Heads up, Dukes Fans in Australia

John Schneider will be conducting “meet and greet” sessions at the Brisbane Comic Book Convention, April 21st, 22nd, 23. For more detailed info go to: supanova.com.au
April Fan of the Month?
Well folks we’re still waiting on entries for the Fan of the Month (see the news item for April 9th).  But I do have to report that if you haven’t joined up with our forums, you’re really missing out. Every day folks are making new friends from across the country here at our humble little abode and I even got a note recently that cupid’s arrow done shot through the hearts of two HNet forums members. eHarmony.com eat your heart out! KHEE!
**Begin HNet Public Service Announcement**
Despite the the good connections that folks make through HNet with their similar interests of the Dukes of Hazzard, we do remind you that, although we try very hard to keep the place safe, there are weird and freaky people out in the world, many of whom have access to computers (other than the weird and freaky threesome who run this joint LOL). Seriously tho’….we’re glad to see the new friendships emerge, we just want y’all to stay safe! 
**End HNet Public Service Announcement**

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