June 2008 – Upcoming Dukes news and events!

June is shaping up to be a humdinger of a month for Dukes related events and product releases. Since we here at HNet have been slacking since April, it’s time for Boss to collectively kick us all in the posterior, threaten to take away our patrol cars and give us trikes (which may not be a bad idea. Khee!) if we don’t start meeting our quota. So here we go!

Coming up first on June 3rd, Ben Jones’s book, “Redneck Boy in the Promised Land: The Confessions of ‘Crazy Cooter'” will be released. Check out Cooter’s site for more information and links to order the book.

Then on June 10th, we have the DVD release of the two reunion movies. Remember y’all, the rumor is that if the reunion movies sell well, WB will give serious consideration to releasing “Enos” and the Dukes Cartoon Series on DVD too!

And we close out the month of June with a bash at the Atlanta Motor Speeday with DukesFest! Thirty years have passed since the Dukes first decended on the state of Georgia and the General Lee first jumped over Rosco’s patrol car. Ain’t nothin’ been the same since. Khee!

All we need now is for a cable channel to pick up the series again.

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