Goodbye Hazzard
1987: Times are changing in Hazzard.
By: Tara Bobkoski

Balladeer: Friends, Welcome to Hazzard. It is time for the annual Lawman Of the Year awards. This year, the festivities are being held at the Boar's Nest during a fancy evening dinner. Lets go back a few weeks to when this all began.

Enos looked over the letter carefully

To whom it may concern,

We would like to elect our commanding officer Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane of Hazzard County for the Lawman Of The Year. We do not feel right that we won a few years back and he did not. You see there were some unusual things going on at the time.

Thank You

Deputies Enos A. Strate and Cletus T. Hogg.

He smiled approvingly at the envelope as he closed it. He looked on his desk "Sheriff Rosco will never suspect me and Cletus wrote this nice letter for him", He picked up his jacket and walked out of the boarding house to his patrol car.

Balladeer: Now isn't it just like Enos and Cletus to be thinking of some one other than themselves.

"Miss Tisdale, I'd like to buy a stamp so I can mail this letter to Atlanta." Enos said cheerfully as he walked up to the counter. Miss Tisdale turned and smiled mischievously at him as she stepped over to the counter "Now Enos, you know the rules. I can not wait on you until you have a number."

Enos grinned sheepishly as he picked a plastic number off the little red box. "Yes ma'am, I'm sorry about that. Here,” as he handed the number to her. She took it and replied, "Now did you want a priority stamp or will a regular stamp be fine,” as she opened the stamp drawer.

He thought for a moment "Well I guess a regular stamp will be fine since it's just going to Atlanta" She took the envelope and placed a stamp on it. "Thank you Miss Tisdale." He replied as she turned from placing the letter in a mailbag on the floor. "Well just doing my duty, now that will be 20 cents please." "Here, you are Miss Tisdale. Have a good day" Enos replied as he handed her the money.

Balladeer: Now if that gets to Atlanta on time, Rosco just might have a chance at that award.

Enos walked out of the post office and headed over to his patrol car, when a white jeep came cruising by. His face dropped as he saw a man in a white tuxedo driving and Daisy in the passenger seat in a white dress.

He got in his patrol car as he saw the “Just Married” sign on the back, a trail of cans tied to the sign dragged along the road making a clunky clack noise. He followed the jeep at a distance for a bit to the edge of town where he silently wept as he watched the jeep past the Leaving Hazzard sign at the county line.

Balladeer: In case you're wondering, Daisy met that man at the Boar's Nest a few months ago during a concert from one of Rosco's celebrity speed traps. The irony is Enos was the one who caught the band speeding. That’s life in Hazzard, always full of surprises.

A few minutes later, smiling when a thought popped into his mind as he watched the birds flying west across the clear blue sky and the smell of wild spring flowers hit him through the open window. He grabbed the cb,
"Cletus can you get May belle to ring the LAPD and patch it here to my patrol car.” Cletus replied as Enos started down the road back towards town "Sure thing Enos. This doesn't have anything to do with Daisy getting married does it? "

Enos snickered "No Cletus it doesn't, and the captain of my squad left me an open invite to come back whenever I wanted. Now do it fore I call Sheriff Rosco and have him make you the midnight security guard at the Impound Lot with Wilber Fudge and Emery Potter as your supervisors."

"OK Enos, calm down. May belle says the line is busy. She'll try again in a few minutes." Enos sighed "Never mind, I'm on my way back into town now," and threw the cb in disgust as he opened the door. He thought to himself as he drove away "Well I might have lost her this time but just maybe someday…"

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, I got a feeling this is not going to be your ordinary Hazzard day.

Rosco fussed with his black hat as he stepped inside the booking room a few hours later on his return from patrol “Enos, where are you? Cletus? Hmm, well looks like it’s just you and me Flash.” He walked over to the desk and sat his beloved velvet ears on the desk. He took a seat and looked over all the reports in the metal wire frame basket. He shook his head when he came across some papers he needed to sign for the Duke boys’ parole.

He had finished the paperwork and was about to go back out on patrol when the phone rang. He picked it up “Hazzard County Sheriff’s Department, This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane speaking.”
He paused for a moment “Enos, isn’t here right now. Can I take a message?” Another long pause as he scribbled the name Captain Dempsey down next to the words LAPD. He frowned as the man on the other end of the phone asked him some questions.

He hesitantly replied “ Tell you the truth, Enos has not spoken to me of this matter. I’ll gladly give him a recommendation if needed, but I’d like to talk to him first. Much obliged” He hung the phone up, miffed at the phone call. He picked up the cb mic on the desk and said calmly
“Enos, what’s your 20?” Enos replied “Just pulling up out front, sir.”

Rosco shook his head “Good, I need you to report to me immediately. Cletus can handle your parking ticket duties.” He hung the cb back up and thought about what he was going to say.
He wasn’t mad that Enos wanted to leave; He was hurt he had found out from someone else.

He walked over to the table with the coffee pot and poured himself a cup, adding just a 1 teaspoon of sugar to it. He was about to turn back when he heard the footsteps on the floor. Without turning, he asked matter of factly “When were you planning on telling me you were leaving.”

He was surprised by the reply “Dang that Cletus, I was going to tell you Sheriff when I saw you.”
Rosco answered still looking at the bulletin board above the table “Cletus didn’t tell me. A Captain Dempsey from LA called for ya.” There was a silence as he turned around and stared at Enos.

Enos looked like a little lost puppy as he said quietly “Sheriff Rosco, it ain’t got nothing to do with you. I just feel like I gotta do this.” Rosco walked over to the younger man and handed him the coffee cup “You want to talk about it?” He asked, concern in his voice as he saw the pain in Enos’s eyes. Enos shook his head “I don’t know what good it would do. That ain’t going to change the fact that Daisy is gone.”

Rosco nodded some what frustrated and took a deep breath before he said “You mean to tell me your going to give up your life here in Hazzard over that silly Duke girl? Good Grief Enos,” he stopped as he saw Enos bit his lip ”I’m sorry, Sheriff. I loved her and I feel like the only way to get over her is to leave like the Duke boys are doing and make myself a fresh start. I’ve enjoyed working for you but I don’t think I could keep doing a good job by staying here.” Rosco was about to reply when the cup fell to the floor and Enos ran out of the room.

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, Well it’s been an interesting few days here in Hazzard. The Duke boys made it off probation and are making plans to leave Hazzard. Enos is getting ready to leave for LA.

Rosco peered out from under the rim of his black hat as he lay back in the seat of his patrol car. "You know it seems like just yesterday those Duke boys got on probation and now ‘Poof’, it's over. Ten years sure does go by fast." He looked away a second, sighing as he watched Flash chew on her new toy. "Then that dipstick Enos wants to run away to LA again all because of Daisy. I tell you Flash it doesn't pay to get out of bed some days. Life as we know it is changing fast. I don't know if I like it or not.”

Balladeer: Just goes to show you that you don't necessarily know everything about a man as complex as Rosco P. Coltrane. Who would’ve thought he had a soft spot for the Dukes?

“Excuse ma’am, I was wondering if you had any rooms available?” The man dressed in black asked as he pulled a wallet from his coat. The woman behind the counter looked at him warmly “Yes, we have several at the Hazzard Hotel. What kind of price range are you looking for?” “It doesn’t matter. I’m here on business.”

He stated flatly as he placed a $100 bill on the wooden counter. “I think we have the perfect room for you on the 3rd floor. “ as she took a key from the board on the wall. “It’s $25 a night. How many nights will you need it,” picking the bill up. He thought for a moment and replied,
“2 or 3, you can keep the change”

He picked his bag up and headed for the stairs as she wondered where she had seen him before. He opened the door to room 301 at the end of the hall and laid his bag at the end of the bed on the floor. He laughed remembering the last time he had been in this little out of the way no where town.

“This time they won’t know what it was that hit them till it’s to late.” He thought to himself as he pulled a pair of shades and put them. He checked his bag quickly and walked back down stairs.

“Excuse me, ma’am I hate to bother you again. But can you tell me if the sheriff’s name is Snead?” The woman shook her head still unable to remember the name of the man in front of her “No, the sheriff is Rosco P. Coltrane. Has been for 35 years and probably will be for another 25. Anything else I can help you with?” He smiled “Yeah, I read a newspaper ad over in Capitol City that someone had a orange Charger for sale. You know where I might find the owner.”

The woman shook her short dark hair “No sir, the only orange Charger I know of in Hazzard is the General Lee, he belongs to the Duke boys who live out on Ridge Road. I can assure you that it is not for sale.
Them boys had that car for 10 years and I don’t think they will ever get rid of it. He’s like a member of their family.” He nodded “I must have read the name of the town wrong. Thank you ma’am.” He smiled curtly and walked out to his car. “It looks like this back water hole hasn’t changed a bit.”

Driving to the Boar’s Nest just outside of town, he made a mental checklist of supplies he had and ones he would need to complete his goal. A bit later he came smiling out of the establishment as he checked some things on his list and wrote the information down that he had gathered from the waitresses inside.

The light colored sedan drove carefully up to the Boar’s Nest later that evening as dusk began to set in. ” The brown haired man laughed as he casually pulled a small metal box from his coat and walked inside.

Jason Steele walked through the door his voice booming through the room “Well, if it isn’t my old friends Bo and Luke. I hope you all won’t mind me joining you” and held the box in the air. Bo and Luke stood frozen.

Luke shook his head as he and Bo took a few steps back, he asked, “What do you want?”
Steele laughed “Well I figured I’d repay you two and that Sheriff of this one horse town for sending me to the slammer. Now blondie, I ain’t got all night”

Bo stepped forward and as Steele turned towards the door, he attempted to shove him.
Luke cringed as Steele’s right leg kicked back and smashed his young cousin. Bo crumpled like a rag doll from the shot to his head.
Steele waved the box in the air in one hand and pointed the pistol in his other hand at Luke. He said coldly “Well it looks like you still haven’t learned any manners. Alright plowboy lets go.” He laughed seconds later when Luke fell after the pistol came across his head as he leaned down to check on Bo.

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, I sure hope somebody shows up soon.

Rosco frowned as he drove past the Boar’s Nest and saw the General parked outside and the lights still on. “Them Dukes told Boss they would be out of there an hour ago. Off probation half a day and already causing me grief.” He swung the patrol back around and shut his lights off, as he pulled up next to the dark green sedan. “I don’t remember this car being from around these parts.” He thought aloud as he walked up to the door and heard screaming.

He paused as he peeked through the door and saw the Duke boys waking up on the floor. He reached for his gun and started to open the door when he noticed the bomb box on the table with the digits 1:00 on it. His blood ran cold as he recognized Jason Steele over by the bar.
He crept quietly inside and grabbed the box as Luke looked at him encouragingly. He had just opened the door up when he felt a gun in his spine “I figured you would show up sooner or later.” Steele growled as he poked the cold metal harder into his back.

Balladeer: I don’t know if I want to see this…

Rosco smiled as he turned with the box in his hand and shoved Steele to the floor. He grabbed it and threw it out the door as a buzzer went off. He had no time to see what damage had been done when he was sent sprawling into the wall. He looked up as Steele towered over him and laughed, “I bet you never thought I’d be back”

The bluest eyes in Hazzard turned angry as Steele stomped on their owner’s cherished black hat. Rosco muttered as he got up and pushed Steele to the floor, “It’s one thing to come in my town and try to destroy it. But nobody messes with my hat,” reaching down to pull Steele up. He groaned as Steele threw him over his head into the wall. His head felt fuzzy as Steele came over and stomped at him for several minutes.

He gasped for air when Steele stopped using him for a punching bag and went over to the Dukes. He lay still, his eyes puffy as he watched Steele manhandle the boys. He thought of reaching for his gun to end Steele’s rage but decided against it when Steele turned towards the door and said, “Well it’s been fun. According to my calculations, the bomb in the other room will be blowing this place sky high in about 1 minute.” Laughing as he walked out the door.

Rosco waited until he heard the car engine rev away outside before he got up. He walked to Boss’s office and slammed the door quickly as he saw a black box on the desk.

He struggled for a moment as he thought “Well I could try and throw that bomb outside or try to get the Dukes out and hope Steele hadn’t made a very big bomb.” As a police officer the struggle was tough, it was his job to protect both the people and property of his county. On one hand if the Boar’s Nest was blown sky high, Boss would never forgive him but if those boys didn’t make it, Jesse would never forgive him. Jesse also wouldn’t want to see the Boar’s Nest blown sky high either.

Rosco reflected back on a night about 30 some odd years ago when another sheriff had called him about an accident at the Osage/Hazzard line. The only survivors being a quiet dark haired blue eyed 9-year-old boy, a little brown haired, hazel eyed 6-year-old girl, and a little 6-month-old baby boy with golden hair and dark blue eyes. He called the farm of the children’s only relatives and guessed when no one had answered that they were probably at the Boar’s Nest.

Now he had those feelings he had that night when he had informed Jesse Duke that his 3 younger brothers and their wives had been killed in an accident on their way to his farm. Only this time he was in trouble with those boys and it might be someone else telling Jesse about the boys.

He opened the door quickly, grabbed the box, and frowned as he saw that only 5 seconds were left. He flung the door that led outside open, threw the box out. As the door slammed shut, everything went black.

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, things aren’t looking to good right now for Rosco or the boys.

Rosco was unaware of how long he had been out. He looked up with a smile and chuckled as he saw that only the door and portions of the wall on either side were damaged but repairable. From how he had been thrown across the room by the blast, He had assumed the whole place was gone with him and the boys. He winced as he stood up; his legs and arms tingly as he walked into the other room.

He went over to Luke who was closer. “Luke, can you hear me?” he asked as he helped the young dark haired man up and walked him out to the patrol car.
Luke moaned, “I’ll be alright Rosco. Just go get Bo, please.” Rosco nodded, Luke’s face was a mess, and in the moonlight, it appeared he had a few busted ribs as well but he’d be fine.

He rushed back inside and tried to pick the younger blonde man up and fell as the pain in his back felt like a raging fire. He stood up and said “Bo, I’m sorry about this,” and yanked Bo out of the Boar’s Nest by his arms. It took every ounce of strength he had to lift Bo’s badly bruised body into the back seat next to Luke. It was a shame what Steele had done to them. It bothered him that Bo had not woken up yet. He thought he heard Luke whisper “Thank you” as he climbed in the front seat and tore the patrol car out of the parking lot and towards Hazzard Square.

He grabbed the mic and called “May Day, Enos and Cletus are you out there. Come back? This is your superior officer speaking” Enos called back “We’re at the station. What’s wrong?”
Rosco replied, “Get in your patrol car and start looking for a light colored sedan. Jason Steele just blew up part of the Boss’s Boar’s Nest office and tried to send me and the Duke boys with it.”
Enos asked “Good Lord Sheriff, you alright?” Rosco replied “Yeah, I’ll be alright as soon as I get my hands on that rift raft Steele.” Throwing the cb mic down as he took off.

He was trying to think of where Steele would go when Boss came over the airwaves “Rosco, you pea brain, what’s this about Jason Steele blowing up my office?” Rosco picked up the mic as he headed back towards town. “Boss, you ain’t got to worry. It was mostly just the door that leads outside across from the pool table.” He was a bit startled when Boss replied, “Well never mind about chasing that Steele fella, you just get them boys over to the hospital.”

”That’s a big 10 4” Rosco called back. Smiling as he turned the car around and turned the sirens on. He was half way there when he heard “Rosco, we’ll be meeting ya at the hospital” he picked the mic up and answered “Ok Jesse, I'm taking them to Tri County. How’d ya know?” stopping as he realized his little fat buddy must have called his former moon shining buddy.

Sometimes his brother in law Boss deserved what he got. But a lot of people wouldn’t give the commissioner the benefit of the doubt. Sure he regretted some of the things they had done but they had never intentionally hurt anyone. It was more a matter of survival and for him, It was a bit of bitterness over his pension. He had worked hard for 30 years protecting the citizens of Hazzard and it felt like they had turned their backs on him when they voted his pension out.

“Oh great gobs of geese feathers” he muttered as he saw he had almost passed the hospital during his trip down memory lane. With a fancy turn he pulled into the parking lot and up to the door.
He ran inside to the nurses desk and explained about the boys. 2 paramedics ran out and brought the boys in and rushed them to the ER as Rosco talked to the doctor with Jesse.

As the doctor walked away, Jesse said “Rosco hadn’t you better get checked out too?” Rosco shook as he fixed his hat “I appreciate the concern Jesse, I'm fine. I got to get back out there and look for that Steele guy. I got a score to settle with him for scuffling me. Sides Enos isn’t going to be able to catch him by himself.”

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, I think we are witnessing another one of those changes that have been going on lately.

Jesse grinned, he might not have always gotten along with Boss and Rosco because of some of the schemes, but he admired Rosco’s determination in catching this man named Steele. He nodded “Well you just be careful out there. Your sister will give Boss hell if you get hurt.” Rosco laughed “Yeah, she will.” He looked away for a moment staring at the wall behind him before he said “I'm sure the boys will be fine Jesse, they have been in worse spots than this.” Jesse chuckled as their eyes met “Yeah they have. If you need anything, just give me a call.” Rosco replied as he walked away “Ok Jesse, I will.”

Rosco grabbed the cb mic as he got in the car, heading out of the parking lot he called “Enos, what’s your 20?” Enos replied “Well I have been up and down the back roads and no sign of Steele.” “Dipstick, I didn’t ask you where you had been, I asked you where you are right now!”

“Sorry Sheriff, I'm at Cooter’s getting gas. Was that a 4 door tan sedan?” Enos asked. Rosco was hesitant to answer for a moment “Yeah, it was why?” Enos sounded sacred as he said “It just pulled up behind me and” The silence was deafening when Enos stopped speaking.

Rosco floored the police car as he heard Steele’s voice “Sheriff, I got your deputy. If your not here in front of the Courthouse in 15 minutes, I can’t guarantee his safety.” Rosco’s anger boiled as Steele laughed evilly. He didn’t have time nor could he risk getting anyone else involved. Steele had already done enough harm as it was.

Balladeer: Friends and Neighbors, I sure didn’t see that coming. Poor Enos, I sure hope Rosco can get to him in time.

Enos said as Steele cuffed him to the police car door “You aren’t going to get away with this. Sheriff Rosco is going to get you.” Steele laughed again “That so called excuse for a sheriff. I wouldn’t be betting your life on that, boy.” He looked at his watch and was slightly amused as Rosco came screeching up the street at that moment.

Steele thought smugly “You know I think I should have a little more fun with the Sheriff.” He ran back to his car as Rosco rushed out and over to Enos. He fired a shot from his gun as the sedan squealed away as he heard Rosco “Enos , you alright.” Rosco shook his fist angrily as Steele took off. He looked at Enos and said “You gonna be alright till some one else gets here?”

Enos shook his head “Yeah, I think you best go, Sheriff.” Rosco reflected back to the last time Steele had been in town and had him in the brown van. He thought for a moment about letting Steele go but shuttered at the thought of Steele coming back to Hazzard a third time. The patrol car revved up, the tires burning black streaks across the pavement as he raced away after Steele.

He picked up the cb “Cletus, you out there? Cooter? Please go uncuff Enos from his car over at the Hazzard Garage. Anyone listening… I'm in pursuit of a brown haired, brown eyed man of average height and weight. He’s wearing blue jeans, brown boots, and a brown leather jacket over a white shirt. He’s armed and dangerous. Driving a late model dark green sedan.
If you don’t see me again, please make sure Flash gets all everything.“

He smiled hesitantly as he caught up with the sedan a few miles later. He felt light headed as he chased the elusive former bounty hunter at high speed through the back roads. He was beginning to give up hope of catching him when the green sedan overcorrected careened into a ditch.

He smiled as he brought the patrol car to a halt along side the road and went running over to the upside down sedan. “Alright put your hands out where I can see them” He stepped closer and saw Steele appeared to be out cold. Rosco giggled “Serves him right”, pulling the door open and pulled Steele out.

Balladeer: I don’t know if Rosco should have done that…

Rosco was startled as Steele shoved him and he fell back wards to the cold grass. His gun following just out of reach as Steele reached down and slugged him. His instincts took as Steele pulled his arm back for another swing. He grabbed Steele and flung him over his head. He stood up and looked for the gun frantically. He was reaching for it when a pain went through his head as everything went black.

Rosco opened his eyes slowly, the pain rushed through his body. He winced as Steele said “I told you I was going to get you for rooking me out of that bounty money and sending me to prison.” Rosco froze as he saw a black leather black dangle in front of his face for a moment. “Oh good lord, He’s going to whip the money out of me, then kill me” Rosco thought as he heard Steele’s boots click on the cement floor.

“So you know we are at a place in the Okee swamp and nobody is ever going to find us. Course I won’t be here long.” Steele laughed. He jerked Rosco up to a sitting position. He stared at the Sheriff for what seemed like eternity.

Rosco felt sick as Steele stared at him. He had to think of something if he was ever going to see his beloved velvet ears, Mama or Lulu again. Heck he’d even be glad to see Boss, Enos, Cletus or any of the Dukes right now then be here. Okee swamp was more dangerous than the Hazzard swamp. A lot of people had gone in but some had never been seen again. He didn’t want to be one of the latter. He felt chilled at the thought.

He saw the sun setting outside the window a bit later, which meant that he had been missing for almost 24 hours now. His only hope was to trick Steele into letting him loose from the ropes.
He took a big breath as Steele came over and asked “You got any last requests?”
He smiled calmly “Yeah, I’d like to go out and see the sunset one last time.” Steele seemed startled at the request “Ok, well I just there ain’t much else for you to have besides that.” He jerked Rosco up and led him outside.

Rosco smiled as he said “I’d like to go over and sit by that tree” as he recognized where they were. This was an old hideout of Boss’s from his shine running days, If he was correct. Steele jerked him again over towards the tree. Steele seemed angry as he said “You done yet?” Rosco replied “Well Mama never let me climb trees as a kid, This seems like a nice one…If you wouldn’t mind undoing this ropes… I could”

Steele seemed amused but unsure as he untied the ropes “Alright, You’ll probably just fall and break your neck” Rosco began to climb the tree, giggling silently at the fib he had told. Sides how many times had the boys fibbed to get out of something and it worked for them. But he really didn’t have any other choices. Steele watched as Rosco climbed to the middle of the tree where it branched off “Alright come down now. Nothing funny either.” Rosco saw Steele’s pistol in his holster. He braced himself as he said “Be right there” he jumped and landed on Steele .

Steele’s face was full of shock as Rosco landed on him. They rolled fighting unaware of that they were heading towards the murky swamp waters down the small hill until Rosco let go and Steele crashed into it. Rosco smiled as Steele treaded in the water screaming “Help me. I can’t swim.”

Rosco wasn’t the type to let a man drown even if he deserved it. Smiling at the surprise turn of events, He pointed Steele’s gun at him and said “Alright, I'll help you out, But only on one condition. You don’t try to escape.” Steele looked hesitant for a minute and then said “Alright.”

Rosco took his belt off and threw it to Steele as he kept the gun trained on him. Steele stepped from the water’s edge. Rosco cuffed him and walked to the patrol car. With a small giggle, he headed away from the swamp.

Balladeer: I sure didn’t expect that. Back in town….

“But Mr. Hogg, we’ve looked every where for him. I hate to say it but I think that Steele fella did him in and left the county.” Enos said looking at his Boss and those gathered around the booking desk. Boss slammed his fist on the desk “Enos, now hush you pea brain. We got to get back out there and look some more. Anything happen to Rosco and Lulu will kill me.” Enos replied nervously as the small group started looking over the map again “Alright, Mr. Hogg.”

Enos looked up as he heard boots clicking on the floor behind them “Sheriff, is that really you?” he said. Rosco grinned as Cletus grabbed the very scruffy looking Steele and led him towards the jail cell. “Yeah, Oh now watch it” he said as everyone hugged him. Boss said as he and Enos broke the hug “Thank goodness your alright.”

Balladeer: Folks, that was 2 weeks ago. Boss’s office is as good as new. Now let’s check out the festives.

“And the Lawman of the Year goes to Rosco P. Coltrane for his outstanding police work in the arrest of Jason Steele.” Miss Tisdale called out as Enos held the award up. The Dukes cheered the loudest as Rosco sat stunned for a moment. He walked smiling past Sheriffs Little, Spike Loomis, Snead, and Calibourne. He hugged Enos as he took the award, turned to the crowd and said, “I don’t really know what to say. Except thank you” as his eyes misted. After a few moments of whistles and cheers, He continued, “I admit there was a time I was upset that you all voted my pension away. ”

Balladeer: See Enos and Cletus didn’t need to send that letter after all. Rosco got that award all on his own, in his own way.

Rosco picked up his bottle of root beer and said as he looked around the table, “I sure am going to miss you Bo, Luke, Enos. Y’all don’t stay gone for to long.”
Enos lifted his glass of buttermilk and said quietly “Sheriff Rosco, I’d be pleased to show you around LA if you ever get out that way.”

Rosco smiled as their glasses clinked. He had always secretly admired Enos for his always been on the straight and narrow. It was a shame that Enos was leaving the way he was, but he understood that Enos was doing what was right for him and that was what was important.

Balladeer: Well friends and neighbors, the boys and Daisy have already said good bye and now Enos is waiting for his plane to depart.

Rosco felt a small tear slip down his cheek as he hugged Enos. He came to think of the younger man as a brother or son he never had. “Now you got everything, right?” Enos broke from the hug “Yes Sheriff, I mean Rosco.” Rosco tipped his black hat “Enos, you know you’ll be back some day or at least I hope you will.” Enos smiled thinking about all the times Rosco had been like a father / older brother to him. “Yes, I’m sure I will. Thanks Sheriff, for all you done” he stopped as he heard the last call for his flight over the pa.

Rosco shook his head “Go on fore you miss your flight. Khee” He watched proudly as Enos went through the boarding gate. He walked outside to the rental car he got from Boss’s used car lot to bring Enos here. As he got in, he thought, “Looks like a nice day to get some fishing in” and drove away.

He returned the car to the lot after a scenic ride home reflecting on things. He walked back over to the Courthouse. “Boss, I'm back from dropping the dipstick off.” He announced as he strolled in to Boss’s office. Boss looked up from his afternoon snack and replied “So he’s gone.”
Rosco said “Yeah, I best get back out on patrol. You know that cousin of your’s isn’t much of a deputy.” Boss let out a small laugh “Yeah, well things sure are quiet without them Duke boys around. He can manage while you take the rest of the afternoon off.”

Rosco looked stunned for a moment “Are you sure, little fat buddy? I’d love to get some fishing.” Boss had a twinkle in his eyes as he said “Yes now get before I change my mind.” Rosco giggled “Thanks Boss, I appreciate it.” Boss smiled “Well just have a good time, Because it’s going to be the last time you have off for quite awhile.”

Rosco sat fishing at Hazzard Lake later that evening wondering with the boys gone, who was Boss going to blame things on? Could he find some one to replace that dipstick Enos? He shook his head, smiling as the line tightened a bit. Things were definitely not going to be the same in Hazzard ever again.
Change was suppose to be good, wasn’t it?

Balladeer: And that’s the legend of how Rosco won the Lawman of the Year award and the boys and Enos left Hazzard.