we do remind you that, although we try very hard to keep the place safe, there are weird and freaky people out in the world, many of whom have access to computers (other than the weird and freaky threesome who run this joint LOL). Seriously tho’….we’re glad to see the new friendships emerge, we just want y’all to stay safe! 
**End HNet Public Service Announcement**

Call For Dukes Fans of The Month

Boy, howdy. We haven’t updated this page in almost a month. I say it’s about time. So let me start off by saying…
Happy Birthday to MaryAnne! Oh, and happy birthday to John Schneider too. Khee!
Just a reminder for all you Dukes of Hazzard fans, Dukesfest is less than two months away! Head on over to for more details. Dukes of Hazzard fans who bring General Lees or other Dukes of Hazzard replica cars get free admission!
Also, it’s about time to choose our new Dukes of Hazzard fans of the month. For those of you who’d like to enter, send us photos, essays, and whatnot about some of your best experiences as a Dukes of Hazzard fan. Tell us why it’s so great being a Dukes fan! Contact us through the link in the main menu. If you have attachments, we’ll reply with an address you can send them to.
We’re in the process of updating the Dukes of Hazzard cast member appearance page. If you know of any upcoming appearances, let us know.
– Meadowmufn

Cooter Wows Detroit Autorama!

Dukes of Hazzard fans turned out in droves for the chance to see the General Lee and Cooter up close and personal!  Cooter also enjoyed some special attention from the Detroit Auto Parts Girls!
Dukes of Hazzard cast member Ben Jones
Fans came from several states to visit Cooter at Detroit’s Autorama.  A score of loyal Dukes of Hazzard fans from Michigan braved long lines for their chance for an autograph, including Greg, Ryan, and Jesse, who just made it before the line closed on the last day of the show.  They waited patiently for about two hours, just in time to see the Detroit Auto Parts Girls sneak in for a close-up.  Somehow, I don’t think they minded the wait! 
HazzardNet's Dukes of Hazzard Fans of the Month
Greg, Ryan and Jesse – HazzardNet’s “Fans of of the Month!”
HazzardNet will have new and exclusive DukesFest information in the very near future!  Folks, if these car shows are any indication, the 2006 DukesFest will have the biggest turnout of any fan event, of any fandom – ever!  Get your tickets for DukesFest now, you might just become a part of history!
– Brian

Cars, Cooter, TV Vote Update and the Demise of Daisy’s RoadRunner

Okay y’all the World of Wheels Autorama rolls into Detroit this weekend and Ben Jones will be there along with the General Lee! Remember folks, to check out the Autorama website  for all the news and coming attractions and for when the big show comes to a city near you!

Speaking of Cooter, here’s a great interview with him from thecheappop’s got the Coot! (Thanks Jason for the link!)

Back on February 18th, we posted an update with the TV Vote: Best TV Shows of All Time poll website and their change of voting procedure. At the time we weren’t sure if the Dukes of Hazzard made into the top 40. Well….they didn’t. So all y’all that continue to go to the website to vote for the Dukes of Hazzard it’s not going to register your vote. (Although your insistence is appreciated. LOL).

It’s obvious that once Dukes of Hazzard fans hear of any polls regarding our favorite show, you know we’ll be there in force with support. =)

And finally, back about a year or so a go a sharp eyed Dukes of Hazzard fan noticed something weird during the final destruction sequence of Daisy’s yellow RoadRunner in the episode “The Runaway.” Take a look here to read more about it.


RC General Lee Replacement parts

Parts and Service for RC Generals
A few folks have inquired recently about the RC General Lees and replacement parts. Check our post in the Forums on this topic. RC Generals. Remeber y’all, HazzardNet does not sell these items directly, we merely provide the links to the places that do (ie, and obviously we want to provide information for where to go for service after the sale. I sound like an ad for a garage. LOL

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