HazzardNet Halloween Happenings

We’re planning on having a costume and pumpkin contest again this year. You can dress up as whatever you want or carve whatever you want in your pumpkin, as long as it’s PG-13 or lower. All entries will be judged by Meadowmufn, MaryAnne, and Brian. They have the last say on everything. (Don’t they always? Khee!) First place winners will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Due to lack of entries last year, we will only have first place prizes this year. However, if we receive more entries this year, we may expand the number of prizes.

We’re also adding a new contest this year. Generate your own funny tombstone saying. We were inspired by the amusing tombstones that sit outside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. We found a great tombstone generator where you can generate and download your tombstone.

You can post all your entries in the 2010 Official Halloween Contest thread.

For costume ideas, check out BuyCostumes.com. They also have some great pumpkin carving kits and ideas.

HazzardNet Honors Stephen J. Cannell

Stephen J. Cannell

Last Friday, legendary television producer, writer and novelist Stephen J. Cannell passed away at the age of 69. Although Mr. Cannell had absolutely nothing to do with the Dukes of Hazzard television series, many Dukes fans who watched the Dukes during its original run also watched several of his shows, such as The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, The Rockford Files, Hardcastle and McCormack, Stingray, Renegade and many others. Stephen Cannell’s shows reached an audience far and wide and spanned through the 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s.

The HazzardNet staff are fans of many of his shows. His was a creative talent that was not deterred by and did not relent to the odds that were placed against him. He overcame and succeeded. His was a success story that we can all admire and strive for ourselves.

We salute you, Mr. Cannell. You will be greatly missed.

Fan O’ the Month!

It’s October and the trick or treaters will be knocking on your door before you know it. Here at the HazzardNet, we’ve been blessed since mid-July with a guy who has treated us with over 460 posts that have delighted us all…..and that’s why HossC has been selected as October’s fan of the month.

On the “Introduce Yourself” thread Hoss describes himself as an Englishman who has been living in Ireland for 7 years. While he may live in Ireland, his heart’s in Hazzard County. Hoss has been a Dukes fan ever since the original series was being aired. At age 12 (1983) he visited Richmond, Virginia and was thrilled to see a General Lee traveling down the freeway. That event was likely one of the reasons Hoss learned to love Chargers and other American muscle cars so much. He collects 1:18 scale diecast cars and his prized possession is a very rare and valuable black General Lee.
A true car fan, Hoss is a huge follower of Formula I racing as well as all other motorsports. Of course the General Lee is just one reason Hoss loves The Dukes of Hazzard so much. To him, the show is a way to escape the realities of this crazy world and enjoy a simpler world that makes more sense and always has happy endings. He has all the seasons on DVD and he loves all the seasons and characters so much he can’t pick a favorite.
When he’s not watching one of the episodes from his complete 7 year collection, Hoss can be found listening to eclectic music, watching Clint Eastwood movies or doing vector based artwork. When he’s not doing any of that, he can be found on the HazzardNet where he contributes on a wide range of threads, including asking trivia questions that make our brains spin.
Hoss has been one of the best things that has ever happened to the HazzardNet. His computer skills are highly advanced and he’s always quick to help when folks have a technical question.
There’s no question about the fact that Hoss is one of the most devoted Dukes fans anywhere. His contributions to the greatest website on the planet prove it and his friendliness reflects what Hazzard County is all about.

Congratulations Hoss from all of us at HNet!

Check out our Fan of the Month section in the forums!

Holy *&#!$! It’s the Dukes of Hazzard All Over the Place!

CMT will be running a Dukes of Hazzard mini-marathon October 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Another weekend of the Dukes! And if that weren’t great enough, CMT will also be airing both reunion movies. Reunion! will air Saturday night at 8pm and Hazzard in Hollywood will be broadcast on Sunday night at 8pm.
And if you miss the Saturday night airing of Reunion! you can basically park yourself in front of the tv starting at 6pm and watch BOTH movies back to back!

The mini-marathon begins Friday night at 7pm. Check out CMT for schedules and episodes.


Dukes of Hazzard Named as Life-Changing by People Magazine

A special issue of People magazine entitled “Television Shows That Changed Our Lives” acknowledges the Dukes of Hazzard as one such program.   A color, single-page photo on page 71 features Bo, Luke and Daisy standing alongside the General Lee.   The photo appears to be from the 4th season of the program.  Per People, the life-changing legacy of The Dukes of Hazzard is the advent of Daisy Duke shorts.  The article is brief (as are the shorts!) but the full-page color photo is worth the buy.   The special issue of People is on shelves right now, and will be available until 12/10/10, or while supplies last.   Be prepared to shell out $11.99 for each issue.  Oh, just buy it, before they’re grabbed up by ebay sharks and offered for a higher price later.

Dukes of Hazzard Marathon on CMT

All weekend long, starting tonight (September 10th), CMT will be airing the Dukes of Hazzard. As I write this, Waylon’s welcoming us to Hazzard County in One Armed Bandits! Don’t miss an entire weekend of the Dukes, Boss Hogg, Rosco, Cooter, Enos, Cletus, and the rest of the Hazzard citizenry we’ve come to know and love. Then, starting next week, The Dukes of Hazzard will be running every night at 7pm and 11pm. Also don’t miss John Schneider and James Best in CMT Cribs which will be re-running on Monday. Check your local listings!

The Dukes of Hazzard ride again! Yeeeeeeehaw!

Daisy at Cooter’s Place , Sept 4th

Catherine Bach will be at Cooter’s Place in Nashville TN this Saturday, Sept 4th. It’s all part of the “Rally for the Valley” event this Labor Day weekend. As you might recall, the Music Valley area of Nashville was hit hard by flooding a few months back, and things have been kinda bluesy in Music City. This shindig is gonna change the tune with a lineup of great music and fun in the valley.

Cathy will be signing autographs and lookin’ pretty at Cooters all day on Saturday. If you’ve never had the chance to see Cathy before, lemme tell ya, she’s worth the road trip. She truly is “Daisy” in the sweet personality and charm she brings to every event.

The City of Nashville was an excellent host to DukesFest in prior years, and many of the Music Valley merchants would love to see us again. So would Cathy! So pack the cooler, grab the map, fill the tank, and head to Nashville this weekend. Before you go, visit Cootersplace.com for all the details. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Them Dukes! Them Dukes!

Here at HazzardNet, we’re not a fan of Mondays, but ya gotta deal with ’em. So here’s a little General Lee action to liven up your Monday!

The Dukes Ride Again!!

Yeeehaaa!! We here at HNet couldn’t be happier than a hogg in slop…or Boss in money, it’s about the same. Khee! We’ve just learned that CMT is bringing back the Dukes of Hazzard starting September 10th, at 8/7 Central!

Y’all realize the 10th is a Friday, right? 8 pm on a Friday night. Man, we gotta double check the calendar. You sure it’s not 1979?

Check out CMT’s website for more information on the show and times episodes will air.

Transformer Jazz Has a General Problem

Many of us who love the Dukes of Hazzard were children of the 80’s and enjoy many different shows from that era. One that’s had a bit of a revival on the silver screen is the Transformers. I just happened to run across this video on YouTube featuring my two favorite cars of the era, Jazz from the Transformers and the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. It seems that Jazz has a General problem… (And here’s a behind the scenes look at how the video was made.) And no, there isn’t an actual General Lee transformer. That was a custom model for the animation. We checked. 🙁

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