This is my story it's about how it all began in Hazzard County. hang in with some of the bad spelling and this is the first draft I wanna see some feedback about it. It is written as a screenplay so thats' why through half the story there are directions for camera. Enjoy and please send feedback at



Dustin Duke (Bo's Father)

Laura Duke (Bo's Mother)


Dalton Duke (Luke's Father)

Samantha Duke(luke's Mother)


Dakota Duke(Daisy's Mother)

Judd Duke (Daisy's father)


Uncle Jessie Duke

Vivian Duke


The Camera Zoooms in from up above focusing on an old barn. The Camera cuts into a farm the camera is angled from the roof where Dustin Dalton and Judd are all taking to their wives Dont Worry” Judd Says The camera shows Dalton passing boxes to Dustin who then puts it in the trunk of the car. The Camera Cuts to the side of the car as Dustin closses the trunk. The camera has a close up of Dakota she's looking down at the ground. The Camera then cuts to a close up of Judd.

Judd speaks “Look if this about leaving Bo Luke and Daisy at Dad's house stop worring about it” The Camera then focuses on Dustin, Dustin speaks “Yeah I wouldn't worry about it I mean dad did diliver all of them” The Camera cuts back to Dakota “It's not the kids I'm worying about it's this plan of Yall's why don't we do it like we always do it.” The Camera cuts to to Judd “Look darlin' we have three cars and only one of them are filled with shine.” The Camera cuts to Dalton “This way three law inforcements are going to chase each one of us instead of three cars chasing one”. The Camera cuts to a shot with Samantha walking over to Dakota She speaks “Look I don't like it either but the boys need all of us to decoy the ATF” The camera cuts to Dalton as he interupts Samantha and says “Not

only The ATF but the ABC boys and not to mention the local Sheriff Hampton” The camera cuts to Dustin who puts his hands on Lura's shoulders then cuts to behind Lura as Dustin says “we have to go” the camera

cuts back to the front of Lura as she says “Lets go then” The camer cuts back to above with a shot looking in as the 6 get into the cars. The camera then cuts to outside the barn as three cars come speeding out of the barn. The camera cuts to the side of the back car looking in on the two cars ahead they hit a paved road and go into different directions.The

camera cuts to the outside looking across the front seat of Dustin's car he looks back. The camera cuts to the front of the car Laura says “What's wrong?” the camera angle stays as Dustin says “I don't like this it's too quiet” The camera changes to the backseat of the car as dustin picks up the cb. The camera then cuts to the side of the car as dustin speaks “This is Rustin Dustin carrying load one callin' Daulton and car carrier two whats your situation, over” The Camera cuts to Dalton's car as an overhead shot.The camera cuts to side of the car as Dalton talks “This car carrier 2 I'm terrin' up this county road an't no trouble so far over.” The camera cuts back to Dustin “What about you carrier 2 over”

The camera cuts to car 3 Dakota is driving Judd pickes up the CB “We ain't seen nothin' neither” The camera cuts to behind a car at the side of the road the camera at the same cut

moves to the side of the car as two men waring suits the driver says “that's are boys” The Camera then cuts to a shot of the wheels spining on the grass or gravel then rotating behind the car as it speeds after car 2. The camera cuts to Dakota and judd, Judd still has the cb in his hand “ahh shoot we got a tail (Judd turns around in his seat to look back) no lights on it they must be the abc or atf boys” The Camera cuts to Car 3 Dalton and Samantha Dalton is driving “this is car three we ain't seen nothin'” The camera cuts back to Judd and dakota “Okay darlin they got the real stuff so don't loose him and don't let him catch us” The camera cuts to the side of the car as Dakota says “Yeah they need as much of a lead as the can get.” The camera cuts to the floor and shows Dakota puush down on the gas. The Camera then cuts to the side of the car chasing Dakota and Judd mounted on the side of the car the camera shows the car do a 180 spin. Half way through the 180 the camera cuts to in front of the car. Showing dakota driving and seeing them as their spinning. The camera then cuts to the backseat of the pursing vehical and follows the car. (the rest of the script will be dialog) The car then does a 180. The man in the car picks up the C.B “This is agent Hoyt I'm in pursuit of a (year, make and Model) on Jeseb road” the man lets go of the button on the cb as a voice comes over “This is Agent Dawson what exactly is you situation? Over” I just started chassing a suspected runner they won't pullover. I need a 10-14 on a License plate Charlie-Tom U -652” The other voice comes back over the C.B that will take a minute Agent Hoyt stay on their tail”. Meanwhile back in Dakot and Judds car Dakota looks behind her then picks up the cb This car 3 how are the rest of yall doin' over”. Dustin picks up the CB. “We got the basket of eggs with no hens behind us over”. Agent Hoyt picks up the C.B again a voice comes over just before he starts to talk “Agent Hoyt what's your situation still the same?” Ageent Hoyt talks into the CB. “I don't like it if this is a runner he should be driving faster and there is no blocker insight.” The car in which Dakota and Judd is driving cut of the dirt or gravel road into a grassy field speeding through tall grass. Agent Hoyt's car follows through the field. Still driving in a field Dakota drives up a hill and gets some air and almost hits another car it's Dustin's car. Lura then picks up the C.B Dammit Dakota you suppose to draw them away from us not to us” Judd then picks up the CB sorry Yall, Dalton you better get over here now we need all the interferince we need, were just passin' Ridge Road number 12 over” Dalton Picks up the cb as he's driving no problem “we'll be on your tails in no time” he puts down the cb and says to Samantha “hold on Sam” Dalton then does a 180 and drives down an old cow path. Back in Hoyt's car a voice comes over the CB “Agent Hoyt we just ran a 10-14 and verivied what you propebly already know the car belongs to-.” the two say in unision “Duke” yeah that's just great but it looks like I've got bigger trouble looks like they met up together there's now two a runner and a blocker I'll need some back up bad. Suddanly another car comes from behind and starts tailgating and rearending Hoyt's car. Inside of Hoyt's car its being bumped around he picks up the cb “This is Special Agent William Hoyt of the Alchool Beverage Control I need a help from any Law enfrocment agency I'm on Ridge road number 12 over”. A patrol car is seen inside of it a man picks up the CB this is deputy Knight I'm just near there. Dustin's car takes a paved road Dakota follows as does Agent Hoyt still being hit from bahind by Dalton. Deputy Knight then skids and makes a roadblock using his car. Dustin looks ahead and to the left is Deputy Knight in front are some kids skateboarding on a big ramp Dustin goes off the ramp and Jumps about 20 feet over a cement divider. Cuts to Agent Hoyt. “Where the hecks my backup.” Hoyt yells over the C.B. “It's on it's way” Cuts to Dustin “This is car 1 looks like they've called some reinforcments we best better get back to the meeting place. Dalton and car # 2 comes to screeching stop as does Dakota they see the ABC car go of the ramp but does not make it over cement divider, it crashes into the cement divder. Dalton in car 2 and Dakota in car 3 do reverse 180 in at the same time. Deputy Knight backs up and takes another route to go after Dustin's car. Dustin car is shown going down a short road another cement divider is in the way. This time he goes around a small space. The scene cuts back to Dalton's car Samantha picks up the C.B “Car 1 this is car 3 we'll meet you and Dakota and Judd at the meeting place Over and Out” Dustin says to Lura “We'll meet up with the Dalton and Judd at okamanga Indian Caves as soon as we loose this tail hang on darlin'” Dustin pulls off a paved road and drives right into some bushes and drives through some bushes until he gets to a large field. “Try drivin through that duputy” The duputys car follows Dustin and Laura's car “He's still hangin with us babe” Lura says. “Well he won't for long watch this” The car goes up a grassy hill and comes down. Cuts back to Duputy Knight “This oughta show new Sheriff Coaltrane that I can cut it” there is a pond Dustin goes around the pond. Cuts back to inside the Deputys car “O Crap” and the Duputy's car goes into the water. Cuts back to Dustin and Lura Lura says “well at least he's got a new place to go fishin'” The Scene cuts back to an old cave. The 6 dukes are talking Dustin: “Big T. Atkins ain't gonna like his shine being late” Dakota: “Nevermind him what about yall's brother Jessie he ain't gonna be happy after all he made the stuff” The 6 of them look around at eachother when the C.B goes of Jessie:This is ole J.D on the C.B callin his oakridge brothers comon' over” The 6 look at eachother again as to who wants to talk to him Dustin picks up the C.B Dustin: “Hey big bro we've ah hit a kinda problem here” Jessie: “What kind of problem” He says while trying to hold back his temper. Dustin: “Well we kinda run into John Law and we havn't diliverd the shine to big T.” Jessie: “You know this could be a good time to call a couple of the ridge raiders out of retirment” Two people walk into a clearing from a hiding place. Jessie: “Jefferson Davis Hogg and Sonny Strait boys” Jessie says pointing to the three men and three woman. Jessie: “I believe you ain't had the pleasure these are my brothers” Jessie points at one individaly. “This is Dustin he's our main driver that's his wife Lura. Next is Dalton and Samantha Duke and Judd and Dakota duke”. The 6 dukes look at eachother as to ask themselves what do we do now. “Boys” Jessie says talking to J.D Hogg and Mr. Strait “We got ourselves 12 cases of 120 proof shine we had to delivery to big T over in Chickasaw county.” J.D starts scrathing his head “There are a couple of things I don't understand.” he points to his finger counting the reasons “1 Why would Big T ask for the shine to be deliverd in the day and two Why would we agree to it.?” Jessie looks around Dustin and Lura are sitting on the hood of the car. Dalton has a piece of straw in his mouth and is leaning on his car next to Samantha. Dakota is leaning against the third car with Judd's arm around her. Dakota says “By the way how is my little Daisy?” Cut to Jessie “She's Fine there all fine there at home now with vivian and tommarow she'll take them to class any way what I was about to say We thought that making the run in broad daylight would be a suprise to who ever was after us. I guess we were wrong.” cut to Sonny Strait “let me guess” Sonny says stepping up front “Knowing Big T this is just a test on rather you can cut it or not” Cut to Dustin “Well we don't have a choice we'll have to wait till nightfall and deliver the MoonShine” Dustin says emphizing the word moon. Cut to Jessie: “Well we better get comfortable because the roads are probebly filled with Smokies and revenoures” Cut to the brighting sun as it slowly dissapears into a moon. Cut to Jessie : “Does everbody know what to do.” Jessie says while the rest of the dukes: Dustin and Lura are lying on the hood of the cars looking at the stars, the headlights are on While the rest of the dukes are sitting around the camp fire cut to jessie “Where going to do it straight fowrard, Me and Dustin will carry our load sepratly, Now there's two ways to get there. Dustin and Lura will be in runner 2 will take ridge road 23 While Sonny and I Will be runner 1.We'll take old Winchester road, Dalton and Dakota take your cars and block Dustin's car.” Cut to Judd “Yeah but who's gonna be your blocker” Cut to J.D Hogg “I am, Jessie and I are the best moonShine drivers in the state ain't nobody gonna catch us” The group split up Dustin and Lura on the car say as one “Lets ride” There are 5 cars shown three go in one direction while two go in the opposit direction. The Cars travel down dirt roads with dust and dirt flyin behind them. It Didn't take but 5 miles until they all ran into trouble. Three cars are shown with bright lights on and in front is Dalton and Samantha followed by Dustin and Lura, followed by Dakota and Judd. Ahead of car one there are two cars paralleld next to each other cut to Dalton “Looks like were going to split up I'll smash through the roadblock you two take the turnoff.” Dalton hits the quarter pannels of the cars blocking the road. The two cars go back on the road one drives after Dalton's car while the other chases Dakota and Dustin's cars. The two cars take a turnoff it is a grassy and very bumpy cut to Dakota “I don't like this how the hell did they know what road we're taking and what time were taking this route” she says to Judd as he replys “I don't know maby someone sliped are position to the police” Dakota replies as she shakes her head “No this ain't the police it must be the revenoures or the ATF or ABC they all drive unmarked cars” Judd: “Well there's on way to find out” Judd picks up the C.B “Jessie and Sonny what's your 20 over” Cut to Jessie's car Sonny picks up the C.B. “Were on winchester road no sign of any trouble, we should be there within the hour” cut to Dustin “Yeah well they knew where we are I've split them but” cut to Jessie and Sonny and then to J.D Hogg a voice comes over the C.B “but LOOK OUT!”. There are three cars Dustin and Dalton smash into each other then Dakota hits them from behind Dustin car flips over. The bottles and mason jars of moonshine smash. Cut to Jessie he's on the C.B “Dustin come in DUSTIN.” Cut into a classroom there are 15 to 20 students all about the age of 10-12 the teacher is talking about a war pointing at a map with a pointing stick or ruler stick “Who can tell me what year the battle of hazzard was fought in?. Three people raise their hand the teacher points at a girl “Yes Daisy” Daisy puts her hand down “1858 Three neighbering states went to war for the land of hazzard” The teacher a1cknowledges the awnser as she goes in front of her desk and asks the next q1uestion “yes it was fought because Hazzard was so centrally located because it's were three states come together” A small boy leans over and says to the student beside him “I heard that the looser got the land” The teacher slams he desk with the stick and stands up after leaning against the desk “Boragurd Duke do wish to share something with the rest of the class” then a man enters the classroom and whispers something in her ear “O My god” she replys She nerversly runs her fingers through her hair almost in tears she whispers so nobody can hear as the rest of the kids look arount at eachother she whispers “Do the rest of the Duke kids know” The man replies with a single nod of the head “no”.

Cut to a semetary there are about a dozen people gathering around the tombstone Bo, Luke and Daisy are with their uncle Jessie and Aunt vivian. Everybodys heads are down the preacher has a bible in his hand “amen” the precher says as everbody lifts their head. J.D Hogg walks up to jessie and Vivian “I'm realy sorry Jessie I would do anything for you, you know where I'm at” J.D walks past him and pats Jessie on the shoulder. Vivian takes Jessie's hand “We have to take them into our home” Jessie looks up at the sky “why god why” Sonny Strait walks up to Jessie “Look Jessie were really sorry about youe 3 brothers and sister-inlaws but we have a problem” J.D. Hogg overhears the conversation and steps back toward Jessie. Cut to Sonny Strait “Looks like the rest of the ridge runners are gonna have to come out of retirment cause Big T ain't gonna be happy with just one load of shin” Cut to J.D “I hate to say” J.D says as Jessie turns around to see him behind him. Jessie holds up a finger “One minute guys” Jessie puts his hands on Vivian's shoulders “Go wait in the car I'll be there in five minutes” Vivian starts to walk a few steps then turns her back “I don't want you to be a part of this Jessie, I don't want to raise three kids by myself” she says as a tear rolls down her face. Jessie turns around to face J.D and Sonny cut to Jessie “I ain't got no choice if we don't have another car load of shine big T is goin' to kill us anyway” Cut to a forrest sorounded area there are three people one is Big T Atkins he stands about 6'4 with a rifle in his hand. The other are standing beside him cut to Big T “I want that whole duke gang wasted they're ruining my reputation do you get me” the two men look at eachother and then get in a car together and drive off. Big T smiles then starts his aim. Cut to a small spot in the woods Jessie is there with Sonny Strait and J.D Hogg cut to Jessie “and that makes 24 bottles of 120 proof shine looks like we'll have to bring Black Tilly and Gray Ghost out of retirement. Sonny loks at the two “who are they”. The two smile J.D says “lets just say they're gonna be doin' the real runnin', we might as well introuduce you to them. Cut to inside a farm inside Jessie is un covering a tarp over a car it is a long black car with the back seats taken out. “Sonny meet black tilly, yeah she's a 1970 LTD with 7.0 L 429 CI and she's gotton away from every revenourer ATF, ABC, Sherrif, and at a time irade husbands” “What about the gray ghost” Sonny asks. Cut to another barn J.D hogg uncovers a tarp over a grey car “meet Gray ghost, Sonny this is a real runner a 1970 chrysler 300 he's got 440 V8 and has got thanks to my fine tunning over 400 horses unnder the hood” Sonny scrathes his head “Okay so we sitill have the load we haven't deliverd to Big T and we got another batch for this car, we only have one blocker” “That's no problem sonny your gonna run blocker for J.D and the Gray Ghost. I'll take the another route and meet you there” “hold it boys” a voice says from around the corner as he steps in from the shadows.

J.D: “Well sheriff William J Hampton, in what do we owe you this pleasure” J.d Says sarcasticly “Ive been looking for you boys, I'm givin' ya'll a warining me and the rest of the Sheriff's office are working with the ABC boys, Wesly come on out” A big 6'4 man gets out of the car and walks toward them. “we've combined resouces and are coming after you. This is Wesly Merrit of the Alchool Beverage Control” Ageent Merrit: “yeah now you know my name, the same name that's gonna run you in. There won't be any mistakes like agent Dawson and Agent Hoyt I'm for real.” Sheriff Hampton: “There is also the ATF and they are on their own” The three men look at eachother “Why are you telling us this Sheriff” “This could as well be my last year as Sheriff, One Roscoe Coaltrane is running, J.D I belive you know him” J.D nods his head “Yeah he's my brother in Law” “look boys I'm really sorry about your whole family but I have a job to do. Your runnin' contraband Whiskey and as part of my job I have to run you in. Look I know ya'll are just having some fun” Jessie cuts him of befor he can finnish talking. “Fun you call six people getting killed is fun were just making our way the only way we know how.” J.D. Steps in “Look the Hoggs and the Dukes and even the Straits have been making whiskey for over 200 years. It's a family tradition we are just carying on” Agent Merrit slams his hand on the car “Family Traditon or no I don't give a damn you breaking the law and I'm gonna take you even if I have to hog tie you” Sheriff Hampton walks over to his car opens the door and looks back “you know I'm just following a family tradition too. Law inforcement has been in my bloodline for about the same time”. Hampton gets in his car the window is rolled down as he starts his police car “I'm givin you a headstart the rest of the revenourers will be waiting for you it's my job they'll catch you” Sheriff Hampton starts his car and drives off. Jessie and J.D and Sonny look at eachother Sonny tries to to say something but the words won't come out. Jessie: “Look three different law inforcement groups after us ain't nothin compared to what big T will do if he don't get his shine he's payin' for” Cut to inside a farm house Bo, Luke, and Daisy are looking out a window “Aunt Vivian” Bo says “Where is uncle Jessie and the boys goin.” Aunt Vivian looks to be upset “He and his friends are continuing a family tradition” Daisy: “Can we go” Vivian: “No and if I had it my way they wouldn't either” Cut to farm Jessie is getting in his car “Okay boys let's do this” Jessie walks back to J.D and Sonny Jessie spits in his hand and shakes J.D's hand and J.D does the same to Sonny. Jessie “The Ridge runners handshake is hold togerther with spit or blood.” The Three get in their cars J.D drives off by himself in one direction and Jessie drives in the other direction with Sonny behind him. Sonny is keeping his distance between Jessie. Within 5 minutes driving down a dirt road a Hazzard County Sheriff's car. Sheriff Hampton is driving. He starts chasing Jessie. Jessie looks in is rearview mirror then looks behind him he picks up the C.B “Hey Sonny don't let go of that hammer” Sonny drives up and rearends the back of the sheriff's car he keeps hitting from behind Sonny drives up beside him and tries to ram him of the road. Suddanly another car enters the chase. It's an unmarked car with a small magnetic siren on the roof. Jessie looks behind him “looks like another guest has joined the party.” Sherrif Hampton picks up his C.B “First order of thing agent Merrit get rid of this blocker my deputy will pick him up”. Agent Merrit drives up beside the two cars. Hampton and Merrit start banging sonny from both sides. Jessie keeps going he's about 7 or 8 car lengths ahead of the pack. Jessie does a sharp 90 degree turn. Sonny slams on the brakes and Sheriff Hamptons car and Agent Merrit crash. Sheriff Hampton car gets a flat. Merrit hits the sterring wheel with is fist in anger. Hampton quickly jumps out of his car and gets into Agent Merrt's car. Merrit: “This is gonna be more fun than I thought” Sonnys car drives through a field to get back on the road behind Jessie. Agent Merrit chase right behind. Cut to J.D Hogg it is night J.D is eating a hot dog and drinking while he's driving. J.D pulls up to a small wooded area gets out of the car and looks around. “Big T it's me J.D I've got your basket of goodies”. A man comes out of the dark into the high beam of J.D's lights it's Big T he's holding a shotgun in his hand pointing up at the sky. He's wearing a long over coat and a cowboy hat. “were you followed” J.d nervously shakes his head “no no one saw me come” “let's see the merchandise” They walk to J.D's car he opens the rear door and then the trunk. Big T “20 jugs of 120 proof MoonShine” “Yeah and Jessies got 20 more it took us while to make so many batches.” Cut to Jessie he's on the C.B “Sonny you still with me, I think after a few hairpen turns some pricision drivin' we lost em” Cut to Sonny his car his smashed up on the drivers side he has only one headlight. “Yeah good thing we'll be there in five minuts cause me and my car can't take much more.” The two pull up in their cars they see J.D already there. Sonny and Jessie get out of their cars and step into the light made by the three cars headlights. Big T is standing still holding a shotgun. “Well well well I'm impressed it's not very often someone can outrun three law inforcement agencies. Espicaly Agent Wesly merrit of the ABC, he's tough as they come” Jessie, Sonny, and J.D all take sighs of relief J.D: “So you'll take the shine and...” Big T cuts him waving his finger in the air off takes off his overcoat revealing a gun belt around his waist with one gun at either side. He pulls out a big six shooter and fires into the black stary night. Four men come out of the darkness. J.D looks at Jessie and Sonny J.D “wha wha what is this” J.d says as he stammers and walks behind Jessie and Sonny. Jessie looks behind him and his mad to see J.D cowering behind him. Jessie whispers : “J.D get the shotguns from the car” J.D scrathes his head “Jessie we ain't got no ammo” “Shut up” Big T steps up a couple of feet. “See I'll take your shine but I'll also take the money that would be yours and I'll also....... take you lifes. Go get em boys.” The four men charge Jessie and Sonny. J.D yells and runs away Big T runs after J.D. The four men split two take Sonny and two take Jessie a man runs at Jessie he dodges him grabs his belt and swings him back into the second man Sonny swings his arm but his puch is blocked the man pucnhes Sonny in the stomach but before he can uppercut him Jessie dives and takes the man down. The two men Jessie threw down get up and come after Jessie whose on top of one man while the other is puching sonny two punches at Sonny's face Sonny blocks the next swing and picks him up by the waist and throws him on the hood of the car. The man on the hood swings his foot and kicks Sonny in the rib cage. Sonny welps in pain. Jessie jumps up and tries to elbow the man he misses the man then grabs Jessie from behind the man on the ground charges Jessie kicks his feet in the air and hits the man he then stomps on the toe of the man holding him and then flips him over his shoulder and lands on the other man. Jessie runs after the two men beating on Sonny they both hit the men in the face at the same time Jessie runs to the car grabs two shotguns throws one to Sonny he cocks the gun “hold it right there” Jessie says wiping the sweet off his forehead. Jessie: “Where's J.D” Cut to a forest Big T catches J.D.

“You played it really well Hogg really well.” J.D: “So are agreements on right I mean I get the Money you get the Moonshine and you catch the legendary Jessie L Duke. Something none else has able to do.” Big T: “We still have a deal. Yeah, right about now my boys will have Jessie and Sonny hogtied and branded” Cut to Jessie and Sonny their tying a rope around the four men. Jessie: “Where do you think J.D went, That yellow bellied coward.” Two People walk in drom darkness J.D whispers to Big T “What the hell is this, ain't it suppose to be the other way around. Jessie finishes tying up the man gets up from kneeling on the ground and picks up his shotgun when he hears rustling. “Big T it's Jessie Duke you can forget about killin us now” “I wouldn't say that Jessie” a man says as he steps into the light J.D right behind him “You see Jessie and Sonny if I let you go that means anyone can think I can be cheated, double crossed, well I guess you get the picture when people hear that I caught the famous Jessie Duke no one will double cross me again.” J.D walks up behind Big T and grabs him by the shoulder “You promised me you were just gonna hold him in your base for a week or two” Jessie and Sonny look at eachother Sonny yells at J.D “J.D you kineiving little skunk do you have a heart. Do you have any idea what Jessie's been through” Jessie and Sonny run behind the car Sonny jumps to the side of the car while Jessie hood slides to get behind it Big T shoot his revolver but mises. Jessie with his shotgun still in his hand opens the door of his car and gabs shells out of the front seat. He jumps up and fires a shot over the head of Big T and J.D. J.D yelps and runs for cover. Jessie gets up and yells “J.D mark my word the Hoggs and Dukes are no longer partners in anything. Our Friendship is over, our partnership has been Terminated!” Jessie gets in the drivers side door and Sonny gets in with him.They Drive off leaving a cloud of dust in the air. Big T slams his gun against the hood of the car “Dang! J.D untie those men” Big T gets in his car and drives after them. Jessie looks behind him and sees 3 cars behind him Sonny sees them and nerversly swallows “Uh You want my advice Jessie, don't take your foot off that petal.” Jessie steps on the gas he looses site of 2 but big T's car rams him from behind. Jessie looks through the rear window “Looks like we lost two, what's that car got in it. Mabye he can't chase what he can't see” Jessie turns off his headlights Sonny looks at Jessie “How can blinding ourselves help us.” Jessie laughs out loud “I know every nook, cranny, bump and rut on this road. Hang on Sonny” the car does a 180 and dissapears through a litlle cowpath. Big T's car drives right by. Cut to Jessie's car. He has his head in his hands a tear rolls down his face. “I can't believe it three of my brothers and three of my sister-inlaws are dead. My best friend has turned on me what the the hell else can go wrong” Sonny looks down not knowing what to do he pats Jessie on the back. Cut to Big T. He slams his fist aginst the steering wheel. “Damn your good Jessie your very good” he say as his voice keeps rising “Your finnished Duke” Big T picks up the C.B “This is Atkins callin' his three snakes” Jessie and Sonny hear the transmission over the C.B Sonny lets out a small chuckle “Boy he sounds p'd” Cut to car one a man has a cloth over his forehead he hold the cloth and is driving, but puts down the cloth reaviling a bloody forehead he picks up the C.B “Yeah this is Snake one what are we gonna do about are boys” Big T nods his head “yeah gonna kill him what the hell else would we do. Go back to the hideout we'll wait till morning by then we'll have a plan.” Cut To Jessies farm the sun is just rising as Jessie's car pulls up. Out come Jessie and Sonny. Jessie's wife vivian come runnin out the door in her night gown. Sonny looks away. “Jessie L Duke where in tarnation have ya'll been and Where's J.D.Lulu's been ringin' the phone of the wall” A man comes out from behind a bush “I'm right here”. Jessie yells out to him and charges toward him Sonny hold him back. “You, You took everything from me I ought to stomp you in the ground.” J.D moves back and puts his arms up in front of him “Hold it Jessie I'm here to warn you. Big T is madder than I thought and he won't rest until your in prison or dead. Jessie Looses his restraint from Sonny “Why the hell are telling us this? It's your fault he's after us. You choose him. I trusted you. What did he pay you off with. Now I know how you'd ever be able to buy Jewlery, watches and nice shiny suites.” “I knew I should have told you your to smart you would have figured it out.” Jessie calmly says “How much did he give you” J.D. Takes a few seconds stamering “well uhh um ahh” Jessie raises his voice “How much did he give you!.” J.D quickly responds this time “eight Thousand Dollars that's a lot now adays. And it should get my foot in the door in some buisness oppatunity. “eight thousand that's a lot of money J.D, but do you think for one second that eight thousand dollars equels six lives” Jessie pauses and yells “six lives gone all for you to make money!” “Jessie just hold on I had no intent of anyone getting hurt none less killed.”