The Return of Mason Dixon's Girls
Tara Bobkoski

“Well at least we’re in a familiar place.” Tinker said, looking at the bright side of things.

Sam glanced from Mason slamming the engine hood of the RV to a sign…

Welcome To Hazzard County

They’d worked on a case here once with a local family by the name of Duke. Three cousins named Bo, Luke, Daisy and their uncle Jesse. They’d left for a case in Dallas where they’d met up with a fella by the name of Jude Emery. The Dukes weren’t PI s like him, Tinker and Sam or a Ranger like Jude, just ordinary folks who seemed to find trouble better than the local law consisting of a Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and his deputy Cletus Hogg who was a cousin of the County Commissioner JD Hogg.

Mason was about to walk inside the recreational vehicle when an bright orange Dodge stock car with a big 01 on its doors and a confederate flag on the roof came rumbling to a stop. He chuckled as the dark haired driver and tall blonde passenger slide out the windows of the General Lee.

“Mason Dixon!” Luke slid over the hood.

“The Duke boys!” Tinker and Sam smiled.

“What seems to be the problem?” Bo asked, walking closer.

“It seems the battery just up and died.” Mason commented.

“We can call Cooter and see if he could bring one out.” Bo replied.

“No he can’t, he has all them cars from the County Fair demolition derby to take care of today for the finals tonight...” Luke snapped his fingers. “But if you want to leave this here, we could give ya a lift into town and back.”

Mason shook his head. “I’d rather not, gotta alotta money tied up in our equipment.”

“I remember where the place is if you let me drive that clunker of yours,” Tinker suggested.

“Or y’all could let me drive it since she got to drive it last time we were here.” Sam’s lips went into a playful pout.

“Well I guess that’d be fair,” Bo’s face flushed from the blonde’s hand on his cheek.

“Why don’t you just sell it to ‘em?” Mason teased.

I bet ya he says that to alotta fellas that those girls flirt with…

“How ‘bout you two stay here and I’ll escort the ladies into town.” Luke said.

“That’d be fine, sugar. “ Sam giggled and stepped towards the General.

While Luke and Mason’s associates were heading the garage, another set of Dukes were on their way to town.

“Don’t you miss the Boar’s Nest?” Daisy asked as she sped Dixie down the road.

“Not really, the warehouse is somethin’ different every day.” Daney smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Daisy smiled. “Plus you get all the dirt on folks.”

“I might find out a few things here and there. But I ain’t Mabel.” They both giggled at the mention of the town’s biggest gossip.

“Don’t you want a challenge? Work at the newspaper or in the county building like Emery?”

“What’s with all the questions?”

“Was just thinking about some things is all.” Daisy replied, bringing the jeep to a stop.

“Well, thanks for the concern. You best get going before you’re late.” Daney replied and walked inside the post office. “Miss Tisdale, you have any mail for Boss?”

While Daney was checking on the mail, over at the garage Cooter had a big grin as the General pulled up alongside the gas pump…

“Hey Lukas-” Cooter paused, seeing Tinker climb out the driver’s side window and Luke follow Sam outta of the passenger window. “Well neither of you are Bo. You were here with that Mason Dixon fella, weren’t ya?”

Sam smiled. “Yeah, it’s nice to see you again, Cooter wasn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am. Cooter Davenport, best mechanic in Hazzard,” He replied. “What can I do for y’all?”

Tinker replied. “Well Mr. Davenport, our RV quit running. Mace checked it out and said it was the battery. You wouldn’t happen to have one, would you?”

Cooter took a second to adjust his ball cap. “I just sold the one I had to that county group Alabama last night when Rosco caught ‘em in his celebrity speed trap.
I can put a call into the closest parts place for ya. If they ain’t got one, I can run out and tow it somewhere so y’all ain’t on the side of the road till we find one.”

“That would be great, thank you.” Tinker and Sam replied together.

“Y’all can take a seat in the office.” Cooter walked into the office with them and Luke.

Meanwhile at the Boar’s Nest, Daisy had just finished helping with the lunch crowd.

“You wanna another root beer, Sheriff?”

“Now Daisy, you know Boss don’t allow us to drink on shift.”

“Oh yeah-- I’ll just put this in your tab.”

“Thank you Daisy, I appreciate that. But I’d appreciate if y’all would pay yer tickets on time for once. Khee!” Rosco’s smile held the same mischievous as his eyes.

“Rosco, you know me and Daney ain’t never had one of those. Have a good day.” Daisy said and headed back over to the bar. She smiled as Rosco tipped his hat and turned to talk to Ernie Ledbetter before he walked out the door.

Back on the dirt road where the motor home sat along the roadside…

“So what’ve y’all been up to?” Mason asked curiously.

“Not much. Caught some record pirates when Mickey Gilley was in town, Rosco and Cletus went on strike a couple weeks ago.”

“Ain’t much exciting to do around here?”

“Nope. Not inless it’s Saturday night, then there is only jukin’ at the Boar’s Nest.”

Mason heard the cb on the motorbike behind the RV crackle with static. “Excuse me, I gotta get that.” After a second, he had the cb in hand. “Mace here,” He frowned. “Well follow Cooter over here, me and Bo’ll head over to Capitol City with y’all.”

Which brings us back to the Sheriff’s office, Rosco is just pullin’ up now…

“Cletus, why are you out here jawin’ when I told you to have them reports done!”

“Flapjacks on a Ferris wheel, Sheriff, I ain’t jawin’. Daney brung some mail from the post office for Boss.”

Rosco smiled. “You Dukes are always up to something.”

“Can’t put anything past the best Sheriff in the state.”

“Boss is over at the bank.”

”Thank you, Sheriff. I best let y’all get back to work. Bye.” Daney replied.

“Khee, your welcome. You best git back to work too.” Rosco replied with a good natured chuckle.

“Bye, Daney.”

“Good bye, Cletus.”

Cletus waved and watched her walk across the street before following his superior officer inside. Daney listened to Boss and Jesse talkin’…

“I can’t just lower your interest rate on this here mortgage onconna you being an old friend. I’d be the poorest man in the county if I did that for everyone who asked me.”

“JD, now you know that loan when the boys got that General Lee was only suppose to be fifteen percent and it’s been raised to over twenty percent. So it’s the least you could do.”

“Jesse, you signed these here papers nearly ten years ago for the mortgage and four years for the loan. They are legally binding and if you don’t make the payments as stated, I can and will take that farm from you. And I’ll tell ya another thing, if those boys don’t pay on some of them tickets soon, I’ll have Rosco impound that orange clunker of theirs, faster than Lulu can spend my money at one of them spas.”

“I don’t know why I bother being civil with you.”

“Because back in the thirties and forties, you and me were the best Ridge runners in the state, that’s how come you bother.”

“Yeah, we were the best weren’t we?”

“We sure were.” Boss looked down at the papers on his desk. “Alright, seein’ how we’re in a recession, I’ll lower the rates back down on the loan but not the mortgage.”

“I appreciate it.” Jesse replied.

“Just give me a couple days to draw ya up some new papers. Gotta make sure they’re all legal like ya know.” JD chuckled.

“Excuse me Boss, these were in the warehouse mailbox.” Daney said, stepping up.

“Ok,” Boss took the pile of envelopes. “You can take the rest of the afternoon off onconna it bein’ the last day of the fair.”

“You gonna pay her for the day?” Jesse injected, knowing something was up.

“Well of course.” Boss frowned.

“That’s awful nice of you, but I still have some book work to do.” Daney replied.

“The building inspector is coming in today.” Boss commented.

“I did promise Maria, I’d stop come by and check out the 4 H barn again.” Daney answered. “I’ll see ya at home, Uncle Jesse.”

“Don’t be too late.” Jesse replied as he and Boss went back to their conversation.

Over at the garage, Cooter spotted Daney coming out of the bank as the General and tow truck were about to pull away.

“Hey Luke, ain’t Daney suppose to be at work?” Cooter inquired.

Luke nodded seeing his cousin walkin’ towards them. “Yeah, she is.”

“Daney!” Cooter shouted.

Tinker and Sam just kinda of looked at each other.

“Hey what you doin’ here, Luke?” Daney asked, after running over.

“Just helpin’ these two lovely ladies out is all.” Luke grinned.

“I bet ya were,” Daney smiled. “You mind givin’ me a ride to the Nest so I can pick Dixie up? Boss gave me the rest of the afternoon off.”

“No, not all.” Luke replied, figuring it was best for once not to try and figure out what the county commissioner was up too.

“I’m Daney, who are you?” She asked, eyeing the two women cautiously. She thought she remembered them but she wasn’t sure.

“Tinker and,” Sam started to reply.

“Mason Dixon’s girls!” Daney interrupted with a laugh.

Tinker smiled. “Yep, that’s us.”

I think it’s about time Bo and Mason were picked up, don’t you?

Luke was about to say something when the cb crackled. “Lost Sheep 2 to Crazy C and Lost Sheep 1, come back?”

Daney reached inside the bright orange Charger and got the cb mic, clicking the talk button as she did. “This is Scout, what can I do for ya?”

“I didn’t call you!”

“Don’t get your long johns in an uproar, Crazy C and Luke are right here, Beauregard.” Daney retorted, handing Luke the cb mic.

“We’re on our way. Be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Lost Sheep 1 over and out.” Luke replied, he took his finger off the talk button and replaced the cb inside.

I think they better get there quicker than that…

Mason had listened to the short cb exchange. He waited till Bo had turned back from replacing the cb mic on the bike. “Was that Daisy who broke in there for a second?” The cb handle used had intrigued him.

“No, that was Daney.”

“Y’all got alotta cousins,” Mason paused. “That’s a really interesting cb handle.”

“She’d be good in your line of work.” Bo commented.

“Tell me more.” Mason encouraged, he had been thinking about having another associate for a while but hadn’t found just the right person.

Bo began a short version of how the cb handle came to be, by the time he was done, the tow truck and General had pulled up along side the road.

Cooter and Luke emerged from the truck while Mason’s associates and Daney got out of the General.

Now y’all remember Rosco and Cletus had some bookwork but they also had to get ready to be the security for the art show at the fair, Lulu had insisted on it.

“Cletus, would you hurry up, Lulu’s gonna have a fit if we’re late. Might even tell Boss and he’ll take it out of our paychecks.” Rosco said, waiting for Cletus to get done with the last of the paperwork.

“I’m done Sheriff, I don’t why we gotta hurry over there when there is still another hour before the show.” Cletus replied, getting up from the chair behind the booking desk.

“Because, I said so. That’s how come, ya dipstick.” Rosco spoke gently. “We gotta make a quick patrol before we head out there. Once we’re at the fair grounds, we ain’t gonna be able to leave inless it’s an emergency.”

“Ok, I don’t know why Lulu couldn’t of hired some of those rent a cop people.” Cletus commented as they began walking toward the door.

“Would you just hush? I didn’t ask what you thought.” Rosco replied, his hand on the door. “Cousin Boss gonna pay us overtime for this?” Cletus asked, and took a step forward. Unfortunally it was at that moment that the door swung open.

“Jit Jit, what’s the big idea!” Rosco exclaimed when he and Cletus got tangled as they fell to the floor.

Cletus just looked over at Boss who stood puffing on a cigar. “I don’t pay y’all to fool around, now you get up and get over to that art show before my Lulu threatens to get that dang HERS club after me for y’all be late.” Boss chided.

“Yes sir, Cousin Boss. We were just on our way over there.” Cletus said, as he and Rosco got to their feet.

While Boss was lecturin’ the Sheriff’s Department… Mason, his girls and the Dukes arrived at the fairgrounds, after stopping at the Boar’s Nest where Daisy was getting off shift.

Daisy pulled the jeep up into the last parking spot available. Mason’s girls and Daney got out. “So you fellas will meet us here when you get back from Capitol City?”

“Yeah, no reason we should all go. Y’all go fun.” Luke grinned.

“Alright, see y’all in a bit.” Daisy replied as Daney and the Mason’s girls started walking toward the entrance gate.

“Don’t do nothin’ we wouldn’t do.” Bo yelled out the General’s window before it sped away.

“He thinks he’s cute don’t?” Sam asked while Tinker paid the charge to get in.

“Yeah that’s our Bo, wouldn’t have ‘em any other way. Luke either.” Daisy smiled.

Daney laughed as they headed towards the 4 H area. They were coming out of the last of the animal barns when some tall, dishwater blonde fella bumped into Daisy, who started chatting with him.
Ain’t that how it always happens…

“We’ll wait here for ya outside.” Daney replied.

“Ok, I’ll just be a few minutes, if it’s any longer than that, we’re probably over at one of the refreshment stands.” Daisy said.

“Well if your not, I’ll look over by the Tunnel of Love ride.” Daney teased.

“You know they don’t have one of those here.” Daisy smiled and walked away.

Daney turned to Tinker and Sam. “Shall we go get something to drink or what do y’all want to do.”

“Can we head back to the jeep, the extra roll of film for this camera is in my purse.” Tinker said.

“Ok,” Daney replied and started to walk around the corner of that building that led to the parking lot.

Sam was puzzled as the young woman suddenly stopped in front of her. Daney held her hand up as if to say quiet when two loud voices became clear…

“I can’t believe you left the paper at the livery stable. How we gonna get outta here with that cow without documentation?”

“I don’t know, guess we’re gonna have to go back for it.”

“That or go to that warehouse and see if there’s any papers there.”

“C’mon, we ain’t got all day.”

The three girls peeked around the corner just in time see the men getting in a truck to take off. Daney looked carefully at Tinker and Sam to see if they were thinking what she was thinking. “The old livery stable ain’t too far from the warehouse.”

“But how we gonna get there, it might be too late by the time your cousins get here.” Sam replied, forgetting Daisy was somewhere.

“How about those?” Tinker pointed to two motorbikes leaning against the fence area of the first barn.

“Yeah, but there is only two of them,” Sam said quickly. “What if those fellas seem us?”

“One of us will have to stay here, then if the other two don’t get back, someone will be here to tell the boys when they arrive.” Daney surmised.

“Yeah, but which one of us is gonna stay?” Sam challenged.

“Well Daney knows the way and I don’t mind if you go.” Tinker said.

“We don’t have any helmets.” Sam objected.

“Look, by the time we get done debatin’ this, we won’t have proof they’re behind this. I don’t care if you both stay here, I’m going now.” Daney stated and walked over. She looked both 1982 Yamahas over. The difference was one was a XS400 Heritage Special and the other a Virago XV920.

Tinker almost doubled over in laughter watching Sam follow Daney out to the parking lot where they could get the main road. She turned when she heard a small voice. “Miss Daney, you promised you’d come see the bunnies with me.”

She looked at the little blonde girl. “Well sugar, my name is Tinker. Miss Daney had to go check on something with a friend of mine, Sam. You might’ve seen her, tall blonde.”

“I seen her, I didn’t like her.”

“Well how’s come?”

“She was too city like but you’re country. I like you.”

“Thank you, what’s your name?”


“Ok sweetie, now where are those critters? You got carrots for them or do we need to go find some?” Tinker took the little girl’s hand and walked toward the barn with her.

While Tinker was getting acquainted with Maria and her critters, Sam and Daney had found trouble in the form of an orange Dodge…

“This is just great.” Bo yelled after looking at the damaged front grill of the General.
“It was just an accident. We got insurance--What are you two laughin’ at?” Sam demanded from Mason and Luke.

“Nothin’, just never seen anything like you did before that’s all.” Luke replied and turned toward Daney. “Care to explain?”

“She can, I gotta be somewhere.” Daney started to say when she noticed her cousin’s look.

“After y’all left, we seen some fellas doin’ something they shouldn’t have, so me and Daney left to follow them. Only now it’s probably too late to catch them.” Sam said with a poutful expression.

“Maybe not, you know where they were going right?” Mason asked.

“Yeah,” Daney said, figuring Mason would go since just the one bike was available. Or he’d have one of the boys go with Sam.

“You got all the information for when Cooter gets here, Sam?”

“Yeah, on the card in my wallet.” Sam replied watching Mason walk over to where Daney sat on the other bike.

“Make sure he gets it all down correctly, one mistake and those insurance people are a pain in the derriere.” Mason commented.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Luke agreed and snapped his fingers…that look of a plan in his blue eyes. “Dan, take the shortcut out back of the Tolliver’s place. You’ll come out about a mile east but it’ll save you 4 miles.”

“Thanks.” Daney replied.

“You could--” Bo started to say but stopped as the bike sped forward. “She’s gonna be lucky if she don’t get a ticket.”

“That’s why I told her to cut back of the Tolliver’s, genius.” Luke grinned.

Daney, Mason and the bike now out of sight having gone cross country through a patch of pine trees.

Back at the fair grounds, Tinker was havin’ the time of her life unlike Sam stuck out on that dirt road with the boys…

“Thank you Miss Maria for the tour. Can I get you a soda or anything?” Tinker asked after walking through the 4 H barn with the little girl.

“Mr. Sheridan don’t like us to accept nothin’ from strangers.”

“She’s not a stranger is she?” Tinker pointed to Daisy talking with Rosco and Cletus.

“No ma’am. She ain’t.” The little girl took off in a run. “Miss Daisy!!! Sheriff Rosco!! Mr. Cletus!!!”

Daisy turned. “Sugar, are you runnin’ around here by yourself?” She asked as the little girl approached.

“I ain’t alone. I’m with her.” Maria giggled and reached for Tinker’s hand as she stepped up next to the group. “Daney’s with her friend, checking something out.”

“They still over at the barn?” Daisy asked.

“They raced outta here on some motorbikes, they got from along the fence.”

I don’t think little Maria realizes what she just said…

“Well now we know what happened, Sheriff.” Cletus smiled.

“Cletus, would you mind takin’ Maria over there.” Rosco said, looking from Daisy and Tinker to the little girl.

“Did I do somethin’ wrong?” Maria asked, her green eyes filled with worry.

Rosco stooped down. “No darlin’ you didn’t. I just need to talk official police business with this lady here. That’s all. Now you and Cletus go get yourselves some cotton candy and lemonade.”

“Can I have a caramel apple instead?”

“Anything you want, sweetheart.”

“Can I be the sheriff for the day so I can wear that pretty hat of yours?” Maria asked.

“Of course.” Rosco replied and with a fancy magician type move, the Stetson sat atop the long curly blonde head. “Now you and Cletus get goin’. And bring me back a root beer will ya?”

“I ain’t got any money on me, Sheriff.” Cletus said.

“Just tell ‘em to put it on Boss or Lulu’s tab, Khee!” Rosco commanded gently. He waited till Maria and Cletus were out of earshot before he turned to Daisy and Tinker.
“Alright, what’s goin’ on?”

“Uh, well. See me, Daney, and Sam were outside the barn and we seen some fellas talking. Sam and Daney took off on a couple of motorbikes after them since we had no other way of going after them.” Tinker explained.

“I know you and Sam are private eyes for that Mason fella, but why did Daney go?” Daisy asked before Rosco could say anything.

“She knew the way,” Tinker replied. “I figured if she was anything like Bo and Luke… she could handle herself.”

“If anything happens to her, I’m gonna personally see you and Sam lose your licenses.”

Rosco was surprised at the anger Daisy had. He patted her arm gently. “Now Daisy, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Soon as Cletus gets over here, I’ll go look for them.”

“I’ll go with you, Sheriff.” Tinker said as Maria and Cletus came back.

While Rosco was fillin’ Cletus in on the who, what, why, when and how, Daney and Mason were gatherin’ evidence…

“I think we got enough pictures.” Daney said looking down from the ladder that leaned against the side of the warehouse. Why it was there she had no idea but it sure had come in handy for getting pictures through the window.

“Yeah, but we still don’t have immediate proof like documents or a tape recording.” Mason sighed.

“So let’s go in and see if they left anything.” Daney suggested.

“And if they come back?”

“I’m sure we can think of something.”

“You ever thought of being a PI?”


The warehouse door had been left unlocked, so that was no problem. However the filing cabinet was or so Mason thought. All his tools were in a bag in the motor home that sat at Cooter’s Garage.

“We probably should go find the Sheriff and let him know.” Mason suggested, though he hated the idea of losing out on any reward money.

“We can let him know after we look through these papers.” Daney said, handing him a folder from the cabinet.

“How’d you do that.” Mason asked, taking the folder.

“These are pretty handy.” Daney replied, slipping a bobby pin in her jeans pocket.

“Smart thinkin’-sure you ain’t ever wanted to be a PI? You’d be good at this.”

“You lookin’ for a new partner?”


I think that word gets used a little often, back on the dirt road, Cooter has just arrived.

“Well, shoot fire and save a box matches, were you drivin’ again, Bo?” Cooter asked looking at the front of the General.

“That’s cute Cooter, real cute.” Bo paused. “I didn’t do it this time.”

“He didn’t. It’s a long story and we really need to get back to the fairgrounds.” Sam said.

“Well I can only give one of ya a lift.”

“If you don’t mind us sittin’ in the General, that’ll work won’t it?” Luke suggested.

“Yeah, but why don’t y’all just drive it. Can’t cause any more damage than is already there.” Cooter commented.

I haven’t seen Bo and Luke that red in the face since those girls stole the General and their clothes…

“I’ll still ride with you if you don’t mind.” Sam said, putting her hand on Cooter’s arm. “Seeing how I need to give you the insurance information, then I can drive the RV to the fairgrounds and save you a trip.”

“Sure,” Cooter grinned at the boys and got the battery for the RV outta of the backseat, then walked to the tow truck with Sam. He opened the passenger door for Sam, while Bo and Luke stood there.

“Hey y’all better get that outta of the way before ya take off.” He said pointing to the bike that laid on the ground in front of the General. “See y’all when we get there.”

Sam giggled as the tow truck pulled away while the boys picked up the bike.

“Hey Luke, why do I feel like we’re been had?” Bo said when the General Lee finally took off a few minutes later.

“Maybe because some cute girl would rather ride with Cooter Davenport than us. For all we know her friend prefers Rosco over us.”

“Whadda ya say that for?”

“I don’t know, Bo. I think we better head over to the warehouse instead of the fairgrounds. Long as it took Cooter to get here, I would’ve thought Daney and Mason would’ve passed back though.”

“Maybe they found something better to do.”

Luke shook his head. “You better not let Jesse hear you talkin’ like that.”

“I wasn’t thinkin’ anything. Just figuring maybe they took a different way back to the fairgrounds is all.”

“Sure you were.”

While the boys were discussin’ their options over, Rosco and Tinker were in a discussion of their own as the patrol car sped away from the fairgrounds…Now I got one of them feelings this where there is gonna be a failure to communicate…

“Daney said something about the old livery stables.”

“Alright, well I’ll see if I can get anyone on the Hazzardnet.” Rosco said and picked up the cb mic, clicking the talk button with his thumb as he brought it closer to speak into. “This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane callin’ any you Dukes out there, come back.”

When he didn’t hear the boys call right back, Cooter motioned for Sam to pick up the cb in the tow truck.

“Sheriff, this is Sam, one of Masons’s girls. Bo and Luke are heading to the fairgrounds in Cinderella, I mean the General. Daney and Mason are only god knows where.”

Tinker grabbed the cb mic from Rosco. “Sam, Tinker here. Repeat the last part.”

“Cinderella uh General?”

“No, after that.”

“Daney and Mace are only god knows where.”


“Well there was a little accident with one of the bikes,”

“And the General? How the heck did you manage that?”

“I can’t really explain. It was one of those you had to be there to see it deals. Anyway, Mace and Daney took off on the other bike and no one has seen them since. I’m with Cooter, heading to the fairgrounds in the tow truck.”

“Whatta are ya doin’ that for if no one knows where that Mason fella and Daney are?” Rosco questioned loud enough to be heard in the cb mic that Tinker still held.

“We figured that Mace and Daney might be back at the fairgrounds by now, otherwise why would Luke and Bo be going there?” Sam replied.

“Yeah, ya gotta point there. Alright meet us at the 4 H barn if we don’t see in the parking lot.” Tinker said, as Rosco turned the patrol car around.

“10 4” Sam replied and threw the cb down, as the tow truck sped up.

Uh huh, what did I tell you… Back at the warehouse,

“These papers prove Mr. Hogg is not involved in this. I think we got everything we need. Let’s get outta here.” Mason tucked a few of the papers in his pocket while Daney put the folders away.

Daney smiled, it was nice for once to know Boss wasn’t behind a crooked scheme. “Should we call anyone or just head back?” She asked with a glance at the phone on the wall above the desk.

“Nah, we’ll catch up with ‘em in plenty of time.” Mason replied, while he held the door open for her as they left.

“I wouldn’t be too so sure about that,” Daney whispered, pulling Mason back inside the building.

“Looks like your right- There another way outta this place?”

“I wouldn’t’ve come back in here if there wasn’t.” Daney grabbed his hand and ran toward a flight of stairs as the door opened up.

“I told you I thought I seen someone.” A voice shouted.

“Well we best get ‘em or we might as well go turn ourselves in to those county bumpkins they call the law.” A deeper voice replied.

“Oh!” Daney exclaimed, lookin’ down from the landing at the top of the steps to the two fellas approaching Mason who hadn’t quite made it up the steps.

Mason’s eyes widened when he spied the shotguns in the guys’ hands. If he moved… they would shoot and if he didn’t they might.

This don’t look too good does it…

“Look fellas, I work here. That’s why we’re here.” Daney blurted out the quickest and best thing she could think of.

“Well this place is suppose to be closed. I’m the inspector.” One of the fellas replied.

Had it been a pistol or handgun in a belt or shoulder hostler, Daney would’ve believed him. But the shotgun in his hands, told her otherwise. Daney spoke quietly while descending the stairs while her stare remained on the fellas. “The County Commissioner’s wife is expectin’ me to be somewhere in a few minutes. We won’t tell anyone we seen y’all if y’all don’t tell anyone we were. We kinda of needed a place for a private moment.”

Mason reacted as Daney stepped beside him. “Don’t know if you’ve ever meet Bo and Luke Dukes but that’s her cousins.”

“Yeah.” One of the fellas said. “Alright, we’ll let ya go onconna your story’s believable.”

“I hear complaints all the time about how you inspectors are so mean, but your actually very nice.” Daney exclaimed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then the other fella. She grabbed Mason’s arm to run out. “Thanks, y’all have a good day now. Bye.”

Mason held back the laughter he felt till they were outside. “You an actress or something?”

“No, I just had some really good teachers.” Daney grinned.

“Your cousins?” Mason asked as they made their way over to the bike after taking the keys outta of the truck.

“Yeah, you could say that.” Daney replied. “You wanna drive this time?”

Y’all don’t think its gonna be that easy do ya… We should probably see what the rest of the Duke clan and Mason’s girls are up to…

Daisy just looked at everyone as they came walking up. Bo and Luke straight ahead from the parking lot, Tinker and Rosco from the left of the parking lot while Cooter and Sam were coming from the right side of the parking lot.

“Where’s Daney and Mason?” Cletus asked as they all seemed to gather at the same moment in front of him, Daisy, Jesse, Lulu and Boss.

“I thought y’all were going to look for them.” Daisy added.

“Jit Jit, we thought the boys were.” Rosco exclaimed.

“We figured they’d be back here by now.” Bo retorted.

“You told us to come to the fairgrounds.” Cooter reminded.

“Oh boy!” Sam sighed.

“Yep.” Luke agreed. He looked the group over. “Well I guess we best get out there. Anyone got any idea where they were headed?”

“A warehouse out by the old livery stables.” Tinker said.

“What in tarnation would they be goin’ out there for?” Jesse spoke for the first time. And he didn’t look too happy.

“Jefferson Davis Hogg, this better not be one of those crazy schemes of yours.” Lulu warned.

Boss promised. “It isn’t lambykins. I swear on my sweet mama’s grave it ain’t.”

“Now y’all lets simmer down and think this out. They could walk up any minute.” Rosco said interrupting any further comments from his sister or brother in law.

“ ‘Sides I’m sure they’re alright. Mason carries a weapon, doesn’t he?” Jesse said, trying to help Rosco calm everyone’s imaginations down after seeing the looks on their faces.

“Yes sir, he normally does. But all our stuff is in the RV at Cooter’s.” Sam replied quietly. “Well, if Daney was at work earlier, she’s probably still got her knife she uses to open the cartons of merchandise up with her.” Luke added.

“No she doesn’t. She put it in the glove compartment of the jeep.” Daisy said.

“Rosco, you get out there and find them.” Lulu demanded.

“Jit Jit, would you simmer down and go have a snack with Boss or something. Can’t you see we’re thinkin’ here.” Rosco commanded gently.

“I’m sorry just the thought--” Lulu started to say when Boss patted her hand. “Now, dumpling, I’m sure they’ll be alright. How ‘bout we go get us one of them waffle cones with the low fat yogurt Doc Applebee recommended for your diet.”

“My diet, you mean your diet.” Lulu exclaimed as they walked away.

“Uncle Jesse why don’t you go with ‘em. You look a little tired.” Bo suggested.

“You insinuating, I’m too old to go help look for them.” Jesse shot back.

“No sir, he wasn’t. Just the more of us people see around here. The less likely it’ll be that some one will think we’re looking for them.” Tinker said.

“Well since you put it that.” Jesse turned and smiled, “C’mon Cletus, you owe some money from that last checker game ya lost. A cold soda’ll take care of that debt.”

“Alright, but I should be out lookin’ for them like the Sheriff will be.” Cletus proclaimed as they began to walk away.

“I’m sure Rosco can handle it.” Jesse insisted.

“And I’d love to help y’all but I still got a couple of cars to look over for tonight’s derby, not to mention get a certain RV battery in.” Cooter said.

“You best get goin’ then-- I still gotta check the track out to make sure its ok.” Rosco exclaimed. “Well I’m sure the boys can handle that job can’t you boys?” Daisy said.

Bo and Luke looked at her.

“It’s the Sheriff’s job to find missing people and bad guys, not yours. So don’t get your boxers in an uproar.”

Luke ignored the comment and turned to the Sheriff. “But you’d like some help wouldn’t you, Rosco?”

“I’d appreciate it if ya checked the track out for me. Then y’all can join us.” Rosco said as Sam and Tinker each took one of his arms and they walked off.

Tinker looked back. “C’mon Daisy. You don’t want miss out do ya?”

“I sure don’t.” Daisy replied and ran to caught up with them. She turned with a grin. “Bye fellas, see ya later.”

Now you don’t think those boys are actually gonna listen do you, I didn’t think so…

“Check the track!” Bo spat as the General sped outta of the parking lot several minutes after Daisy’s jeep and the Sheriff’s patrol left.

“He is the law and we’re not suppose to disobey him. Not like he asked us to drive a load of shine or guns.” Luke commented.

“Didn’t those girls like us last time they was here? What does he got that we don’t?”

“Most be the uniform.”

“Couldn’t be. Gotta be something else.”

“His eyes, I don’t know. What are we even talking about this for! You afraid you’re all washed up with the ladies or somethin’.”

“No! But that’s twice in one day, girls have chosen rides with other guys besides us.”

“Maybe the girls said somethin’ to them.”

Bo and Luke looked at each other. “Nah.”

While Bo and Luke were discussin’ their recent luck with the ladies, Mason and Daney were in another kind of discussion …

“Some plan ya had!” Mason said.

“How was I suppose they lied about believen’ us.” Daney replied.

“Well at least you only got a rope around your wrists instead of handcuffs.”

“You mean I did have.” Daney exclaimed and dropped the rope in his lap after she stood up. Mason’s jaw dropped. “How did you do that?”

“Just a little trick I picked up.”


“Well if you haven’t ever had to saddle a horse or mule to a plow, you wouldn’t know it. Now mind you not very many of ‘em do it. Uncle Jesse’s friend had one that would blow itself up so the saddle fell off. I thought I’d see if it would work with humans.”

“That is not true!”

“I read it in a Trixie Belden book.” Daney smiled impishly.

“Wasn’t she the poor girls Nancy Drew?”


“What are those fellas doing now?” Mason asked.

Daney walked over as close to the wall as she could without putting herself in the bright lights that were everywhere on the first floor of the warehouse but seeing how the place was like a Boar’s Nest with a half of a Boar’s Nest on top of that, it wasn’t that big.

“Just going through the files.”

“Is there any way out of here?”

“Yes, but we’ll never make it if you have them handcuffs on.” Daney said.

“How you plan on getting them off?”

“With this!” Daney said and bent down to pick something up.

“This is too easy.” Mason said, as she stepped over and put the key in the lock.

“Yeah, it is.” Daney agreed as the cuffs fell off. “Maybe we should just stay here. I’m sure help will arrive soon.”

“On second thought, we should get out while we can.” Mason suggested.

“Your right-- Over here is a trap door that goes to the roof.” Daney said and led the way over to it. “You wanna go first?”

“Nah, you go ahead.”

“Ok,” Daney said and pulled the rung on the square that was cut for the trap door.
“Your gonna have to help me.”

“Ok.” Mason said and gave Daney a gentle shove to boost her up through the opening after she grabbed on to one of the edges to pull herself up.

Mason was startled when she tumbled back, knocking them both to the ground with a big thud on the concrete floor. “What’s the big idea?”

“How was I suppose to know it was boarded up since the last time I went through it.” Daisy said, helping Mason back to his feet.

“When was that?”

“About six months ago. Boss was havin’ the place repainted and stuff.”

Mason interrupted her. “Well let’s go back over and make it look like we’re still tied up incase one of them comes up here.”

“A little too late for that.” A voice called out.

Mason nearly tripped over his own feet seeing Tinker, Sam and Daisy. “You aughta be arrested for sneaking up like that!”

“Why were you doin’ something you weren’t suppose too?” Tinker teased.

“Yeah, we were plannin’ the next big moonshine run.” Daney answered.

“How does one of them work?” Sam played along.

“Well you get yourself -” Daisy started to say before they all laughed seeing the look on Mason’s face.

“We were just kiddin’ ya, Mace.” Tinker spoke apologetically. “The Sheriff just took off with them baddies in the back of his patrol car.”

“Well I guess we can head back over to the fair then.” Mason grinned. He waited till they were outside before he spoke again. “Tinker and Sam, what would you say to adding another partner?”

“That would be great, I guess.”

“Ok,” Mason said looking at his associates sitting in the jeep with the Dukes girls. “So Daisy, how would like to be a PI!”

“I don’t think I would.” Daisy replied.

“If you change your mind before we leave, just let me know.” Mason said and got back on the bike.

“I sure will.” Daisy replied as she started the jeep up.

In case your wonderin’ what happened to the boys, well they ran into a little problem, Cletus caught ‘em just as they were about to pull outta the parking lot…

“You fellas know you aren’t suppose to drive with the car like that.” Cletus said, handing them a ticket.

Cooter pulled up beside them as that moment. The RV on the back of his tow truck.
“I need you fellas to help me with these, if y’all won’t mind.”

“Sure, no problem.” Luke said and drove the General behind the tow truck to a spot that would accommodate the large motor vehicle.

They were getting ready to follow Cooter back out of the parking lot when Daisy’s jeep came.

“Guess we might as well stay.” Bo grinned as the girls and Mason came over.

Wouldn’t you know just as that moment, Jesse, Lulu and Boss waved them all over to from the attendance gate. The officials had decided to have the derby a few hours ahead of time because of possible ran. And you know how those demolition derbys are once they get under way…

“Is that opening still available, Mr. Dixon?” Daisy asked as everyone was walking back to their cars.

“Yes, why?” Mason replied.

“Because Daney will take it!” Daisy exclaimed with a big grin.

“I’ll what?” Daney asked.

“Excuse us a minute,” Daisy said to Mason and his associates. Then took her cousin by the hand and dragged her a few feet from the group.

“Just think about Dan, you’d like it once you got use to it. Or you wanna end up like Delia, with nothing to show for anything ‘cept a tiny little room at the boarding house.” Daisy paused. “Or you could end up with someone like her brother Johnny Lee, spends all his time and paychecks at the bar or Levi--”

“Ok, ok. I’ve heard enough.” Daney replied, knowing all too well everything Daisy mentioned and hadn’t mentioned.

“Besides you can always come home if you don’t like it.” Daisy said quietly.

“I know.” Daney answered and headed back towards the group. She really would have liked more time to think about all of this but knew if she waited, the opening wouldn’t be there. It would mean leaving family and friends but yet a whole world was outside of Hazzard County waiting to be seen.

Tinker wasn’t sure from the look on the young woman’s face what she had decided. But the thought of some one a little more like herself as a partner was appealing. Sam was alright and all but she tended to be more citified than Tinker cared to be. “I’d really like it if you joined us. Right Sam?”

Sam kind of froze for a second. She was so use to it being just her, Tinker and Mason. She liked Daney. “Yep, Tinker.”

“Khee y’all gonna call yourselves Mason’s Angels now?” Rosco asked.

“No!” Came the reply from Daney, Tinker and Sam.

“Well I guess that means you’ve decided to join us.” Mason said with a smile.

Daney nodded. “Yeah, but don’t you have to get a license and be bonded?”

“Yes, but first it might help to read up on all the laws and stuff. To get the license you have to put some practice in. So I’d say by the time we make it back this way from our case up north, you’ll be ready.” Mason said.

“We’re going up north?” Sam and Tinker asked. This was news to them.

“Yeah, now can we get going so we are there on time. Figured with four us driving, we’ll make there in three days.” Mason grinned.

“You’ll take good care of her Mason, make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble.” Bo said. Sam put her hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Of course, he will. You ain’t got nothing to worry about, Right Tinker?”

Tinker nodded. “Right Sam- Err Mace we’re gonna have to stop at the farm before we head out so Daney can get some things.”

“Oh, yeah we do, don’t we? I bet the RV can beat the General there.” Daney commented and ran for the RV, with Tinker, Sam and Daisy behind her while the boys and Mason made a mad dash for the General Lee at the other end of the parking lot.

Well the RV did beat the General, Cooter’s tow truck and Rosco’s patrol car out to the farm. Jesse insisted Mason and the girls stay for a late dinner before they left. Boss and Lulu went home, Rosco and Cletus went back on patrol and Cooter headed out on a call after saying their goodbyes.

“Thank you kindly, Mr. Duke for dinner. Ain’t often we get a chance to have a good home cooked meal like that.” Mason said, after everyone gathered around the RV.

“It was nothin’, I ‘spect y’all to stop in anytime yer in the area.” Jesse replied.

“We will.” Sam promised and then gave the elderly farmer a kiss on the cheek, which was followed by one from Tinker.

Daisy giggled seeing Jesse blush from the attention. It was always good to see him or her cousins’ smile. “Well we best let y’all get goin’-sure you got everything Daney?”

“I think so, if not I’ll have to pick up when we come back this way.” Daney replied and hugged each of her family quickly.

“Take it easy, y’all.” Luke said watching Mason and his girls step into the RV.

Daney, Tinker and Sam peeked out the open passenger side window. “Y’all stay outta trouble and take care.”

“Don’t forget to call or write.” Bo yelled as the RV began to pull away.

“She won’t.” Luke replied as the family headed towards the barn for evening chores.

“I wasn’t talkin’ about Daney, I meant the brunette.”

“Bo!” Daisy started to say but cut her remark short when he and Luke ran out toward the back forty, in the excitement of the day, they’d forgotten about the fence they promised Jesse they’d fix.

Daney sat in the back of the RV several hours later, sipping a can of warm soda after reading the official code for PIs in the state of Georgia. “No wonder the government is so confused sometimes, they got laws that contradict each other.”

“Yeah. Tell me what section 43-38-10 G means?” Sam asked.

“Section A says the board may grant a permit to carry a firearm. And they may establish a limit on type of weapon carried by the licensee. The permit is not transferable to anyone else. Section B states permit may not be issued or renewed till applicant presents proof that they are proficient in firearms usage. Section C states licensees are required to have a permit. Section D deals with exposed weapon permit. Section E talks about the concealed weapon permit. Section F is the exempt from certain state laws and which ones they are. Section G is the right to deny a permit. Section H is the authority to suspend the permit.”

“I think the test deals a lot with the Section F so make sure you know those.” Mason called from the driver’s seat up front. “How many rules are there for 43-38-11?”

“Part one has 15 different rules and a few definitions for a few of them and part 2 had 1 with 6 definitions. Part 3 has just one rule.”

“How are we allowed to arrest someone?” Tinker asked, remembering a question from the test.

“Section 43-38-13… Licensees or registrants under this chapter shall have the same power of arrest of that granted to a private person by Code Section 17-4-60.” Daney answered. “Section 43-38-14, deals with the people who these rules do not apply to such as attorneys and their bona fide assistants. Admitted insurers, agents, and brokers who are performing duties in connection to an insurance transaction at the time.”

“And which section deals with the terms used in the code?”

“43-38-3 while 43-38-6 deals with who is eligible to be granted a license and the requirements and conditions they must meet in order to secure the license.”

“You girls get some rest.”


“Good night, Angels.”


I wonder what they’ll be doing next time we see them? I bet a bowl of Jesse’s crawdad bisque, we’re gonna see them again soon.



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