Gallery Back Up

Good news! Good news! We figured out all the technical glitches (we hope) in the gallery and it is now publicly viewable again. Browse away!

Gallery Down

Many of you have tried to log into the photo gallery and have not been able to get in. Whups!! Sorry ’bout dat! We’re in the process of a maintenance and upgrade of the gallery so it’s unavailable for the time being. As soon as things are back up and running, we’ll letcha know!

Dukes of Hazzard Episodes on Amazon

Now you can watch the Dukes on your mobile device! The Dukes of Hazzard is now available for download on Amazon. They have the entire series available. Click on your favorite episodes below to download. Each individual episode is $1.99 and entire seasons are also available for download at once.
One Armed Bandits
Daisy’s Song
Mary Kaye’s Baby
The Big Heist
Repo Men
High Octane
Limo One is Missing
Luke’s Love Story
Swamp Molly
Deputy Dukes
Route 7/11
Money to Burn
Double Sting

Happy 80th, Jimmie!

Phew! Just made it in time to say Happy Birthday to James Best. He’s 80 years old today. We’ve been having technical difficulty with the site today and haven’t been able to update it. Be sure to send your birthday wishes to James through his site at

Hazzard Names

Awright! Been awhile since we’ve had any drabble to post so I thought I’d just post some drabble. LOL.
What’s in a (Hazzard) Name?
Once upon a time I went to one of those baby name websites and looked up the various character names of the citizens of Hazzard. It would appear that somebody out there thought putting together a whole list of the various names of Hazzard citizens would be a great idea and the folks at have done just that. Check it out!
Television Listing for WHOGG. =)
Several of you have emailed in to say that the Dukes of Hazzard is running on ABC Family Channel. Check you local listings for times!

June Fan of the Month

Our fan of the month… is.. Jacob! Jacob, a diehard 6 year old Dukes fan, likes Boss Hogg so much that he asked for a Boss Hogg outfit for Christmas. And here he is wearing it at the Grand Ol’ Opry during DukesFest. Doesn’t he look dapper? He loves the show and the comedy between Boss and Rosco, especially when Boss yells at Rosco about his “fat sister Lulu”. Boss Hogg is his favorite character, if you hadn’t guessed by now, because Boss is so funny. Jacob does a good impression of Boss Hogg and amused the DukesFest crowd with it Saturday night on stage. He thinks Boss is a snappy dresser. Well, Jacob, we think you’re a snappy dresser too! Congratulations on being HazzardNet’s Fan of the Month.

Server Move Complete

We’ve finished our move to the new server. The gallery is working again, so all you folks with DukesFest 2006 photos can upload away! Yeehaa! If you have video you’d like to share too, contact us through the feedback page and we’ll tell you how to send it.

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