Unspoken Words
by Essy Jane

Bo woke up and stretched, he felt sore all over. Bo was tough guy but when
it came to car accidents, sometimes it wasn’t as good. He’d been driving for
a long time; in fact, he started driving a tractor at the age of eight. So
obviously, he was a good driver. This wasn’t any car accident it was
purposely done. But to get to that I guess we have to go a little bit back
in time.

It was lovely summer afternoon and usually could find the boys working hard
on the farm or being chased by the law. Usually the law chased them more
than anything. You see Bo and Luke were always in some sort of trouble.
Other times they’d be working hard on the farm. But on this particular
moment in time neither of the two was happening.

Bo and Luke had to go their separate ways. Luke took the General and went to
go fix old widow Felting’s roof. Luke had the easier job. He picked it that
way. If Bo’d been the first one up he would’ve chosen that job.

Instead, Bo was running errands in a pick-up that he borrowed from Cooter.
Uncle Jesse was using the other, helping someone move. Bo was chosen to pick
up the seed for planting this year. He was left to choose what to buy though
Luke was doubtful on Uncle Jesse’s choice. “Hey Mr. Ruebottom,” Bo
exclaimed, scaring the living daylights out of the man. He dropped his load
of cans.

“Bo Duke! You scared the life out of me,” Mr. Ruebottom shouted.

“Sorry sir.” While Bo was there, he helped Mr. Ruebottom stalk the shelves.
Bo was helping with cans, shirts and all sorts of other interesting things.
There were about 29 boxes and Bo helped Mr. Ruebottom get through all of

“Bo I have the right mind to pay you for all of this work you’ve done.”
“No need Mr. Ruebottom, sir. I love to help people.” Mr. Ruebottom smiled.
“Well just the same I have to pay you for the work, it’s only fair. What can
I help you with today?”
“I’d like to buy some corn seed or maybe some wheat seed.”
“Okay, then every pack you buy will be half price.”
“But sir…”
“No buts Beauregard Thomas Duke.” Bo shuttered at the thought of his name.
He wished he could be named something better like Don or Joe or anything
besides that horrid name. But just the same that was his given name and he’d
have it for the rest of his life.
“Thank you Mr. Ruebottom.”
“You’re mighty welcome. Thank you.”

Bo trailed off fast, getting the seeds home and putting all that he’d
purchased on the ground next to the house. He figured Uncle Jesse would
have another job for him and he was right.

“This is lost sheep number 2 calling the Shepard are you out there?” Bo
asked on the CB.
“This is Shepard here, what would you like little boy Bo?” Uncle Jesse
“That was cute, I like that.”
Luke was listening to the conversation as he fixed the roof. He began to
“Thank you. What would you like? I’m in the middle of moving someone out of
our house.”
“I got the seed. Double what we got last year.”
“What’d you get?”
“Corn and wheat, I think it was good.”
“I didn’t give enough money for both, just one.”
“Mr. Ruebottom gave me them for half price and wouldn’t take no for an
“Well how about that.” –Uncle Jesse laughed-“What’d you do for him?”
“I just helped him stalk his shelves.”
“Bo I want you to go bring Daisy’s pies over to a couple of people. It would
be nice if you dropped one off to Mr. Ruebottom while you are at it. And
then go help Cooter in the Garage but not before going and checking on
“Yes sir.”
“I love ya boy.”
“I love you too Uncle Jesse.”

Bo grabbed the pies and stuck them in the front seat of the pick-up. He
smiled as he thought of eating one of her pies with someone. But then he
thought of what Uncle Jesse might do to him. Bo hopped back into the pick-up
and went on his way.

If the Dukes had been listening to the radio, they would’ve realized that
their lives were in grave danger. The news had finally made it over to
Hazzard after four months. Jason Steele was finally out of jail. He broke
free, impersonating a guard that he had killed. What were Jason’s plans?
Revenge on the Dukes and Roscoe. Though he hadn’t thought about Roscoe’s
revenge, he knew what he was going to do to those Duke boys.

He had a girlfriend; a medical student that was living in Hazzard her name
was Annie Larson. She was new in Hazzard and didn’t know much about the
people there. Jason told her about his past and what he was put in jail for.
The only thing he didn’t tell her was that he was not realised. He told her
about his revenge; though she doesn’t agree on it Annie was willing to help
her love. What was Jason’s plan? You’ll have to figure that one out later.

Mrs. Felting’s farm…

Bo and Luke decided to fix up the fence and the barn while they were at it.
It was much easier to do with two people and the fence was already done. It
was just a case of the Barn. “Hey little boy Blue, pass me the saw,” Luke

“You’re real cute Luke. I liked being called little boy Bo. It was funny and
adorable all at once. Luke? I have a feeling about something,” Bo stated.
“That you’re gona be decked.”
“Maybe on a deck.” They finished the barn and went inside.
“Mrs. Felting, could I trouble you for a glass of water?”
“Can you make it two?”
“After what you boys did for me I could give you a whole jug of water. Thank
you kindly,” Mrs. Felting replied.

“No need, you just give us a holler if you need anything else,” Bo replied.
They jumped into their separate vehicles and were off. Luke picked up the

“I’m gona go home and get the land ready for seed,” Luke stated.
“That’s a big 10 4 little lamb Luke.”
“Bye boy Bo.”

As Bo delivered all the pies, he noticed someone following him closely with
a mask over his face. Bo wondered suspiciously who it was. He didn’t want to
raise anyone on the CB because he wasn’t sure if he was really following
him. He stopped off at Mr. Ruebottom’s, giving him a pie.

As he drives off the same blue car was trailing him. “Ah Shepard, little Bo
peep, little lost lamb, I really think it’s time to listen to some country
music,” Bo stated. Cooter heard his announcement and changed the channel as
everyone else did.

“What’s going on Bo?” Daisy asked.

“I’m being trailed, by a blue sedan. I don’t know what he wants but he keeps
following me.”

“Where are you Bo?”

“I’m about 10 miles to the ravine.”

“We’re coming.” Luke didn’t have to say anything to Bo. He just left the
house and went after him. Though he was the farthest person from Bo’s
current location, he could catch up with the General’s help.

Now the person in the car was Jason of course but there was someone in the
back of the pickup Bo was in. He was an old associate of Jason’s. Ladson
was his name. He crawled to the side of the pickup opening the door to come
in. Bo tried to get him out but was forced to stop at sight of his gun.

“Now here’s the deal, you’ll slow this car down a spell like as in stop it.
When you see your family I want you to speed your car up close to gorge. If
you don’t oblige my gun will show you what I’m talking about,” Ladson

Bo did what he said. As he saw Daisy and Jesse far from him, Bo started
driving real fast with that pickup closer and closer to the edge but far
enough so he wouldn’t fall off. As Jason saw the General, he came along side
the pickup, ramming it. Bo tried to use the breaks but couldn’t. “What’s
going on?” Bo screamed.

“I took the liberty of cutting your break line. We’re going to roll out now,
jump out of the window on my side. You first.” Bo climbed over the gunman
and jumped out of the open widow, Ladson followed. They both hit the ground
hard and rolled down. Jason rammed the pickup hard this time sending it off
the road.

In Uncle Jesse’s pick up and the General…

Bo’s family watched Cooter’s pickup fly further and further into the ravine.
And the explosion was so big that the family could feel the heat from up
above. Luke got out of the car and was ready to go down there but Uncle
Jesse ran after him and grabbed his arm. “No boy! No one could’ve survived
that.” Uncle Jesse exclaimed. The tears entered their eyes. To them there
cousin was dead.

“Uncle Jesse let me go!” Luke began.

“No Lukas!”

Bo was really unconscious, lying beside the out of breath gunman. He picked
up Bo and walked away as the Dukes were still crying over the burning car.
He had walked a spell before being picked up by Jason Steele.

“The last thing I said to him was bye boy Bo,” Luke cried.
“There was nothing you could’ve done,” Daisy stated as she held onto her
Uncle. Uncle Jesse put an arm on Luke’s shoulder.


Bo was given a needle to make sure he stayed passed out. It was a sensitive
that would keep Bo out for hours. Jason had shackles in his hands instead of
rope. “Steele, I don’t understand why we didn’t just use rope,” Ladson
“Them Dukes are tricky. You use rope, they escape but this way he can’t.
He’ll be chained to the wall. He’ll still have freedom and all but won’t get
away,” Steele replied.
“How’s this revenge?”
“His family thinks he’s dead. They will never know who murdered him.”
“But you said he was part of the problem.”
“Yeah, and by his family thinking he’s dead, this young man will live with
the guilt. Live with the pains of a family thinking he’s gone.”
“You’re brilliant.”
“That and I promised Annie no one would get killed. I always keep my

Well Steele wrapped Bo’s hands in leather, so when he welded the shackles
on, he wouldn’t hurt Bo. It took him a long time to finish. But finally, the
shackles were over and done with.

Bo woke up and stretched, he felt sore all over. Bo was tough guy but when
it came to car accidents, sometimes it wasn’t as good. He’d been driving for
a long time; in fact, he started driving a tractor at the age of eight. So
obviously, he was a good driver. This wasn’t any car accident it was
purposely done. Bo looked at his arms and saw bronze metal shackles just
under the wrist. As he saw them he struggled to get up, wondering where he
was. The chains attached to the shackles clattered.

“Welcome to my paradise Bo,” Jason stated.
“Steele! What are you doing out of prison?” Bo demanded.
“Getting the revenge I surely deserve to have.”
“When my family finds out what you’re doing they’ll…”
“They think your dead. Uncle Jesse cried hard. Luke wanted to go after you
but your Uncle wouldn’t let him.” Bo got up swiftly and was ready to kill
Jason. Jason laughed, kicking Bo hard in the stomach. Bo fell to the ground
instantly, groaning and moaning at the throbbing pain. “That’s what you get
when you break your ribs.”
“You’ll pay for this.”
“No, you’ll pay for this. Now are you going to be a good boy? Because if not
I’ll give you another good shot to the ribs. I want to show you your new
“I couldn’t follow you, I’m chained to the wall remember?”
“I didn’t make the chains long for nothing.”

Bo seemed to have no trouble getting around the house. Just as Jason Steele
had noted, the chains were more than long enough. Except for one thing. Bo
couldn’t get to the door or window. “I can’t get to the door.”
“That’s for my protection. I can extend or condense the size of your chains.
Don’t make me shorten them. For a bad guy getting revenge I’m taking it
pretty lightly on you.”
“I wish you wouldn’t do this to my family. They’ll go nutty thinking I’m
dead. Luke and I have been like brothers forever. It’ll pain him.”
“I’m sorry, this is my revenge. I would do something else but I can’t think
of anything.”

Suddenly a young woman walked in with beautiful brown hair and gorgeous
green eyes. “Hi Jason I’m…” -Annie started-“Why!? You said that you might go
through with it. But here he is and his family thinks he’s dead. I’m sorry
he did this to you kid! Jason, send him back.”
“It’s done! I can’t go back on it now; I even had the car painted,” Jason
“You didn’t have to do this. You could’ve left it alone!”
“I couldn’t sweetheart, it wasn’t right. The revenge had to come. I’m going
to get the sheriff too.”
“Please don’t kill anyone. You gave me your solemn oath on that.”
“Why do you think I didn’t kill him?”
“It still doesn’t change the fact that you got him chained up here.”

“What’s your name ma’am?” Bo asked.
“Annie,” She replied.
“Annie, what do you do for a living?”
“I’m medical student. I work over at the tri-county hospital right now.”
“You’re by best friend now. Can you check out these ribs please?” Annie
looked at him.
“You’re very polite.”
“I was raised right ma’am.” Annie got him to lie down on the couch; she
touched Bo’s ribs slightly, he jumped. Annie moved her hands slowly up his
“You’ve got four broken ribs on each side. The best thing we can do for that
is keep your shirt off for a few days and tape them up. We’ll have to shave
you though.” Bo thought about shaving his face but then figured out with she

Two weeks later…

A depression cloud surrounded the Duke family as they prepared for a
memorial service for Bo. Luke wouldn’t talk to anyone. He just sat there
crying Enos stayed by his side with an arm around him. Daisy was quite
upset. She prepared food with tears in her eyes, wiping them away with her
sleeve. Lou-Lou came into the kitchen and helped out with the food. “I can’t
believe he’s gone,” Daisy mumbled.

“Daisy, you are you okay?” Lou-Lou asked. Daisy shook her head. “Darling, it
looks like you haven’t slept in a week.”
“I haven’t. I keep seeing that pickup truck going over the ravine.”
“Oh baby.”
“I can’t take it anymore. Luke’s not talking to anyone. Enos is the only one
that can get him to eat. Now Uncle Jesse’s always works in the field. If
he’s not doing that he looks through old picture albums. He shows me
pictures of Bo with that toothless grin of his. Luke with his retainer on
smiling while Bo gives him bunny ears. He cries night after night praying to
god asking for guidance.” Daisy wiped away her tears.
“I’ll try it with Luke. Maybe I can talk some sense into that boy with a
“I don’t think he’ll go driving with you Lou-Lou, not since Bo went over. He
hasn’t gone anywhere without being pushed by Enos.”
“That’s bad.”
“It gets worse. I tried to change Bo’s sheets the other day and he shoved me
out of the room. He wants everything to stay the same. Even the dirty
laundry on the ground.”
“Daisy, you can’t handle all of this. You need some sort of help.”

Lou-Lou walked outside and saw Enos trying to reason with Luke. “Now Luke
you’ve got to talk. No one can help you if you don’t,” Enos stated.

“Enos, I want to be alone with Luke but I need your help and Luke’s to get
into that General lee and I’m driving,” Lou-Lou mumbled.
“Yes ma’am Miss Lou-Lou.” Luke just sat there. Enos grabbed his arm and
walked him over to the car. “Come on Luke.”

Luke finally got into the car frowning. Lou-Lou walked outside and saw Enos
trying to reason with Luke. “Now Luke you’ve got to talk. No one can help
you if you don’t,” Enos stated.

Lou-Lou made her way into the car. Speeding off. Uncle Jesse came out
looking over towards the General. “What’s going on Enos?” Uncle Jesse asked.

“Luke’s gona be straightened out by Miss Lou-Lou,” Enos replied.

Can you believe Lou-Lou stopped at the exact same property that Bo was on?
Because she thought no one was living there. Bo recognized the engine and
stood up. Steele asked what was wrong? Bo told him nothing. When Steele
looked out the window he saw the General. “No! We picked this place because
it was far,” Steele stated.

Lou-Lou got out of the General and walked out, pushing Luke along to the
back yard. Steele was anxious, he wanted to shoot warning signs to get them
off the property. But they avoided the house and went towards the back yard.
Steele told Bo if he made a noise they’d be blown to bits.

Luke leaned against the wall that the chain was stuck to, where the couch
was. Bo listened through the wall. “Luke! You’re scaring Daisy. You have got
to talk sweetheart,” Lou-Lou stated.
“Why?” Luke finally said- “I didn’t say I loved him. Those were the only
words I wanted to say to him.”
“Bo already knows. He knows how you feel about him.”
"But I wanted to say it to him before he died. And now I don't have the
chance. I never get to see his face ever again. He's dead Lou-Lou!"
"This isn't the Luke Duke I've been brought up to love!"
"Well that Luke's dead!"
"He's not dead, he's in there somewhere. What do you remember most about
"Well one night he got really sick with a bad case of pneumonia and the
doctor said he was going to die. I sat beside Bo and told him stories all
night. He stayed alive, he didn't want to die that night."
"For all you know he could be alive."
"He's dead!"
"They didn't find a body Luke." Luke's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it.
There was a chance that Bo was alive! Now he had a reason for living.

Bo smiled through the wall, claiming satisfaction. Jason gave an evil Glare
to young Bo. He knew that Luke was smart. But there could be thousands of
reasons why there was no body. “Just be happy that he’s not coming into the
house,” Jason whispered.

“We better get back, I’m delivering the eulogy,” Luke smiled.
“They didn’t think you were going to do it. They got Enos as a back up plan.
But now that you’re actually talking to people, you should be fine,” Lou-Lou
“And after that, I’m clue searching. I think Bo could still be alive. I just
have to find signs.”

As the General rode off, Bo laughed. “I told you he was smart,” Bo stated.
“A little too smart,” Jason replied.
“That’s just the way my cousin works. He’ll go for it no matter what.”
“Unless a body is turned up.”
“What?! You can’t do that to him.”
“No I couldn’t, but I think his uncle Jesse will have something to say about
him looking for you. Anyways, I’ll shave my moustache and dye my hair today.
That way I can go into town. I had to keep this so you’d know who I was.
I’ll be back in a few hours and you’ll notice the change.
“Hey, what am I gona do all stuck in a house all day?”
“Read a book, make a meal. I don’t care. Just one thing, you can’t really
“Why is that?”
“You see those shackles are welded to you. There’s no possible way you can
get them off. That bandage on your arm is where my collogue missed. I don’t
want you getting hurt because my future wife would kill me.”
“Thanks for the warning.”

Bo sat there reading a book that Annie had picked out for him he began to
read it. It was book on driving, which Bo took to real quick. The guy in the
book reminded Bo of Luke. It was the exact situation only totally different.
The man in this story went against his brother in the Nascar races. His
brother got hurt. Bo marveled at the book.

Annie walked in the house and sat at the kitchen table. She looked over
towards the couch and smiled. “Come sit with me,” She commented pointing to
Bo. Bo walked over still chained and sat at the table. It wasn’t as if he
had never sat by a woman before, but this one made him nervous. There was
something about Annie that was special. Though he didn’t know it at the
time. “You look down in the dumps.” Bo looked up at her.

“Yes ma’am I am. My cousin will never understand what he means to me,” Bo
“Well let’s tell him.”
“We’ll write him a letter and you can tell him all about how you feel. I’ll
even pose as one of your friends and give it him.”

After going through several drafts and pages, they finally came up with a
letter that went a lot like this:

Dear Luke,

If you got this it means I am gone. I got this lovely young lady to hold on
to it for me. Luke, at this time I want to tell you how much you mean to me.
Everything you’ve done is a joy and a blessing in my life. I’m especially
glad of how we stuck together through thick and thin.

Luke, if you never get say goodbye to me I’ll know how you feel. Though I
was a fool during most of my life I saw what you thought. I love you more
than life itself. You have been a friend, a cousin and a brother and I will
never forget that for as long as I live.

Luke, take care of Daisy and Uncle Jesse and tell them I love them, you know
how hard it is for Uncle Jesse to except death. He’s a wonderful man, I’ve
learned a lot from him. As for Daisy, tell her she’s still the prettiest
girl in Hazzard.

And another thing, don’t sell my stuff, especially my boots. I love those
boots and nothing Uncle Jesse says could ever make me sell them. You know
what ones I mean. I went everywhere in them.

Well, I’ve got to go.

Love always,


Bo smiled at Annie. “You’re amazing,” He said.

“You’re not so bad yourself. Now I got to get to your memorial service. Are
you positive you’ll be okay?” Annie remarked.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just going to take some getting use to. I’m used
to coming and going as I please, and now I’m stuck here.”
“We’ll think of something Bo, just wait and see.” With that, Annie left. Bo
looked up at the ceiling wondering if she was right. He couldn’t believe
what his family was going to go through. And all because of a little jail

Back at the Duke farm…

Annie had just arrived in time for the eulogy for Bo. She had a tape
recorder, hoping to show Bo how Luke felt about him. She knew how much Bo
would like that.

Luke cleared his throat and wiped the tears from his eyes. He began to

“I’ve known Bo since he born. There are…umm…many things I can tell you about
him. Bo was reckless and wild throughout his whole life. Never stopping to
smell the flowers, always in trouble.

When he was born, his mother died, giving birth to him. And, his father took
it very hard. My Mamma and Daddy took Bo’s dad, Cooper Duke skiing. There
was an avalanche and it killed my Mom and Bo’s Dad instantly.

My Daddy told our Uncle Jesse that he couldn’t take care of Bo or me. We
were given to uncle Jesse and later on, he adopted both of us. Though we
asked time after time if we could call him Dad, he wouldn’t let us.

But back to Bo, when he was two, he was one smart cookie. He actually opened
the door and sat on one of the goats. Scared Uncle Jesse when the Billy goat
kicked him off.

For many years in was one mess after another. He started fights he couldn’t
finish. He always needed a helping hand. He was a troublemaker. Caught
steeling three shirts. Uncle Jesse tanned his hide for that one.

But soon after that, Bo started growing up. I’m not saying all the way but
still pretty close. He was always in trouble still but handled his temper
better than before.

Now as we say goodbye to a dear friend, brother, cousin, neighbor and
nephew, we think about his many accomplishments. How many people get to fly
over 60-parked cars? How many people do the law chase more times a day than
some are trailed in a lifetime?

I just want to say Bo; I hope you’re having the time of your new life. I
hope you remember us that love you. Because you have a lifetime friend here
on earth that truly miss you. That’s all I have to say, there are
refreshments on the tables behind you.”

Annie wiped the tears out of her eyes. She walked over to Luke and put a
hand on his shoulder. “That was wonderful,” Annie exclaimed.

“Thank you ma’am. I don’t recognize you though,” Luke replied.
“Of course not. I’m Annie and Bo has told me all about your family. Here’s
some homemade bread I’ve made. It’s Daisy’s recipe. Bo has baked with me
many times.” She handed the bread to Luke.
“You mean had don’t you?”
“Sorry, I guess my words are mixed up. Don’t mind it if I make pretenses
here. Your cousin is amazing. I mean, he tells me stories all the time. He
told me about how Jason Steele chased you two and how Daisy is engaged to
Enos. He told me about how special you are to him.”
“Well…” Annie put a hand over his mouth. She handed him the letter.
“He’s never that far away from you Luke. Never. In fact, he’s always right
under your nose.” Luke looked at the letter. When he went to talk to Annie
again, she was gone.

An hour later, over at Annie’s place…

Bo stopped the tape and smiled. He was crying and hoping his family was
okay. “That’s the third time you’ve listened to that,” Annie stated.
“Well, I love him,” Bo replied.
“Tell me something about him.”
“I was really sick. I had a fever and my stomach ached something terrible. I
wanted to just die. He held me all night and hugged me. He was 9 years old
at the time. Luke read me stories all night until I fell asleep. The next
morning when I woke up, I was in the hospital. I had my appendix taken out.
I was scared at first because I didn’t remember leaving the bedroom, but
there was Luke sitting beside me.”
“You must miss him.”
“More than words could say.”

Annie patted Bo on the back and smiled at him. She felt the pain and the
hard feelings draping over Bo. Annie knew he needed to go home. He was sick,
not with a fever or any cold. Bo was homesick. He needed his family more
than ever. “Bo, you okay?” Bo wiped the tears from his eyes. He was crying
passionately. He wanted his family. He wanted his life back.

Bo’s breathing was heavy as he spoke. “I-I-I-I just want him back. I want my
family back. I hate being chained to a wall. I’m so far from him. We share a
room and talk every night before bed.”

“Let it out Bo!”
“It ain’t realistic! It ain’t right! Jason should’ve found another way of
“He knows what he’s doing.”
“I know he does!”

Unexpectedly, their eyes locked and they began to kiss. They kissed and
kissed. It was as if the bond between them was stronger than this

Ladson walked in the house. “Hey Steele, I came to collect…” He stopped
talking as he saw the two kissing. Bo looked up and unlocked his lips. “So
you think you can take Steele’s girl huh?”

“Ladson! Leave him alone,” Annie screamed.

“Stay out of this Pigeon, he’s going to pay!” As Ladson went towards Bo,
Annie jumped on his back. Ladson chuckled as he threw Annie into the
basement. He angled a chair so she wouldn’t get out.

Ladson grabbed a metal crowbar and slashed Bo in the kneecaps. Bo let out a
heart-jerking scream. “Stop!” Bo yelled.

“I wanted to do this to you a long time ago. But the boss wouldn’t let me.”
Ladson hit Bo in the ribs with the crowbar. Just then, Jason Steele walked
in. He watched Bo as he was kicked in the stomach.

“Stop!” Jason screamed.
“Why?” Ladson questioned.
“I didn’t want him to be hurt.” Bo just lay there on the ground motionless.
“Well I do!”

Ladson kicked Bo hard in the head, causing him to loose consciousness. Jason
grabbed the crowbar and smacked Ladson across one knee, sending poor Ladson
to the ground.

“What did you do with Annie?”
“Who’s Annie?”
“My girlfriend.”
“Oh she’s in the basement.”

Jason opened the door and found Annie at the bottom of the stairs. He ran
down to her. “Annie.” He nudged her slightly. Annie’s eyes opened slowly.
“That’s it baby, open your eyes.”

“Bo!” Annie screamed as she sat up.
“Sweetheart Bo’s hurt bad. I stopped it though.”
“Jason, I kissed him.” Jason said nothing for about a minute. “I kissed Bo.”
“I knew it would happen. You need someone closer to your age. I always was
too old for you.” Annie smiled and hugged Jason. She wondered why he wasn’t
getting upset over the whole deal.
“So you’re not mad?”
“Actually, you couldn’t have made a better choice. He’s a wonderful man and
I know you’ll make him happy.”

Jason walked away. Of course he was mad but in truth, he could never love
Annie the way she needed. He knew that. There would always be a place in his
heart for her no matter what happened.

Meanwhile, at the farm…

Luke believed Bo wasn’t dead. All the clues that Annie had gave him in one
speech was amazing. Daisy and Uncle Jesse thought that Luke was crazy. “Luke
you can’t go chasing after someone who is dead,” Daisy pleaded.
“He’s not dead. There was no body,” Luke replied.
“Luke! The explosion could’ve destroyed the body,” Uncle Jesse exclaimed.
“He’s alive and I can prove it to you,” Luke stated as he got in the
General. Daisy got in the other side. “Who said that you could go?”
“I’m Daisy Duke and I can go anywhere I want. And besides that you need a
sidekick. You always have one,” Daisy replied. Luke smiled as he started the

They went over to the ravine and looked around. Daisy looked over where the
pick-up had dropped while Luke circled around the ravine. Something struck
Luke’s eye. It was Bo’s Brown leather wallet. Luke picked it up and called
for Daisy. “Bo’s wallet,” Daisy stated.

“How did it get over here?” Luke asked.

“Maybe the explosion flung it over there.”

“No way. And look at this.” Luke help up Bo’s belt buckle cover. “Now
explain that and the set of drag marks that are still here. He has to be
alive. Someone must’ve forced him into the car. I think we should go check
out the remains of the car.” They headed towards the police station with
very good reasons. They had some evidence of the truth.

Back at Annie’s…

Bo had to be taken to the hospital and she knew it. He was still
unconscious. Annie pleaded with Jason but he wouldn’t allow it.

Annie couldn’t break her word about telling the Dukes about Bo being alive
but he could tell a close friend. A friend that had known the Dukes all his
life and was devoted to helping them at all costs, Cooter.

So that’s where she went. Annie knew the many times in the day when Jason
wasn’t home and that was her advantage. She got into her car and went to the

At the Garage, 20 minutes later…

Annie got there in time and explained what had happened up to the point
where Bo jumped out of the car and was brought there. Cooter’s mouth hung
open with surprise.

“If you’re telling me the truth then Bo really needs a doc. I got to radio
the Dukes,” Cooter stated.
“Don’t!” And exclaimed.
“Why not?”
“He finds out anything, he’ll take Bo and get away from Hazzard.”
“Okay, you’ve got Cooter on the case.”

The drove out to Annie’s place, and as they got there Cooter jumped out of
the car. He went for Bo. Cooter missed him. It wasn’t the same with old Bo
missing. As he walked into the house, Cooter saw Bo’s mop of blonde hair
sticking out of a blanket. Cooter tapped him a little hoping he would wake
up. Bo moved his arm at a snail's pace. “Hey Bo! Wake up buddy!” Cooter
Bo opened his eyes slowly. Annie smiled; she was so happy that he was awake.

“Cooter?” Bo questioned softly.
“It’s okay buddy we’re going to get you to a doctor.”
“I can’t walk, he busted my legs.”
“Who Jason?”
“Who’s Ladson?”
“He made the car accident look…real.”
“Okay, don’t talk anymore.”

Cooter took his metal filler and began to go through the chains. He was
afraid of taking the shackles off, especially with the torch. They were just
too close to the skin. He picked Bo up. He made a moaning sound.

“I’m coming too,” Annie stated.
“Okay,” Cooter replied “But you drive.”

They drove to the hospital.

Meanwhile at the Duke farm…

Daisy and Luke came back home for supper. Roscoe wouldn’t let any Dukes into
the evidence room for nothing. I guess it was in his nature.

The three sat down looking at the empty chair where Bo used to sit. “It
ain’t right for Roscoe to keep us out of the evidence room! We needed to see
that pick-up!” Daisy Exclaimed.

The phone rang and Luke picked it up. “Hello, Duke Farm. Hi
Cooter…no…really? He’s…surgery huh? Well is he going to…not sure huh?
Yeah…we’ll be there…oh yeah. Thank you! Thank you! Bye Cooter.” Luke let out
a big yahoo. Something he hadn’t done for weeks.

“Did I miss something?” Uncle Jesse asked.

“Bo’s alive…for now. He’s been harmed bad,” Luke stated. Luke lost Bo once
and he wasn’t going to loose him again. Luke didn’t want to have to burry
the body this time.

At the hospital…

Annie sat beside Bo, never leaving his side. She didn’t want to be alone.
She looked at his face wondering what was going on. Luke, Daisy and Uncle
Jesse walked in the room. “If I would’ve have told, Bo would’ve died,” Annie
told Luke.

“I know, Cooter briefed us. Are you okay?” Luke replied.
“No, I love him. And now he’s like this. I wish it was different.”
“We can’t change some things. Bo was an amazing person.

“Hey, d-d-don’t talk about me as if I were dead,” Bo mumbled. Everyone
crowded around him. Luke hugged him tight.
“I never got to tell you…how much I loved you,” He said.
“Unspoken words that didn’t need to be said. I love you all.”
“We all love you.”

Two months later Bo was released from the hospital. Jason and Ladson were
sent to prison. And everything went back in normal, if there is a normal in
Hazzard County.



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