Dukes of Hazzard Marathon Feb 28 on CMT!

You got that right! We’ve all been wanting CMT to air the Dukes of Hazzard at a decent hour, and by golly…here it is! A whole day jam-packed with The Dukes of Hazzard! Episodes start airing at noon Eastern time on Tuesday, Feb 28! Check your local listings!

Here’s a quick rundown of the scheduled episodes, in the order they’re supposted to appear:

“Dear Diary” –  When Flash buries Rosco’s diary, the Dukes dig up the book of dirty deeds! A pair of crooks complicate the matter when they blackmail ol’ Boss.

“New Deputy in Town” – She’s pretty, and she’s poison! It’s all part of a getaway scheme, and when the Dukes get in the way, they’re given a one-way trip.

“Birds Gotta Fly” – A dirty ruthless, female stock car driver recruits Daisy for a new career in racing. But Boss Hoggs cuts himself in on the deal, and dirty tricks put Daisy at risk.

“Bad Day in Hazzard” – A well-prepared gang of criminals round up the Dukes and the Hazzard law, keeping them pinned down to prevent interference with a heist. Boss Hogg and Jesse Duke are once again allies in a desperate hour.

“Miss Tri-Counties” – A beauty contest is rigged before it starts, but Daisy Duke puts on her best moves to beat the unfair competition!

“Share and Share Alike” – The Dukes find a bag full of stolen credit cards, which lands them in hot water. But things get even hotter for Boss Hogg when Lulu sells the car he hid them in.

“The Law and Jesse Duke” – The Hazzard law goes on strike, Boss Hogg frames Bo and Luke, and Uncle Jesse is conned into becoming the acting Sheriff. Boss lives to regret it, especially after Jesse’s imitation of Rosco. Khee khee!

“Dukes in Danger” – Two escaped convicts take the Dukes hostage in their own home, adding Boss and Rosco as captives when they arrive to foreclose on the farm. Their only chance for rescue is Cooter, who seems unaware of their plight!

This is a great chance for you and your family to catch the Dukes of Hazzard together! Tune in and spend the day in Hazzard County!

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