Dukes Stuck in Late CMT Schedule

Summer is giving way to autumn, but the change in the air has failed to touch CMT programming. The Dukes of Hazzard still holds the tough timeslot of 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.  Eastern time.  We contacted CMT a month ago and asked if the Dukes had any chance of a better air time. CMT’s programming director declined to comment.  Until further notice, the Dukes are stuck.

So, set your TiVo or cable recording device as needed, and enjoy these episodes:

Thurs Sept 8th: “People’s Choice”  1:00 a.m. Eastern,  and “Arrest Jesse Duke” at 2:00 a.m. Eastern

Friday Sept 9th: “The Duke of Duke” 1:00 a.m. Eastern, and “The Runaway” at 2:00 a.m. Eastern

Fun stuff to note: “The Duke of Duke” has Daisy falling for someone that she believes to be her third cousin.  While that isn’t genetically close enough to be scandalous, you can’t help but think back to the first Dukes of Hazzard episode “One-Armed Bandits”  where Bo says he’d marry Daisy if she wasn’t his cousin, and she says that “it never stopped anyone in this family before.”  

And it apparently wouldn’t stop Daisy, except that this third cousin has a dirty little secret.  Watch to see what it is. For those of you who think Daisy is even more beautiful when she’s angry, you’ll love the ending of this one.

The episode “The Runaway” is famous for the demise of Daisy’s car, which goes out in an epic blaze of glory.  Once again, Daisy is angry. Very angry.  As in, chasing her cousins with a fry pan, angry.  Who hasn’t seen this kind of thing in their own family at least once? 

Check your local cable listings and watch The Dukes of Hazzard on CMT!

Congrats to our Fan of the Month!

Our Fan of the Month for September 2011 is a real woman of mystery, as you can tell by her photo with Catherine Bach!  “Redneck girl 01”  joined us in March of 2008.  While she’s outgoing and friendly with everyone on HazzardNet, she’s a little shy about sharing her face with the world! 

Redneck girl 01 is a long-time participant on our Forums and her recognition as Fan of the Month is overdue.  She clinched the title after supplying us a personal account of Hazzard Homecoming in our Forums.  For those of you who did not get to attend Hazzard Homecoming, Redneck girl 01’s reporting will give you an honest overview of what it was like. 

She also included a link to her Facebook (faceless-book?) page which includes some great photos of the event, such as the one below:

This General Lee had a plush “Flash” upon the roof.  The stuffed animal has been autographed by many cast members of The Dukes of Hazzard. Redneck girl 01 has many more photos of John, Cathy, Jimmie, Rick, Sonny, and Ben, and several photos of the Hazzard Homecoming grounds and atmosphere. 

By immersing herself in the event and taking the time to provide us with all the details, she’s proven herself to be a dedicated Dukes of Hazzard fan.  We appreciate the time she spent to share her experience with all of us, and we look forward to more of Redneck girl 01’s adventures in the future.  Join us in congratulating her!

Is There a Boar’s Nest Near You?

On a lonely highway that rolls sedately between cornfields in the deep South – of Wisconsin – there’s a tavern called The Boar’s Nest.  There’s no doubt the establishment was inspired by The Dukes of Hazzard, since the roof-mounted General Lee will catch your eye from a mile away. 

The bar is usually family-friendly during the day and early evening. It plays host to locals, farmers, truckers, bikers, flatlanders, hillbillies, traveling salemen, real estate agents and curious tourists. This unpretentious bar and grill serves good food, cold beer, and warm company. 

Famous for it’s annual Daisy Duke contest, the Boar’s Nest in Allen’s Grove, WI, can be a rowdy place.  Doing burn-outs in the lot is a common way of validating your parking.  The crowd can go from quiet to up-f0r-grabs for no particular reason.  Special events tend to bring out the bolder patrons. This sign may say it better than we can: 

We might add that one of the most popular photos in our Image Gallery, “Babes & General Lee” was photographed here. At last count it had over 25,000 views.

The annual Anniversary Bash & Daisy Duke Weekend is still being confirmed for 2011, so don’t go by the sign here for this year’s dates.  We’ll post that later.

Meanwhile, if you’re lost in cornfields between Janesville and Delavan, WI, you can find the Boar’s Nest on Highway X. 

There’s another Boar’s Nest in Wisconsin, located in Center Valley.  This newer Nest is family-friendly with a bright interior. The decor has a smattering of NASCAR and Dukes of Hazzard items.  This is also a bar and grill. 

Located somewhere between Appleton and Green Bay, this Boar’s Nest welcomes travelers from all walks of life, as long as you’re a Packers fan.  Otherwise, avoid football discussions and talk about NASCAR.   

We know there has to be more Boar’s Nests out there, and an exhaustive Google search produced several in each region of the country.  But we can’t tell how many of these may have anything to do with The Dukes of Hazzard. 

For example, we have another northern bar and grill called the Boar’s Nest, located – appropriately enough – in Ham Lake, Minnesota.  This Boar’s Nest is more of a sports bar and grill, with high-end decor and a strip mall location.  A newcomer to the string of northern Boar’s Nests, (all being unrelated to one another) this Boar’s Nest boasts  numerous televisions and expansive menu.  It seems more along the lines of a Famous Dave’s restaurant or TGI Friday’s than the kind of rustic roadhouse we’d usually picture. 

If you’re in the area of Ham Lake, which is just north of Minneapolis/St.Paul, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Now, we have to list at least one southern Boar’s Nest, and this next place caught our eye with it’s Daisy Duke waitress uniform and mouth-watering BBQ menu.  It may be worth the trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit  The Boar’s Nest – Delta BBQ & Bayou Classics. Sign us up for that rib bucket she’s carrying there in the picture!

These are just a handful of the Boar’s Nests we know about.  We know there’s many more out there, with most being biker bars or not having anything to do with The Dukes of Hazzard.  Over the upcoming months we’ll add more Boar’s Nests to our list. 

You can help, by telling us about a Boar’s Nest near you!  We’re especially interested in taverns/restaurants that give a nod to Dukes of Hazzard influences and decor.  

If you own a Boar’s Nest, and would like to tell us about it, please feel welcome to contact us at webmaster(at) HazzardNet.com.  Please inlcude location, hours, specialties, and degree of Dukes-ness that your business features.  To all the Boar’s Nests out there, we salute ya! 

 Fine print: These establishments are mentioned as places of interest to Dukes of Hazzard fans. HazzardNet is not being paid to endorse or promote any of these establishments.  Links to each business were working at the time of posting. Business were confirmed as operational at time of posting.  Before making a trip to any Boar’s Nest, call ahead for hours, suitability for families, prices, dress codes or any other areas of concern that might be in the back of your mind.  Thank you!

Dukes of Hazzard Stunt Show in Ohio!

Want to see the General Lee and Hazzard County patrol cars in dirt-flying, chase-and-crash action? Then you’ll want to be at the Lake County Fair in Painesville, Ohio this Saturday! 

The Northeast Ohio Dukes are once again presenting their famous Hazzard County Stunt Show on August 20th at 7:30 p.m.

This is a live action automotive spectacle that plays out like a Dukes of Hazzard episode, with the all the excitement of roaring engines and smashing metal. This show always draws a large crowd, so get to the grandstands early!

You don’t get to see vehicular mayhem like this every day! Unless you’re watching The Dukes of Hazzard. Still, you don’t want to miss seeing the General Lee “in person” as it takes to the air!

Visit the Lake County Fair website for directions and details.  Enjoy the show!

Hazzard Homecoming Made Fans Happy

The dour economy and an iffy weather forecast couldn’t keep Dukes of Hazzard fans away from Sperryville, Virginia.  Thousands of fans traveled from around the country and the globe to be a part of Hazzard Homecoming this last weekend.  Cast members who attended the event included promoter and organizer Ben Jones, along with James Best, Cathy Bach, John Schneider, Rick Hurst, and Sonny Shroyer.  There were also plenty of General Lee’s to admire.

If you didn’t get to go to Hazzard Homecoming, you can get a feel for the event by watching this newscast by WYMT-TV.  Reporter Steve Hensley interviewed a few cast members and talked to some fans at the event.  One of the fans looks suspiciously like Paul Harrington of the Canadian Dukes.  We’re pointing this out just to see if he’s paying attention. 

Back to the reporter – Steve is the same reporter who shared the original WYMT video of the Dukes of Hazzard cast appearances in Hazard Kentucky in 1981.  We featured this video in our June 5th article.  This reporter has been very kind to Dukes fans, so we figure it’s only fair to give him a big salute here on HazzardNet.  Steve, you might just be our Fan of the Month for September, at this rate!

At the end of the Hazzard Homecoming newscast, there’s a hint of “more to come” from Dukes cast members during the next Black Gold Festival in Hazard, Kentucky.  We don’t  know if that means they’re just going to recap the 1981 highlights, or if there’s direct cast involvement in this year’s event.  We’ll try to find out!

Dukes Fans Heading to Hazzard Homecoming!

If you don’t have tickets to Hazzard Homecoming, no worries! You can buy them this weekend at the event in Sperryville, Virginia on Route 522. Call around, and you might find a hotel room in the towns of Front Royal, Luray, or Culpeper. Sperryville itself is a sleepy town of 350 souls, so be prepared to drive a little for your bed.

Tips for first-timers: Pack a cooler with plenty of bottled water and snacks. Bring hand sanitizer, bug repellent, and sunscreen. Don’t forget the camera! Bring something to carry around all your Dukes goodies in.  

Plan for hot weather and pack some just-in-case rain ponchos. There are no refunds on account of weather conditions.

Admission is $15 for 1 day, $20 for the weekend. Kids 10 and under free, adults over 65 free, active military members with ID, free.

Autograph fees vary by cast member, ranging from $5.00 on up, for stuff you bring.  If you buy an item from a cast member, the autograph is usually included. Note, autographs cannot always be personalized and each cast member has their own policy.  

A good autograph strategy is to purchase a photo that has more than one cast member on it. For example, Cathy and Sonny will both be there. Sonny usually has a good Enos/Daisy photo. If you buy it from him, he’ll sign it, then you can have Cathy sign it too. Cathy might charge a few bucks for her part, but you’ve got the idea.

Autograph lines for John, Cathy and Jimmy tend to be long.  John is only there Sunday, and because of that, his line is probably going to have an extra wait.  So plan your Saturday autographs around who you really want to see the most; get in that line first; then get in line for the next person, ect.  Cast members do their very best to try and meet everyone. As long as you get there early, and you’re patient, odds are you’ll get to see most everything and everybody. Gates open at 9 am Saturday and 9:30 am Sunday.

Travel safe, and enjoy yourself at Hazzard Homecoming!  Share your experiences with us in our Forums or on Facebook!

Congrats to our Fan of the Month!

 Every Dukes of Hazzard fan has a story. CDoherty95  joined us in February 2011, and in his own words, he’s been a Dukes fan “as long as he can remember.” His pride and joy was a customized General Lee bicycle that he built himself last summer. Several months later, the bike was stolen while parked at school.

Seeing your hard work and money disappear would be discouraging to anyone. But CDoherty95 didn’t let the loss keep him down. He bought a used bike, stripped it down, and built another General Lee bike, refurbishing, painting, and building it all over again. This shows his great dedication to “The Dukes of Hazzard” as well as his strong personal character in not giving up.

CDoherty95 is also an active participant in our Forums and he’s made good contributions to our community. We’re pleased to recognize him as the August 2011 Fan of the Month! His perseverance in the face of adversity sets a fine example for Dukes fans everywhere. Visit our Forums to congratulate him yourself!

25 Million Dollar Sheriff

Dukes of Hazzard fans may remember an episode called “10 Million Dollar Sheriff” where Rosco inherits money by mistake. Here in the real world, James Best, who played Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, is saying there’s been a mistake, alright, and Warner Bros. made it.

A lawsuit filed by Best against TimeWarner states that he has been shorted his share of royalties from Dukes of Hazzard merchandise. Specifically, merchandise that bears his likeness. Best was entitled to 5% of these proceeds. (is that 50% of 50% of 50%?) The dispute arises from the lack of accounting by Warner Bros; Best has received $175,000 in the past 30 years from merchandise sales – but he reckons he should have received 5 to 25 million.

Doing the math roughly, Warner is saying it made 3.5 million from Dukes merchandise with Best’s likeness – while Best is saying they probably made more like…a billion.

Best’s claim also includes a share of merchandise revenue from any Dukes product with Flash on it. Adding the dog to the show was his idea and he held 50% ownership of the pooch.

We took a quick look at what we could find with Sheriff Rosco’s likeness, and came up with the following: packaging for Mego action figures, back cover cases for Columbia House VHS tapes, the front artwork for The Dukes of Hazzard music CD, and DVD box back covers for Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 7. There were also a number of metal TV trays, wastebaskets, and…heck, we can’t count all the stuff Warner Bros authorized back in the day with Rosco on it.

But Warner Bros is going to have to count it, and disclose it, to settle this lawsuit. Best claims he made numerous efforts over the years to obtain fair accounting, without success.

Tom Wopat and John Schneider sued Warner Bros over merchandising revenue during the 5th season of the show. The dispute resulted in a temporary walkout by the two actors and the introduction of temporary replacement stars, Byron Cherry and Christopher Mayer. It was eventually resolved to Wopat and Schneider’s satisfaction, and the replacements were given the heave-ho without fanfare.

We will keep you posted as this story continues. Who knows…maybe ol’ Rosco will get his “pension” here, after all! And what a pension it could be.

Christopher Mayer, “Vance Duke” Reported Dead

Christopher Mayer, at right

Christopher Mayer, at right

Christopher Mayer, who portrayed “Vance Duke” on The Dukes of Hazzard during the strike of Tom Wopat and John Schneider, has been reported dead.  The sudden passing of the 57-year old actor is being reported by entertainment media sources, as per the disclosure of his fiancee, Catherine Irvine.

Mayer died unexpectedly on Saturday July 23. The cause has not been released. Mayer was actively working on a new film project at the time.  We will share further details as we receive them.

Dukes of Hazzard fans everywhere are expressing heartfelt condolences to Mayer’s family and loved ones.  Vance Duke, you were taken away from us too soon.

*UPDATE*   Byron Cherry, who played Coy Duke, has made reference to Mayer’s passing in a recent Facebook update.  While the Facebook page is private, a copy of the entry has been provided to us:

“I’m so sad to say that my best friend, buddy, pal Chris Mayer “Vance Duke” passed away suddenly. He was so special to me and my kids and family. He will be so missed and I pray that we all just remember him for all that he did to put a smile on our face. He was just 01 great guy and I’m just so thankful that I knew him at all. He taught me so much about life and Jesus and how to live life. It will be hard knowing I can’t just pick up the phone and call him for a good laugh and inspiration. We will meet again.”

Well said, Byron.

Happy Birthday Rosco!

Yes, another birthday! July 26 marks the 85th birthday of James Best, known to Dukes of Hazzard fans the world over as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. In addition to delighting us as Rosco since 1979, Jimmie is also a reknown actor, director, screenwriter, painter,  fisherman, animal lover, poet, military veteran, teacher, mentor, online gamer, and all-around cuss.

If you had told Jimmie in 1979, that in 2011, he’d still be dressing up as Rosco and going “khee khee khee” to amuse people, or be autographing yet another General Lee, or greeting fans by the thousands at Dukes of Hazzard events…he’d probably have said you were crazy. Out of your mind. 

After all, James Best has nearly 300 film credits to his name through his roles in movies and television. He has co-starred with Hollywood legends like Paul Newman, Jimmy Stewart, Burt Reynolds, and Jerry Lewis.  He has taught motion picture technique to scores of successful actors.  He remains active in film making, starring in the sequel to the cult classic Killer Shrews.  

Why then, would the role of Rosco P. Coltrane remain so prominent?

Because The Dukes of Hazzard itself would remain an international sensation, with a fan base that continues to grow with every syndicated re-run of the series. From airing on CBS, to TNN, to CMT, to home release on DVD’s, to references in pop culture, The Dukes of Hazzard is as popular today as it was over 30 years ago. 

Rosco P. Coltrane, the inept, gleefully corrupt, yet dedicated Sheriff of Hazzard County would prove to be one of the most iconic characters of the show.  This speaks to the talent and creativity of James Best, who breathed life into the role with trademark inflections, utterances and expressions that gave Rosco an unforgettable persona. 

Rosco’s goofball style reminds us of the kid in all of us. Rosco never completely grew up, with every “hot pursuit” as exciting as the first.  He made being Sheriff look like a helluva good time.  And despite his human failings of greed and dishonesty, he remained loyal to his dog, his sister, and his brother-in-law. Underneath that badge of graft and cowardice, there was a heart.   

Fans have a special affection for Rosco P. Coltrane, and they always will.  That affection translates into an honest reverence and affection for James Best.  We love ya, Jimmie.  Happy Birthday, and God Bless.

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