HazzardNet Upgrade

Well, some of you might have noticed HazzardNet was down for a while this afternoon. We ran out of bandwidth. It’s been a busy month! I have upgraded to a bigger account and that will hopefully give us enough bandwidth to last for the rest of the month.

For those of you who would like to help us keep the site up and running, you can get an email account subscription at HazzardMail.com. Directions on how to upgrade your free email account are posted there.


Tons of Dukes News

Fixed the glitch in the gallery that wouldn’t let you view the larger images. Yay. – Mufn


Folks this stuff is comin’ so fast and furious that it’s hard to keep up with it all here at the front page. So we’ve started a Dukes Ping list, where we’ll send out links to news items we find on the web. Go here to sign up http://www.hazzardnet.com/lists/

Many of you who are already signed up with our mailing lists have seen this notice already. But for those of you who haven’t, here ya go.

Now, in the news…Back on January 8th, filming of the Dukes movie moved the to campus of LSU. Bo and Luke go to college?!? Apparently so, according to the Louisiana newspaper The Advocate.

Movies.com has some information on the Dukes movie (nothing more than you’ve already learned here at HNet. Ain’t you glad you come here first for the news?). However, it has a MovieNation Reader Rating and the Pre-Release Buzz Factor rating for the upcoming movie is 3.93 out of a possible 5. That puts it between being worth the matinee and full price tix. Go here to check it out.

There has been tons of talk within the auto industry of Chrylser’s move to bring back the Dodge Charge nameplate. NASCAR fans know that the Charger will be Dodge’s entry on the race track, making it yet another four door sedan to race. Yep, you heard right. FOUR DOORS. Chrylser has no immediate plans for a two door coupe version of the Charger. (HNet Content Manager Editorial: “Boo Hiss..”)

Frankly they shoulda done like they did with the Grand Cherokee back in 1992 and drive the car through the plate glass window. But we here at HNet were not consulted first. =) 

25 years after stirring up Friday night television with her own hand made short-shorts, the Original Daisy Duke, Cathy Bach, is in negotiations with Levi’s to market….you guessed it: DaisyDukes! Check it out here…

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