Cars, Cooter, TV Vote Update and the Demise of Daisy’s RoadRunner

Okay y’all the World of Wheels Autorama rolls into Detroit this weekend and Ben Jones will be there along with the General Lee! Remember folks, to check out the Autorama website  for all the news and coming attractions and for when the big show comes to a city near you!

Speaking of Cooter, here’s a great interview with him from thecheappop’s got the Coot! (Thanks Jason for the link!)

Back on February 18th, we posted an update with the TV Vote: Best TV Shows of All Time poll website and their change of voting procedure. At the time we weren’t sure if the Dukes of Hazzard made into the top 40. Well….they didn’t. So all y’all that continue to go to the website to vote for the Dukes of Hazzard it’s not going to register your vote. (Although your insistence is appreciated. LOL).

It’s obvious that once Dukes of Hazzard fans hear of any polls regarding our favorite show, you know we’ll be there in force with support. =)

And finally, back about a year or so a go a sharp eyed Dukes of Hazzard fan noticed something weird during the final destruction sequence of Daisy’s yellow RoadRunner in the episode “The Runaway.” Take a look here to read more about it.


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