Dukes of Hazzard Fans Rally to the Cause

In the TV-Vote: Best TV Shows of All Time! poll, in 7 short days the Dukes of Hazzard went from a paultry 7 votes to well over 190. I’m not sure the final total, but I’m willing to bet we hit 200 votes.
After five years of open nominations, the TV-Vote site has implimented a plan B….and they’ve suspended voting for the time being to reorganize and place the top 40 shows up for voting. I’m not sure if Dukes of Hazzard made it to the top 40, we’ll find out when they resume voting again. Let’s hope Dukes made it!
If not, Dukes fans did a great job rallying ’round the ol’ rebel flag and casting their votes. At very least we’ll know that Dukes wasn’t left in the dust with just 17 votes. =)

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